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Week 3.3

Friday Round-up Week 3.3 (26th Jan '24)

Congratulations to Tiahna and Zayan who won the KS2 Achievement of the Week award last week - here are their photos at last!

So now it's congratulations to Frankie for his hard work in Maths earning him the Problem Solver of the Week Award.

It's been a Testing Week so not much to report other than steady progress towards our SATs in May. Well done everyone for your hard work.


We did manage to squeeze in a little History Work and found out all about Anne Frank and her famous diary. We also did some thinking about disability in RRS by taking a look at facilities around the school. 


Thoughts about our week:

"A lot of people don't like doing tests but, for some reason, I do. It challenges me and helps improve on my normal school work. I can't wait to see the rest of the results."  Tiahna


"I particularly enjoyed the Arithmetic test. I think I did better because I know how to calculate percentages now !"  Lexi


"Today we finished our last two practice tests of the week. I have confidence that I did well."  Richie


"I really enjoyed RRS today because we looked around the school at places where disabled people might have difficulty or might be helped. "  Stefan