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Week 2.4

Friday Round-up Week 2.4 (24th Nov '23)

A busy old week in which we've just about finished our our World War 1 project with a look at the life of Wilfred Salmon and the Vickers Factory in Crayford. We looked at adding sound effects to our interactive TWINE stories in Computing and studied stereotypes in RHEd. 

The main events of the week were probably Stay and Learn and Bikeability.

In Stay and Learn, we had to listen to a story from a picture book and then draw characters, settings or 'The Magnificent Thing!' 

In Bikeability, we had the opportunity to learn how to ride our bikes safely around the local area.

We also had a Police Officer come in to talk to us about the Junior Police Cadets Scheme.


Thoughts about our week:

"I really enjoyed Bikeability because it gave me an amazing opportunity to test my cycling skills."  Elizabeth


"This week I loved RHEd and Stay and Learn because I love drawing."  Roman


"I enjoyed learning about Crayford in WW1 because I now have a little taste of how life was back then."  William


"This morning we had a police officer come to talk to us about the Junior Police Cadets scheme. It sounds fun - team building, rafting. "  Katie


"I loved learning about Wilfred Salmon who was a World War one pilot."  Barbara


"I enjoyed doing the Fake News Quiz for RRS - I now know to use several sources of information to check its reliability. "  Lexi


"I'm enjoying PE because I'm not really that good at balancing, but now that we are doing it, I'm improving! Very excited for our next PE lesson."  Dayana