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FRIDAY ROUND UP - 26th March 2021


Another good week in Year 5. We are continuing to work on and improve our inference skills in reading. We are using embedded learning to recap prior and current knowledge, especially in maths.


We have enjoyed designing our own pirate flag and writing pirate poems.  We are making lots of good progress in our creative writing.


During our Rights Respecting talk and School of Sanctuary topic we have been really thinking about the effects of war and being a refugee. 


"I enjoyed discussing this topic because it made me think about some of the things refugee children have to go through. Victoria


"I am proud of our school being a School of Sanctuary (SoS) because we welcome children from any country". Iremide


Next week we are looking forward to composing and performing our own sea shanty!🤗


FRIDAY ROUND UP - Friday 19th March 21


We have had a fun week this week. We have now started our topic on Pirates. We found out that pirates used to eat dried fish, octopus, dried crabs and turtles!


'The skull and crossbones flag is called The Jolly Roger, this flag belonged to a pirate called Calico Jack.' Desirae.


'Before fighting Blackbeard would put cords under his hat and set them alight to frighten his enemies.' Jayden.


'Blackbeard's ship was called Queen Anne's Revenge. It was stolen from french pirates.' Keir


Year 5 are working/developing their use of persuasive language (they are writing letters to their teacher trying to persuade her to become a pirate!).


This week we assessed ourselves in PE and recorded the results. Hopefully by the end of term we will have improved (fingers crossed).laugh













Friday Round Up - 12th March 21


This is our first week back at school.  We are all happy to be back.laugh


"I am very glad to be back at school because staying at home is really boring and I missed my friends." Joshua


"I am excited to be back at school because I get to see people I have not seen for a long time." Halimat


"I prefer to do work at school than doing online work because I miss working and playing with my friends". Idman


"I'm glad to be back at school because I think it's easier to do the work in school rather than having press a lot buttons to do the work". Leyo


We have been working on recognising place value of decimals and converting decimals into fractions.


We have also been improving our writing skills by writing a short descriptive piece based on a picture.


"I enjoyed doing descriptive writing because I got to use my imagination and improve my use of personification." Iremide


"I enjoyed the descriptive writing because I got to learn new interesting words." Victoria.


We had lots of fun in PE. We worked really hard on our fitness.


Year 5 have done research on pirates in preparation for next week.wink


Place value of decimals




Thursday 4th March 2021


Today is WORLD BOOK DAY 2021


Please have a look at the hats that the children have made.laughlaughlaugh










From Monday 22nd February 2021 we will be using GOOGLE CLASSROOMS.

All daily work will be posted there and no longer on the Year 5 class page.

You will have received an email to explain what you have to do, with a code to access the Year 5 classroom.laugh


If you have any questions you can email:











Friday 12th February 2021


Half term has officially arrived. Well done to all the children who have emailed in or completed their work at school over the past 6 weeks.


Hi 5 to Joshua, Ellie Jo, Iremide, Victoria, Oreofe, Segun and Idman for getting 100% in their spellings this week.


I hope you all have a good half term.

Look after yourselves and stay safe.laughwink





Welcome to Week 6 of Remote Learning. 

Well done to the 25 children who emailed in or completed their work at school.laughlaugh

A big thumbs up to Segun, Oreofe, Bradley, Olti, Aiden, Joshua,  Ellie Jo, Heaven and Keir for getting 100% in their spellings last week.yes


Remember you can access all learning under the Remote Learning section.

Just as if you were in school start with MATHS then ENGLISH and finally TOPIC.


Tuesday 9th February 21 is Safer Internet Day. There are some activities for you to have a go at.


Another reminder: you only need to complete the work set for the current day. Make sure you watch and listen carefully to the teaching videos and do not rush through your work.


Stay safe everyone.laughyes


 Email: year5@northwood.bexley.sch.uk





Hello All, welcome to Week 5 of Remote Learning. I hope that you are all safe and well.

Remember you can access all learning under the REMOTE LEARNING section.

Start with MATHS, then ENGLISH and finally TOPIC.


Make sure you label your work and write your name clearly.


Check through your work, any corrections should be written clearly.

Email in your spelling results on Friday.

You only need to complete the work set for the current day, make sure you watch and listen carefully to the teaching videos.








Friday 29th January 2021 -  Week 4


Well done to the 21 children who have emailed in their work or have been completing their work in school.


Those of you who emailed in your Embedded Learning were correct, it was so good to see that you have all remembered the work we did way back in the Autumn Term.


High fives go out to Bradley, Sophie, Ethan, Joshua, Heaven, and Halimat - you all got 100% in your spellings this week. laugh



Welcome to Week 5 of Remote Learning. Can you believe that it is  nearly the end of January already!!!


I hope you all continue to stay safe and well.laugh


You access all lessons under the REMOTE LEARNING ICON below. Try to complete the work on the day it is set.


You can email in your work to:


year5 @northwood.bexley.sch



Click on the link below and check out resources while school is closed.laughyes



Don't forget to log on to READING EGGS, READING EXPRESS AND MATHLETICS to continue practicing your English and Maths skills.






Friday 22nd January 2021 - Week 3


A massive well done to the 21 children who have either emailed in their work or have been completing their work in school.  laughlaugh


A big high five to the children who emailed in their spelling results, some of you (once again) were so close. Remember to keep practicing and you will become successful.


Well done to Barack, Sophie, Oreofe, Ethan, Joshua, Curtis and Leyo for getting 100% in their spellings this week.laugh





Hello Year 5. Welcome to Week 3.


This week I have set specific work for each day (Monday - Thursday) so you will know exactly what work needs to be completed on each day. Friday is for spellings  and embedded learning.  Where appropriate, work will be labelled WHITE, REDBLUE just like in school so that you can work at the correct level. The majority will start at Red and move on to Blue however if you you need to start at White, then do so and continue on until you have completed Blue work.


Please remember to write your name and label your work clearly when emailing in.

Check through your answers carefully. 

When correcting any mistakes, please cross them out and write the answer clearly.

Spellings need to be done on Friday - email in a photo with your results.

Use a ruler for underlining -  although work is being done at home, presentation of work is still important (you don't want to get into any bad habits).


Try to complete the work on the day it is set. Email your work or photos to:







Friday 15th January 2021


Another week over already Year 5. This week I have received work from 20 of you including 3 children from school, (that's 3 more than last week). So a big WELL DONE to you all.  Some of you sent in one or two pieces while others sent in quite a few which shows your determination and resilience to continue on with your learning. Things are  different at the moment so it is VERY important that ALL of you access the remote learning.


Thank you to the 4 children who sent in their results for their spellings. Well done to Joshua and Ellie Jo for getting 100%. yeslaughThe other two children were so closelaugh.




All lessons  are in the REMOTE LEARNING section. Make sure any work you email in has a heading and answers are written clearly. You can email in at:-


                                           year 5@northwood.bexley.sch.uk


All of you look after each other and stay safe.wink




Hello Year 5 a great start to Week 1. Once again I want to say well done to all those children who emailed their work in last week.


Remember to listen and watch any videos carefully, complete a few quality lessons at a time, not race to finish it all as soon as you can. Follow the instructions and ask if you're not sure.


All lessons  are in the REMOTE LEARNING section. Make sure any work you email in has a heading and answers are written clearly. You can email in at:-


year 5@northwood.bexley.sch.uk



Friday 8th January 2021


An additional well done to Siji, Victoria, Iremide and Lily who have also emailed work in this week. Altogether that is 17 of you so far. I hope there will be more of you next week.


Well done to Sophie, Lily and Ellie Jo for having a go at the squat challenge and well done again to Sophie and Joshua for having a go at the bean bag challenge. I managed to get 167 in the bean bag challenge! It's all about speed and hand/eye co ordination.


Your spellings are in REMOTE LEARNING. Make sure you learn them and get an adult to test you on Friday not before. You can then email in a picture of your spellings and the result.


I will not upload the results but will let you know who got 99% or 100%. Just like in school I will keep a record and will upload virtual certificates to the champion spellers.

Some of you did really well last term, see if you can increase your efforts and get 100%. Good luck everyone.yes





Thursday 7th January 2021


Hello 5

Well done to Sophie, Aiden, Jayden, Nithilan, Nayanthan, Barack, Bradley, Segun, Oreofe, Joshua, Curtis, Ellie Jo and Ethan who have all emailed in work so far this week.


Has anyone had a go at the Bean Bag Challenge or the 60 Second Squat Jumps? What level did you get up to? (Bronze, Silver or Gold) Email in and let me know.laugh



Monday 4th January 2021

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you are all well. I need to congratulate Sophie and Aiden (virtual high fives) for being the first two in the class to send in some work. I am sooooo impressed. laughlaughwink.

Please send your photos and completed work to our new class email.


                    year 5@northwood.bexley.sch.uk


I can't wait to see more work from the rest of you.winkyes.

Click on the Lockdown Week icon to see examples of work that have been sent in.  





HAPPY NEW YEAR YEAR 5 !!!!! unfortunately due to the current situation,  we will not being seeing each other for a little while. Please check out the Oak Academy lessons in the REMOTE LEARNING section. They are based on lessons we have already covered or would be covering.


Make sure you send any completed work or photos to our new Year 5 email address:


Remember to look after yourselves and you and your families all stay safe.








********************************Friday Round Up*****************************

Friday 11th December 2020


We have had a good week this week. During embedded learning we have been working on symmetry. We also worked on reasoning and problem solving using fractions.


We had a great class discussion on CONFLICTS during our RHED education.

"I enjoyed learning about CONFLICT and what it actually means." Sophie.


"I enjoyed learning about CONFLICTS and how to settle arguments." Segun.


We planned and carried out a science investigation - Does the weight of an object effect how fast it falls?


" I enjoyed doing the science investigation because I  was able to use a stop watch to time how fast an object fell to the ground." Iremide.


"I enjoyed the investigation because I was able to see effects of gravity on objects." Leyo.


"We found out that most of the heavier objects fell faster than the lighter objects." Victoria.


All the groups had a good discussion about why some of the lighter objects fell more quickly than the heavier objects.


On Wednesday we celebrated Christmas. It was very different this year but we ALL had a GREAT time!!!! We wore our Christmas jumpers and each class recorded two verses from "Twas the night before Christmas" for our parents. 

"I enjoyed watching a pantomime called Jack and the Beanstalk while eating popcorn!" Siji.


"I liked when we all eating out Christmas lunch." Lily.


" I liked watching the pantomime because it was fun!" Nayathan





***************Welcome to our weekly FRIDAY ROUND UPlaugh********************


Friday 4th December 2020


This week we have continued our work on fractions including worded problems.


We have adapted the story of the Three Little Pigs and have written our own versions in first person.


"I found writing in first person easy because I had to become the main character and think about I can see, hear and do." Desirae.


"When I was writing my story I tried to improve my use of descriptive language." Sophie.


"I found writing in first person quite imaginative because I was able to write what the character saw and felt." Kacper.


We have started group research on world rivers. We are going to do a group presentation.

"I found out that when the Romans invaded they called the River Thames  TAMSIS." Halimat.   


"I found out that the Yangtze River in China is the third longest river in the world. It is 3917 miles long." Romani.


We have started a new science topic - FORCES

" I learnt that a force can be a push, pull or twist." Olti.


"Friction is an invisible force that can slow things down, speed things up or make them change direction." Leyo.


Greater Depth Students in maths feeling very proud of the work they have been doing. Keep it up!!!!!

***************************FRIDAY ROUND UP********************************

Friday 27th November 2020

We have been learning how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator as well as converting mixed fractions into improper fractions and vice versa.


"When I first saw the work, I thought it was going to be quite hard but once I was taught the method, I found it quite easy to understand." Heaven


"I needed to know my times tables to be able to convert fractions". Victoria


During our topic on RIVERS, we labelled some of the important parts of a river and discussed the importance of water and how rivers are used. 


 "Over the centuries people have settled near rivers so that they can have water to grow crops." Leyo


"Water is important to ALL animals as well as humans." Keir


"People use water to cool down machines in factories." Kacper


"We also learnt about water pollution and how it can make animals and humans sick." Olti

"We also learnt how rivers around the world are used to transport different types of cargo." Desirae


We have written our own version of Snow White using adverbials of time.


We are continuing to improve our fitness levels in PE. This week we did relay races and used batons.


"I enjoyed sprinting using a baton. I got better and better at the change over (baton)." Romani.


"This was the first time that I used a baton when sprinting. I really enjoyed it". Iremide.

   ***************************FRIDAY ROUND UP ****************************

Friday 20th November 2020


We have had a busy week this week. In maths we have been working on ANGLES. We have learnt how to estimate, label, measure and draw different angles. We also learnt how to find missing angles. 


We have completed our John Constable inspired paintings.

"I enjoyed using water colours to paint my landscape." Romani.


We started out new topic on RIVERS. We have learnt where rivers start and how they are formed.


"I now know that the mouth of a river means where the river meets the sea or ocean". Olti.


"I enjoyed using the Atlas to find out the names of UK rivers and what seas and oceans they eventually flow into". Oreofe.


"I know that the SOURCE means the start of a river". Ethan


We have also learnt about the Water Cycle as part of our topic on Rivers.


"I now know that when the sun warms up seas or ocean water droplets turn into a gas called WATER VAPOUR, this is called EVAPORATION" Ellie-Jo.


"I know the process of rain, snow, sleet and hail is called PRECIPITATION." Aiden.

     **********************FRIDAY ROUNDUP*******************************

FRIDAY 13th unlucky for some but not YEAR 5!!!!laugh


This week is ASSESSMENT WEEK and Year 5 have been busy doing lots of tests. 

"The Reasoning Test was not straightforward, we had to use different maths skills to answer the questions." Barack.


""For the Reasoning Test we had to do lots of different calculations because some of the questions were multi step." Desirae.


"I found some of the questions challenging because I needed to use my inference skills." Bradley.


"I found out lots of interesting facts about the International Space Station and the cost of going to space for a holiday - £14 million!!!!!". Heaven.




This week we have learnt about John Constable - he was a landscape artist from the 1700's. Year 5 have painted their own landscapes in the style of John Constable.


"I enjoyed painting my landscape using water colours." Kayla.

"I really enjoyed doing my landscape because I learnt a new technique, how to do a wash." Nithilan.


"I loved painting a picture of Thamsemead from a photograph because I had to really focus on the details." Sophie.


In the final part of our science topic we have learnt about why we have day and night and the different phases of the moon.


Next week Year 5 are looking forward to starting a new topic on RIVERSlaugh






**************WELCOME YEAR 5 TO AUTUMN TERM 2**************************


It's great to see you all back again. I hope you  had a good half term.laughlaughlaugh


This week we have started a new topic in science - EARTH AND SPACE.


We found out that a Greek philosopher called ARISTOTLE proved the world is round. Many people believe that it is the sun that orbits the planets but we know that it is the planets that orbit the sun!


In computing we researched information on our chosen planet.

"I found out that the dwarf planet Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the sun!" Jayden.


"I found out that Earth is a rocky planet" Lily.


"It takes Mars 687 days to orbit the sun, that's almost 2 Earth years." Keir.


We are still enjoying working on our ERIC comprehensions. "I enjoy the ERIC comprehensions because I get to practice and improve my inference skills." Iremide.


"I enjoy doing ERIC comprehensions because it means I can improve my reading skills and understanding how to answer questions correctly." Sophie


In  maths we have been working on converting measures. One group challenged themselves with a trying to answer  a 3/4 step problem.


"It was not as easy as I thought because there were lots of small steps involved before I got to the answer." Zack


"I enjoyed doing it because I got to do some new calculations (long multiplication) to help solve the problem." Victoria.


We are learning and embedding old and new skills.laugh







**************THURSDAY ROUND UP - 22nd October 2020laughlaugh***************


This week we have been working on synonyms (these are words that have similar meanings).

Here is an example:

SMALL = tiny, minute, microscopic, miniature.


In  maths we have been improving our skills and knowledge on TIME through problem solving. We are continuing to work on our reading skills through E.R.I.C   (Explain, Retrieve,  Interpret, Choice)


October is BLACK HISTORY MONTH. We have been learning about Black British History from AD 43 up to 2020!!!!!! 


"I have enjoyed learning about Black History because some people think Black History started with the slave trade and it didn't." Keir


"I enjoyed learning about Black History because I did not know that some Black people were invited to help the British learn different languages in order to trade.  This was before the Slave Trade started." Desirae



We also learnt about Walter Tull - he was the second  Black British footballer to play profession football  (Tottenham Hotspurs 1909) and the first Black British officer to lead white soldiers to war.



********************FRIDAY ROUND UPlaughlaugh..16.10.2020*************************


This week we have completed our fact files about Sutton Hoo. We having really enjoyed learning about the Anglo Saxons and the importance of Sutton Hoo.


During our SPAG lessons we were working on word meanings: some were Roman, some were Anglo Saxon and some were Vikings which tied in with our history topic.


We have been working on solving worded problems in maths to showcase our 4 basic operation skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)


We have also been working on improving our reading skills especially in comprehension. One of the skills we are all trying HARD to embed is INFERENCE!!!!!! (also known as reading between the lines).


On Thursday we were treated to a very interesting and informative session on SOCIAL MEDIA AND STAYING SAFE ON LINE.


HAPPY YELLOW DAY!!!!!!!laughlaugh

Today we have all worn yellow clothes to  celebrate Happy Yellow Day.  We had a class discussion on Wellbeing and how important it is to make sure that WE are all OK, our family and friends are OK the small steps we can all do to help make things a little bit better. 


MUMS  and DADS remember it is really important that YOU take some time out for yourselves and make sure YOU are OK too.laugh



1. CONNECT - with people around you. Family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. 


2. KEEP LEARNING - try something new. Learn to play an instrument or how to cook your favourite food. Set a challenge you enjoy achieving.


3. BE ACTIVE - go for a walk, run or cycle.


4. TAKE NOTICE - take note of the changing seasons etc.

5. GIVE - do something nice for a friend. Thank someone. SMILE.


We have enjoyed learning even more facts about the Anglo Saxons and the Celts.

Did you know that the Celts used to wear brightly coloured clothes? They used plants and berries to dye the cloth into different colours. They also built round houses preferably on top of hills so it was easier for them to see their enemies as well as  protect themselves from wild animals.


If you want to find out more about the Anglo Saxons and the Celts, check out the link below.

We have been writing poems in the style of Grace Nichols. The poem we used is called  WHEN THE COLOURS SPOKE



laughlaughlaughlaughWELCOME TO YEAR 5

                               AND A BRAND NEW TERMlaughlaughlaughlaugh


We look forward to sharing, discussing, practising and working with you all over the coming year.


Some of the topics we will be covering this term are:

Science - Earth, Sun & Moon

Maths - Place value, Number, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division

History - The Anglo Saxons.


Wednesday is our PE day so please make sure your PE kits are in school.


Remember to log onto Mathletics and Readings Eggs for additional practise.


Year 5 teamwinklaugh