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Week 4.2

Friday Round-up Week 4.2 (1st Mar '24)

Congratulations to Katie who won the KS2 Science Award in assembly for her excellent questioning about the circulatory system. Also, well done to the whole class this week for 100% attendance and winning the Green Class of the Week Award too!


This week we have had a visit from the NSPCC to remind us that it's good to talk about any problems we may have. We've looked at three of Shakespeare's plays in English including creating a 'freeze-frame scene. It's been area, perimeter and circles in Maths and work on the heart in Science. 

Our tennis skills are improving and we've begun to think about our History research projects which will begin next week.


Today is an important day. Later we will find out which Secondary School we've got a place at. Good luck everyone - I hope you get the school you want. 



Thoughts about our week:

"It was really fun watching and discussing the Shakespeare plays. "  Milan


"I enjoyed acting out the masked party scene from Romeo and Juliet."  Lexi


"I've improved my acting and drama skills by recreating a Shakespeare scene. "  Tiahna


"I've enjoyed learning about Shakespeare's plays; they are filled with twists and turns. I also like how he allows the audience to be one step ahead of the characters in the story. " Richie