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Week 1.6

Friday Round-up Week 1.6 (13th Oct '23)

Congratulations to Frankie and Dalila for winning the KS2 Achievement of the Week award this week for their hard work in Maths. Also, well done to the whole class for winning the Green Class of the Week Award.


We celebrated 'Hello Yellow Day' on Tuesday and learnt that it's good to talk. We also had some parents/carers in to share a school meal. Unfortunately, no photos were available.😢


We've been hard at work with division in Maths this week and written a long information text about mountains in our topic work. More work on marriage in RHEd and looking at Article 14 in RRS.


Don't forget that next Tuesday is our first Stay & Learn of the new school year.


Thoughts about our week:

"Mountains were really fun to learn about because at first I thought they were only mountains but now I realise that they aren't. They're beautiful. "  Dayana


"I have enjoyed learning about mountains - it was an interesting topic and I have a better understanding of them now. "  Semilore


"I liked writing an information text about mountains because some people got to read their introduction out and I got ideas for my text. I like that some people 'magpied' my vocabulary! "  Elizabeth


"I really enjoyed Geography this week. I can name at least three deserts now - the Sahara, the Gobi and the Kalahari Deserts. "  Raheem


"PE was interesting because we had to use different strategies and skills to win."  Richie