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Week 4.1

Friday Round-up Week 4.1 (23rd Feb '24)

A relatively quiet week compared to the week before half term!! It was still packed however, with new knowledge and embedded learning.

We looked at punctuation and verb tenses in English, coordinates and transformations in Maths and started our work on the Circulatory System in Science. 

We discussed the 'Ways to Wellbeing' in RHEd, tried out some of the icons in the program for computing and had a go at tennis in PE.   



Thoughts about our week:

"I have enjoyed learning about the human heart. I now have some knowledge about how blood circulates through the body."  William


"I learnt about the aorta and pulmonary arteries and veins today in Science. I'm looking forward to finding out more!"  Saffie


"We've just started learning about the heart and it's so interesting! It's quite hard to remember all the facts."  Dayana


"I liked doing coordinates because now I know how to use the lines accurately. Remember the phrase - along the corridor (left or right) and up or down the stairs (or in the lift!)."  Seb


"I really enjoyed PE this week. We started tennis skills. At first, I was bad at hitting the ball into the hoop but, with practice, I started to improve."  Willow-Rose


"I enjoyed doing tennis - aiming at a certain point helps me with my co-ordination skills."  Tiahna