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Week 3.4

Friday Round-up Week 3.4 (2nd Feb '24)

Congratulations to Frankie who won the Progress Cup for this half term.


We've had a really busy week of History work looking at evacuation and rationing in World War 2. We looked at the rise of 'fake news' in RHEd and at who to talk to if we had worries in RRS. This was part of our Mental Health work.

Mrs McNulty joined us in Maths on Wednesday when we were using a ruler and protractor to draw shapes accurately. We also took a trip to the Library for some new books - there were some interesting choices!




Thoughts about our week:

"This week, I joined Breakfast Club; I found it fascinating that the food is free and you can choose which days you want to go. You can do many different things: play on the computers, read, play Lego. It's a very nice thing for the school to do."  Elizabeth


"I am really enjoying watching Goodnight Mr Tom because I struggle to get pictures in my head when I read."  Keifekanna


"I've really enjoyed learning about rationing."  Reuben