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Please use the link below to access the 'MATHLETICS' website.


Each pupil has a unique login and password for the 'Mathletics' website, allowing them to access at home as well as in school. (Further details available from class teachers.)


Assemblies are held throughout the year in which Silver and Gold certificates are presented to pupils who are regularly using the 'Mathletics' website to improve their Maths skills.


(Please note - only 1 Silver and/or 1 Gold certificate can be awarded per child per school year- it gets very expensive printing more than this!)


These are the totals for the certificates gained in the 2018/19 academic year:

BRONZE - 793 certificates

SILVER - 142 certificates

GOLD - 26 certificates


Well done to everyone for this fantastic achievement.

Let's see if we can improve this year.