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Year 2

16/09/2020 Please see below spelling lists for this half term. The children will be tested on their spellings each Friday. Please help your child to learn their weekly spellings using look, cover, write, check. Spellings are differentiated to suit your childs phonics phase. In order of groupings below: Pink and yellow, Blue and Orange and Green. Thank you for your continued support in helping your child reach their Year 2 targets in writing.



Welcome to Year 2! It's great to have you back!

The Year 2 children have settled back in to school and the new classroom routines beautifully. I have already, been blown away by some of the fantastic work being produced so early on in the year; A FANTASTIC START! Keep it up year 2!

On our first day back at Northwood we discussed some of the things that have stayed the same since back in March and some of the things that have changed and may seem a little bit different this year. The children all seem very happy with their new classroom and are ready and raring to go.


We have started the term off reading some much loved classics, such as 'Peace at Last', 'Rosie's Walk' and 'Five minutes peace'. As our writing focus for this half term, we are looking at stories with familiar settings, these will include 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes and 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne. Both fantastic texts!


In Maths we have begun looking at adding multiples of tens and being able to partition numbers into tens and ones- recognising the place value of each digit in a 2-digit number. By the end of the first half term we hope to have begun work on Multiplication and Division. Please practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s with your children at home as this will help them to achieve their targets in these areas.


 Check back soon to see some photos of what we have been up to. Best wishes and thank you all for your continued support. 

The year 2 team!




Hello Year 2,

  This is the 15th week of lock down. We will set you another quiz this week to embed your learning. Remember to stay safe and do your  P.E challenge week 5.

Take care of yourself. We hope to be working with you soon.

 From the YEAR 2 TEAM.

The new quiz is on - Come on year 2 who is going to be number 1?



Check out the activity club trees and see what Mrs Snape has been up to.  Watch the video clip and make the easy task smiley


This weeks top home learners are...


William smiley  Check out the Maths star for your pic.


Keep up the good work yes We are very proud of you smiley


Share your work with us

We hope that you have been busy with your school work as well as spending quality 

time with your family and keeping safe.  If you wish to share your work please send it to the school email address: admin@northwood.bexley.sch.uk.  All the adults in Year 2 are looking forward to seeing your wonderful work.


Please just email a quick hello to let me know you are checking in with the Yr2 page on the website.  It would be nice to hear from you.

Congratulations William and Zayan.     You are our top quiz winners smiley    

Well done! 

Scroll down for the next quiz 


July Birthdays




**** We hope you all have a fantastic birthday ****



Who can be in the top 5 to answer the following questions?

This week the questions are all about Christmas in Holland.  Lets see how good your memories are... 


  1.  What date is Christmas in Holland?


  2.  What do people use instead of stockings? And where do they put them?


  3.  How does Santa arrive in Holland and how does he travel through the town?


Bonus question : How does Black Peter help Santa? Explain your answer.


Email your answers to: admin@northwood.bexley.sch.uk


The Top 5 are ...









 We hope you had a fantastic Easter Holiday with your family. Now it is time for some cool school work. 



 We recommend reading anything and everything at home. A useful additional resource is

 Oxford Owl which you can register for free:




CLICK - Oxford Owl for home

THEN - Free e-books for ages 3-11

TRY to read a least a book a day.


Remember to:

  1. Understand the book.
  2. Learn new words that you can use from your book.





   Don't forget to exercise.

   Keep fit.

   Drink lots of water.

   Eat health.y foods.

   If you are out in the sun remember to apply some sun cream.

   keep safe at all times.

  Take care.



Zumba Kids (easy dance) - I like to move it

You can support me : https://www.patreon.com/user?u=18764540 This is my first ever Zumba kids group in Gargždai city and they are dancing only one month! So ...



 Hello Year 2's

 Hope you are enjoying the great sunshine and are keeping safe and busy. Today is Maunday Thursday, and your job is to find out what it means.  It is a tradition celebrated only in England.  I hope you all have a fantastic Easter ( don't eat too many

 Easter Eggs).  Keep healthy and safe.  Lots of love from the Year 2 adults!


  Hello Year 2's

 Hope you are all keeping well and safe. We are missing you and hope that you are missing

 us. Here are some  things that you can do while you at home:


 1. Keep fit - you tube videos ( go noodle / zumba for children )

 2. Keep reading books and learning new words.

 3. Watch newsround

 4. Get information about the Easter story.


 5. Use your READING EGGS and MATHLETICS activities to keep up with your


 6. Spend quality time with your family and keep safe.


Welcome 2020 Spring Term


We have a very busy term ahead with lots of fun topics and learning to do. Master of Tables and Master of Spellings will also take place.


This term we will be learning about materials and carry out scientific experiments.In art, we will be mixing paint and looking at secondary colours.  In DT, our topic is measuring and joining textiles.

In geography, we will be studying physical geography in the local area.



This term's RE will be the faith of Hinduism. . In PE, we will be learning about Fitness.


In maths, we will be continuing our learning about place value, number, subtraction and addition. We will also be focusing on division, multiplication and reading scales.


In English, we will be studying poems, recounts and character sketches.


Home Learning will be set on a weekly basis to include Spellings, Mathletics and Reading Eggs.  Reading Journals will be monitored to ensure every child is reading on a regular basis.


Mrs Kassie and Mrs Snape





 This term we be studying the following topics.



The history of London before the GREAT FIRE in 1666.

 Materials and their properties

DT- Mechanism 

ART- Wassily Kandansky

 Music = Performance in Christmas production





  Adding 3 one digit numbers

  Adding 2 digit numbers to one digit number.

  Adding 2 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers.

  Solving word problems.

   Tally charts


   English Writing




  Information text



 English Reading 






  Welcome to the second half term. WE hope that you had a restful holiday.

 Year 2

 The Year 2 team - Mrs Kassie, Mrs Martin and Mrs Snape.


This year is important as we will be writing SATS in MAY.

These exams include -


 ENGLISH READING (comprehension)

 S.P.A.G ( spelling and grammar)



The Year 2 team would like to thank you in advance for your help in supporting us and your child with their learning.

Autumn Term 1.

This term we will be learning about number and place value in Mathematics.  In English the focus is on writing about real events, reading comprehension and S.P.A.G.   In science the focus is on Animals including Humans.  In our topic work the focus is on Continents and Oceans, Diwali and Black History Month.

ART: Year 2 have been mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. We also set up a science experiment to find out what colours were made.


SCIENCE: Year 2 have been looking at everyday materials and their uses. The class was split into 5 groups and we looked in different places around the school to find certain materials. Group 1 searched the corridor outside our classroom.

Group 2 looked in the computer suite.

Group 3 tried the hall.

Group 4 went into the playground.

Group 5 looked in the lower Key Stage 2 toilets.

P.E. Dance. Year 2 were lucky enough to have a dance teacher visit us and teach us how to link in our topic work (Living things and their habitats) with dance.

TOPIC : We have been looking at Living Things and their Habitats. Year 2 drew some mind maps and worked together to think of living things from that area.

Living things and their habitats. (science) 19.09.2019. This week Year 2 have been looking around the school grounds for things that are living, were once alive and have never been alive. This is what we found...

Geography : We have been learning to use an atlas to find the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world.

Some children extended their learning and brought these to school from home.

MATHS : Year 2 have been finding different ways to partition a 2 digit number into tens and ones. Today we used different equipment to show this.

First day in Year 2, working hard. 5/9/2019

Year 2's class charter.

Year 2 enjoy exploring books in our fantastic new book corner.