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Year 2

The finished product. We are amazing artists n Year 2! Well done to everyone who took part in creating these masterpieces!

Thank you parents for a fantastic Stay and Learn morning! We had lots of fun ad giggles painting portraits of The Queen!

Portraits of The Queen ready to be painted tomorrow.

Our first attempt at drawing a portrait of the Queen.

Our fantastic Union Jack collages!

Measuring in metres and centimetres

20.05.2022 Friday Round-Up!

Well done to Year 2 for completing their SATS tests this week. We worked hard and tried our very best! The children in Year 2 continue to blow me away with their resillience, determination and positivity! They really are amazing learners.

As it was lovely and warm this week we took the opportunity to take some of our lessons outside. As part of our science topic we spoke about the things that all living things needed to be able to survive. Can you remember what these were?

On Thursday, Northwood School celebrated The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We had a special lunch and all the children wore red, white or blue. Year 2 wrote a non-fiction report about Our Queen Elizabeth and we created Jubilee themed collages of the Union Jack flag. A fab week all round!

Next week we look forward to welcoming our parents in for Stay and Learn! Get your paintbrushes at the ready! winkyes

The winning house this week was RED House. Congratulations to all those children in RED House! yes

We celebrated The Queen's Platinum Jubilee on Thursday! All of the children wore red, white or blue and Year 2 created Jubilee themed collages of the Union Jack flag.

In Science we were sorting animals by deciding wether their offspring looked like their adult or did not look like their adult. We then found new ways to sort sets of animals and their offspring. Some children chose to sort them into their animal groups, others decided to sort those that lays eggs and those that give birth to live young. The children are really enjoying our new Science topic learning about animals including humans.

The winning house this week was RED House. Congratulations to all those children in RED House! yes

13.05.2022 Friday Round-Up!

This week in English Year 2 started reading the story 'The Magic Finger'. We wrote a letter to the 'girl' explaining what we could tell about her and the story so far and asking questions to gain answers to the things we don't know yet. Year 2 are now very confident in remembering the features of informal letter writing. We will continue to develop this next week with a letter to the the 'Gregg family'. In Science we learnt what the word offspring means. We know that animals including humans have offspring which grow into adults. Year 2 sorted animals into their different animal groups and then decided wether the offspring looked like it's adult or not.

Check back soon for some photos of what we have been up to! 

Our beautiful Blossom tree paintings!

The winning house this week was BLUE House. Congratulations to all those children in BLUE House! yes

06.05.2022 Friday Round-Up!

A short week this week but lots of learning packed in. We've been working hard in maths solving arithmatic problems using the four operations. We recapped fractions and different methods we could use to find a fraction of a number. In PE we played a game of hockey, focussing on the roles of the attacker and defender. We've had some superstar writers this week. I was really impressed with the children's letters to Jamin and their recount of Sir Ernest Shackleton's expedition on board the 'Endurance'.


Check your embedded knowledge from our geography topic:


Who was Sir Ernest Shackletons?

What does the word expedition mean?

How many expeditions to he take part in?

How many men sailed on the Endurance?

What did the men do to keep themselves alive during their ordeal?

What places did the team reach/sail to?

How did the expedition come to an end?

Can you remember 5 key words you used when learning about Sir Ernest Shackletons and his expeditions to the South Pole?

22.04.2022 Friday Round-Up!

A great start to what I'm sure is going to be another fabulous term of learning! It was lovely to see so many cheerful faces returning after the half term this week. We go straight back into with our maths work. The children asked if we could please continue with some work on pictograms and so this week we started to draw and interpret pictograms with a key of 2, 5 or 10. We will continue and complete our learning on statistics next week by reading block diagrams/ bar graphs and be able to solve reasoning questions using these correctly. This week the children learnt the names of some famous explorers such as Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott. We wrote a non-fction report about the life of Shackleton and next week we will write a recount of his expedition on board the Endurance.


Spellings will be going out Next Week ready for the following Friday.

Welcome back to the 1st half of the Summer term. We hope you all had a lovely Easter break!


This term in Maths we will measuring in cm and m and looking at properties of 2D and 3D shapes. In English 'The Magic Finger' written by Roald Dahl will be the stimulus for our writing. We will write letters, poems and Explanation texts.


Alongside English and Maths we will be studying:

Science - Animals including Humans-

History - Ancient Egyptians

P.E - Team games - Attacking and defending


Please keep checking back to the class page to see all the exciting learning the children are doing. 


Year 2 Team 

Experimenting in Science to see which materials are waterproof

Science- Sorting everyday materials according to their properties

We had lots of fun blowing paint to create our blossom trees for some super spring art!

Check out our Mother's day cards- We created artwork inspired by Picasso's 'Flower's of Peace'.

A Haiku for mum- Year 2 know how Haikus are formed and follow a pattern of 5-7-5 syllables. Lots of love for mum on Mother's Day, we hope you all had a fabulous day.

Take a look at our new and improved reading corner in class. We spoke about the places we love to read in. Snuggle up and take a good book to bed Year 2! Enjoy!

Antarctica for Kids and Schools [Documentary] - A child's presentation of Antarctica

Discover Antarctica, the frozen continent at the bottom of the earth. A documentary about Antarctica, targeted to students K-8, great for educational use in ...

Check out this video to Embed your knowledge about Antarctica!

Experience the coldest continent on the planet in this episode of "Destination World." Even though the blistering cold keeps away all but the most adventurou...

Today, Year 2 celebrated World Poetry Day. We read lots of fun poems together, practised performing poems and even wrote our own poems; Haikus! We are fantastic poets.

18.03.2022 Friday Round-Up!

We've had a very busy week this week and had lots of fun. The children had a virtual visit from the London Fire Brigade and we carried out an experiment to see which materials are transparent, transucent or opaque. The children in Year 2 are getting closer to achieving their Bronze Award in Master of Tables and we now have 12 children who have achieved their Bronze in Master of Spellings this week! Well done Year 2 that's half the class already! We've got the Summer term still to go, lets go for GOLD!! yes

Year 2 had the pleasure of a virtual visit from the London Fire Brigade this week. We learnt all about what the LFB do and how they help people in the community. We know to call 999 in case of an emergency are were able to spot hazarsds in different scenarios. I hope you can share some of what you learnt today with your families at home.

We carried out a test on different objects to see if they were made from transparent, translucent or opaque materials. Can you remember what these three words mean?

The winning house this week was RED and GREEN House. Congratulations to all those children in RED and GREEN House! yes

11.03.2022 Friday Round-Up!

This week we began learning about Antarctica and Arctic as part of our new Geography topic Antarctic Explorers. We will be finding out about the North and South Poles and comparing the polar regions using geographical vocabulary. We will look at the treacherous journey of Ernest Shackleton and the adaptations of animals living in both the Arctic and Antarctic. Towards the end of this unit Year 2 will find out about the indigenous people living in the Arctic (Inuits).


Let's check on some Embedded Learning from this week:

How many continents are there in the World? Can you name them?

Which continent is the smallest?

What is the Equator?

Where is the Arctic and Antarctic located in the world?

How many Oceans are there? Can you name them?

Can you remember one difference between the polar regions North and South?


Next week we will begin exploring a new story in English; 'The Magic Finger' and continue looking at materials in Science. Children in Year 2 will be able to identify the difference between opaque, translucent and transparent materials.

Finding Antarctica and the Arctic in an Atlas

Year 2 are currently reading:

yesThe winning house this week and last week was RED House. Congratulations to all those children in RED House!

World Book Day fun! We had lots of brand new books to explore and we made our own story books too. We enjoyed 'Buddy Reading' and there was a bell that rang throughout the day that told us when to drop everything and read.

04.03.2022 Friday Round-Up!

This week we have been continuing to use the Great Fire of London as a stimulus for writing. We used our five senses to describe what we thought we would see, hear, smell, feel and taste during the catastrophe. We will use our expanded noun phrases to write a Diary entry in role as Boxton or Vlad. We were multiplying numbers using our knowledge of the 2s, 5s, 3s and 10 times tables. We simplified repeated addition sentences into multiplication statements and used arrays to solve problems.


On Thursday it was World Book Day.  This year the world celebrated 25 Years since the first Book Day and also Harry Potter.  At Northwood the children were asked to create a magical object from a book, and they came up with some fantastic creations! In Year 2 Emilia and Alvah were chosen as the winners, but every child's creation was brilliant, so thank you to the parents for supporting us in this celebration. 

The World Book Day Song by MC Grammar

Check out the official, and first-ever, World Book Day song by MC Grammar. #WorldBookDayClick the link below to download / stream the song: https://MCGramma...

Check out our Magical Props. Fantastic work Year 2!

MC Grammar | World Book Day Song | Reading Is Amazing | Sky Kids

MC Grammar, star of Wonder Raps on Sky Kids, celebrates READING BOOKS!Get involved with World Book Day on Thursday 3rd March and discover why READING IS AMAZ...

In DT, we made pop ups of Tudor houses on fire. The flames were 'moving parts'.

Silhouette Paintings of The Great Fire of London

25.02.2022 Friday Round Up!

A fantastic first week back! Year 2 finished their work on time and can now tell the time to the nearest 5 minute intervals to and past the hour. We began work on our new Author focus; reading and answering questions about the Enourmous Crocodile by Roald Dahl. We also completed work on our History Topic 'The Great Fire of London' by writing a Newspaper report to retell the events from the fire in 1666.

Check back soon to see photos of our great work.


Looking ahead to next week:

  • We will begin solving multiplcation and division questions in maths.
  • In English we will write a diary entry in role as Vlad or Boxton during the GFOL. 
  • On Thursday of next week it is World Book Day. Remember to design and make a prop to represent a book of your choice with a 'magic' theme. We can't wait to see all of your amazing work. Get creative and have fun!

22.02.2022    Welcome back to Spring Term 2!

We had fun questioning King Charles II about his response to The Great Fire of London and what he planned to do to help the people who were made homeless.

11.02.2022 Friday Round-Up!

Spring term 1 complete and we’ve had so much fun! In this last week of term we got creative and created a piece of artwork to show London at night during ‘The Great Fire of London’. We painted a fiery background using different shades of red, yellow and orange (embedding our knowledge of primary and secondary colours!) and then made silhouettes of buildings that would have been alight during the fire in 1666. These looked fantastic! All the teachers came to check out your brilliant art work Year 2. They were very impressed!  We also created a pop-up of a Tudor house on fire as part of our DT project with moving parts.

Lots of great photos to come!


Have a fabulous half term Year 2, you have worked hard, now rest well ready for Spring Term 2! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Learning to bounce the ball, pass and to defend and attack whilst in a game.

04.02.2022 Friday Round-Up!

This week we got outside and did some Science fieldwork. We found out the names of the trees we have in the grounds of Northwood School. We were surprised to a Cherry Plum tree already blossoming and two evergreen trees; the Scot's Pine and a Juniper. Year 2 can now explain the different between wild and garden plants and name some common plants and trees.


Well done to Elina, our Scientist of the week! yes


In History we continued learning about the Great Fire of London and how a man called Samuel Pepys wrote a first hand account of the events that took place during the fire. We call this an 'eye-witness'. 


Looking ahead to next week:

  • Year 2 will be learning how to tell the time to the hour, half past the hour, quarter to and quarter past. 
  • We will write a character description about 'Boxton' using paragraphs correctly and be able to identify the four sentence types: a command, statement, question and exclamation.



Year 2 went outside to investigate the deciduous and evergreen trees we have growing in the grounds of Northwood School. We found a Pine tree, an Aspen and a Cherry Plum.

We made paper lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year. We wrote instructions on how to make them.

21.01.2022 Friday Round-Up!

Wow, January is flying by! Week 3 complete already and we have learnt so much! We've been having lots of fun learning how to add money in pounds and pence and finding change from a given amount. This week we have moved on to learning fractions of a whole. Year 2 now know that a half (1/2) is one of two equal parts. We were able to find half of an object, shape and amount.

Year 2 are really enjoying learning about the 'Great Fire of London' in History. This week we sequenced the events that led to the fire and what happened over the 5 days untill it was finally put out.


Test your embedded knowledge by answering these questions:

Where did the fire start?

Who owned the bakery?

What did the Lord Mayor of London do?

What did the poeple of London do to try to put the fire out?

How long did the fire last?

Why did it spread so quickly? Can you give more than one reason?


Next week we will continue finding fractions in maths. We will be able to recognise and name 1 quarter of an object, shape or amount.

In English Year 2 will be adding the suffixes -full and -less to a noun to change it into an adjective.

In Science we will continue learning about 'Wild and Garden plants'. I'm sure the children in Year 2 can now name some of the ones they might see when out and about. Look out for the nettles!



07.01.2021 Friday Round-Up!

Week 1 of Spring Term done! We had a short week starting back this week, but it was lots of fun. It was lovely seeing you all after the Christmas holidays. We made a fantastic start on our work on Money in Maths. Year 2 know what each coin and note is worth and were able to add money in pounds and pence.

This week we started our New RE topic. We are learning about Judaism. PE for this half term is ball skills, we are learning to dribble the ball with our hands, pass and receive to score a goal.


Look ahead to next week:

  • We will be learning about common wild and flowering plants in Science.
  • Year 2 will begin looking at a new text in English, first investigating what we can see and tell from looking at the front cover.
  • We will continue work on Money using the £ and p sign, finding different ways of making the same total and finding change by subtracting.


Congratulations Hikmat for Achievement of the week!

Congratulations Adam for Achievement of the week!

Welcome to Spring Term 1!

Happy New Year, Year 2! We hope you've had a fantastic Christmas break and you are ready and raring to go for Spring Term 2022. We are looking forward to getting back into class and seeing you all. This Half Term we will be learning all about the Great Fire of London, finding out the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees in Science and finding fractions of numbers and shapes in Maths.


Year 2 Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Year 2!

Year 2's Christmas cards- a beautiful snowy mountain scene

How to care for 'Our Wonderful World' posters

Adding 2-digit numbers by regrouping

10.12.2021 Friday Round-Up!

Week 6 complete, only one more week to go before Christmas holidays and lots of fun things to look forward to next week.

This week we completed our work on adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers, we practised using a number line to show jumps of tens and ones. We are getting very good at solving problems involving addition and subtraction and explaining our reasoning within these areas.

In English, we were adding the suffixes er and est to root words to make adjectives. There are some important spelling rules to remember when adding suffixes, I'm sure the children in Year 2 can share some of these with you at home. E.g -change 'y' for 'i' before adding suffixes such as es, ed and est.


Oh... and, we had an exciting visitor in Year 2 this week... A Bridgen! Can you believe it?! 

To round off our Science work over this term, learning about animals, we are going to be writing a non-chronological report about an animal we have invented.

We hope to use this extended piece of writing as an opportunity to demonstrate our understanidng of the key vocabulary we have learnt over the last term. We will be using and including words such as: carnivore, omnivore, herbivore, food chain, producer, consumer, predator, prey, mammal, reptile, amphibian, bird, fish, young etc


Next week we have our Christmas parties to look forward to and a speacial performance from CRIBS.


Our very own story books, inspired by Dogger.

DISCO TUESDAY was a huge hit and is here to stay! Children can listen to their favourite tunes at lunch time and have a little boogie!

Stay and Learn - Mental Health and Well-being

yesThe winning house this week was RED House. Congratulations to all those children in RED House!

03.12.2021 Friday Round-Up!

A short week this week, but still very busy in Year 2! 

This week we learnt what an apostrophe was and that it is used to show where letters are missing in some words. These words are called contractions. an apostrophe is also used in some words to show possession. E.g. Carrie's beautiful red glasses.

We continued to read Pattan's pumpkin together as part of our comprehension work and Year 2 are now able to both add and subtract two 2-digit numbers using objects and the column method.


We continued with some art work this week as we created some festive snowmen for display in the hall. YAY!! The decorations are up and it's officially Christmas at Northwood School.


Thank you to those children who have been bringing in work from home. It is really impressive to see you enjoying your learning and continuing with it at home. I now have a fabulous display of all of your hard work.




Congratulations to Ralph our Problem Solver of the Week! Well done, you completed some fantastic writing this week using your phonic knowledge.

26.11.2021 Friday Round-Up!


Another fun and fabulous week in Year 2! A huge thank you to all of our parents that came to Stay and Learn on Tuesday. The theme this time was Mental health and Well- being. We discussed good and not so good feelings and simple strategies/ways of managing our feelings. We all enjoyed playing feelings BINGO and boogieing!


Check back soon to see pictures of our morning! 


Year 2 completed their own versions of the Dogger story this week and practised reading this these aloud to the class. Well done to each and every one of you for completing an extended piece of writing they were all so interesting and fun to listen to.

Looking ahead to next week:


  • We will begin subtracting two 2-digit numbers using objects and written methods.
  • Year 2 will learn how to use an apostrophe for possession and to show where letters are missing in contracted words.
  • Our new Science topic is the study of plants. We will begin by naming some common wild and garden plants and then learn about the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees.



Year 2 have been learning the column method for adding two numbers

Learning about Primary and Secondary colours

What is good or bad for the environment?

Adding two 2-digit numbers using objects

yesThe winning house for this week was RED house. A huge well done to all those children in RED house!

19.11.2021 Friday Round-Up!


Well done Year 2 for another impressive week of learning.

This week we started to learn how to use coloumn in Maths when adding two 2-digit numbers. We use dienes cubes and then progressed further to be able record our working out presenting a sum in columns.

In Science this week we learnt what a food chain was and were able to create simple food chains starting with a producer to a predator. The children in Year 2 now know what these words mean.

  • producer
  • consumer
  • secondary consumer
  • predator
  • prey
  • food chain
  • energy


Maybe someone could test you on these at home? 


In English we completed the middle part of our innovated version of the Story Dogger. Our storybook is coming along nicely and next week we should be complete with the resolution and ending. We look forward to sharing some of these on our web page for you to enjoy.


Check back soon to see some photos of our completed work!


We also had fantastic RHEd lesson this week discussing the things that can harm our local, natural and built environment and what we could do to care for Our Wonderful World. We then made posters that we are going to display around our local area to be able to encourage others to make good choices and become good global citizens, caring for our planet.

Anti-bullying week- Happy Odd Socks day Year 2!

Observational drawings of pumpkins

Finding doubles to add 3 1-digit numbers

12.11.2021  Friday Round-Up!

This week we have been working really hard in maths adding and subtracting a 2-digit number and tens. We then learnt three different methods for adding 3 1-digit numbers quickly and effectively.

These are:

1. Find number bonds to 10.

2. Find doubles.

3. Add the smallest numbers first.


In English we learnt how to use commas in a list correctly and applied these in our story writing creating our own version of the story 'Dogger'.

Art was super fun this week! We began painting using primary colours; red, yellow and blue.


Looking ahead to next week...


  • We will be learning about food chains in Science.
  • We will continue with our art work where we will be mixing primary colours to create sencondary colours and using white and black paint to create different shades and tones of orange to paint our own pumkin drawings.
  • In English we will write the middle of our story and add this to our story book.
  • In maths we will begin to add and subtract 2 2-digit numbers.


Up close! Check out our fantastic creations!