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Week 1.4

Congratulations to Saffie and Dayana for winning the KS2 Achievement of the Week award this week for their contributions to our Geography work on Mountains.

We've reviewed our tests this week, spotting lots of ways to improve next time. We have been studying the locations of well-known mountains in the atlases and looking how the mountains are formed in the first place. We learnt a new tune on the Glockenspiels called 'D-E-F-initely' - guess which notes it used!!


Thoughts about our week:

"I really enjoyed our lesson about marriage and civil partnerships. I liked that we talked about al sorts of different relationships."  Katie


"I enjoyed Geography because we had to find mountains in the atlas."  Stefan


"I liked going through our test papers because it helped me realise my mistakes."  Elizabeth


"I enjoyed learning about the views of the child (Article 12) because it showed me that my opinions should be listened to as well as those of others. "  Richie


"I enjoyed computing - I learnt how to draw some shapes in Scratch. I also learnt how to save my Scratch work."  Saffie


"I learnt how to draw a shape using coding. It was really fun."  Aaron