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Week 2.3

Friday Round-up Week 2.3 (17th Nov '23)

Congratulations to Adrian for winning the KS2 Achievement of the Week Award for his remarkable improvement in Maths.

It's been Assessment Week so not to much to report on. We have continued our World War 1 project which included pretending to enlist for the Army. Also, we've looked at adding pictures to our interactive TWINE stories in Computing.


Thoughts about our week:

"I liked pretending to be a soldier. It showed me a bit about how they would have signed-up. Some of them would have lied in their tests just to get in! It made me appreciate what they have done for us."  Dayana


"I liked how we learnt about soldiers signing up. It was fun and it was interesting how some people had to lie to get in."  Archie


"I enjoyed my TWINE work - I now know how to link pages and add pictures."  Lexi


"I enjoyed working on my TWINE project. I learnt how to make a picture appear on any story page and how to edit the height and width of it."  Richie


"I enjoyed our computing lesson on TWINE. It was fun adding pictures and giving the story options too."  Aaron