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Week 1.3

Friday Round-up Week 1.3 (22nd Sept '23)

Congratulations to Elizabeth, Sean and Sebastian for winning the KS2 Achievement of the Week award this week for their contributions to our Geography work on time zones.


We've been testing this week, but have still managed to complete our Science topic on classification and start our Mountains and Deserts topic. We also squeezed in some Spanish, Glockenspeilling (if that's a word), computing and PE. 


Thoughts about our week:

"I really found it fascinating learning about classification because we had the chance to find out about different scientists....for example Jane Goodall who has studied chimpanzees for over 60 years! "   William


"Animal classification is interesting - you can see how we classify them based on characteristics."   Keifekanna


"I enjoyed computing using SCRATCH. We were programming how to draw shapes. The square was the easiest and the circle the hardest. I needed some help, but I worked it out in the end. "   Lexi


"I enjoyed learning about the time zones because it linked to when we did day and night in Year 5. It made the lesson much more understandable and fun."   Tiahna


"I learnt that there are 24 time zones - each one an hour difference in time."   Aaron