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Week 2.7

Friday Round-up Week 2.7 (15th Dec '23)

Congratulations to Milan and Tiahna for winning the Master of Spelling competitions this week. Will they 'double-up' and be the Master of Tables champions too?

Well done again to Elizabeth and Willow-Rose for winning the year 5 & 6 section of the SuperZones Poster Competition - they have now received their Amazon vouchers! We also won the Green Class of the Week Award (Poppy collected this on her last day at Northwood 😥)

We've been rather Christmassy this week focusing on a mince-pie mystery in Maths, a  'Night Before the Night Before Christmas' comprehension in English (yes, you did read that right!) and not forgetting the Christmas sing-a-long and Christmas jumpers and lunch!  We also made our final Rube Goldberg inspired machines - only 2 actually worked!


Thoughts about our week:

"I enjoyed making our Rube Goldberg machines. When you set it up, it takes ages. Then you see how perfectly it works; it's so satisfying."  Denys

"Our machine was super fun but tricky to set up. It was supposed to last for 30 seconds, but didn't."  Milan

"Doing a Rube Goldberg machine was so hard and frustrating but at least I've learnt a load of new stuff! "  Dayana

"I was so happy to play the piano during the Christmas sing-a-long. It has helped to boost my confidence."  Richie

"I loved the Christmas lunch. My cracker joke was really funny - What goes up and wobbles? A jelly-copter. I also enjoyed my food and dessert. "  Roman