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Year 2

Science Homework Project

Hello Fabulous Year 2 children and parents,

In Science this half term we have been studying World Habitats. The children now know that a habitat is a place where something lives. We have looked at the characteristics of different habitats and what kinds of animals live in each habitat. To extend and develop your child’s understanding of habitats we are asking Year 2 to complete a project at home over the half term week. We would like Year 2 to create a ‘shoebox habitat’.

Choose a habitat of your choice, research the types of animals that you might find living in your chosen habitat and replicate the habitat within the space of an old shoe box. You can be as creative as you like with this project!

Remember to look carefully at the different physical features of your chosen habitat and include some animals that live there. You can do this in any form you like; animals made from clay/playdough, pipe cleaners, recycled household objects. Use old toys/figures or draw the animals in your habitat.

I have included pictures below to give you a good idea of what we are looking for. This a fun project for you to complete with your families at home. It is your chance to design something unique and present your understanding of habitats and microhabitats.

Your ‘masterpieces’ must be returned by 5th November 2021 (First week back after half term).

Best wishes,

Year 2 Team


Science- Please see attached the letter that was sent home with your child explaining their homework project.

15.10.2021 Friday Round-Up!

This week we had lots of fun creating a piece of Art work in the style of Van Gogh's 'Fishing boats on the beach'.

We drew straight lines to carefully represent the horizon, sails and the sea.
Chose appropriate materials to represent texture and colours and Year 2 were able to tear, cut and overlap different materials to create a collage.


In English we were learning about different word classes. The children can confidently say what a noun, verb and adjective are.

The children in Year 2 can also now count in 3s as well as their 2s, 5s and 10s. Remember to continue to practise this at home. 


The winning house for this week is RED House. Congratulations and a huge well done to you!

Lots of fun in our bright colours for 'Go Yellow Day'!

Stay and Learn- Black History Month

Stay and Learn- Black History Month

Counting in 2s using Numicon

08.10.2021 Friday Round-Up!


Another fab week in Year 2!

This week we learnt what a habitat was and begun to sort animals by their habitats.

In maths, we revisited counting in 2s and 5s and answered some problem solving and reasoning questions.

On Thursday we invited our parents in for a 'Stay and Learn' session focussed on Black History Month; what it is and why and how we celebrate Black History Month. We looked at the significant achievements of an amazing and inspiring lady called 'Rosa Parks' and the impact she had on society.

This week, we also had fun learning about collaging techniques in Art. Check back here to see our completed art piece inspired by Van Goghs- 'Fishing boats on the beach'.


Looking ahead to next week...

  • We will be counting in 3s next week!
  • In English we will continue reading the story 'Dogger'. Year 2 will design a 'lost poster' for Daves favourite toy Dogger and begin to brainstorm ideas for their own story based on the events in Dogger.
  • In Science we will continue learning about different types of habitats and in particular- microhabitats.

Partitioning 2-digit numbers into different combinations of tens and one - This was tricky!

01.10.2021  Friday Round-Up!

A huge well done to Year 2 this week for working hard in their maths work, we have been learning how to partition numbers into different combinations of tens and ones.

In Science we learnt about the life processes all living things do which tell us they are living. We learnt to remember using the mnemonic 'MRS NERG'.











Next week Thursday is Stay and Learn. Please do come into class with your child to learn about 'Black History Month'.

Sorting carnivores, omnivores and herbivores

**Don't forget to practice your spellings each week (testing on Friday) and complete your Reading Eggs and Mathletics Homework. We will be checking these on Wednesday.

17.09.2021 Friday Round-Up!


This week Year 2 have been comparing numbers to 100 using the greater than >, less than < and  equal to = symbols. Year 2 are able to order a sequence of numbers from greatest to smallest and vice versa.

In English we revisited the prefix -un and how when added to the beginning of a word un changes it's meaning to the opposite or meaning 'not'.

E.g. healthy - unhealthy

Our Geography topic for this half term is 'The Great British Coastline'. Year 2 have been finding out about islands and the key features of islands. We now know that the UK is an island as we are surrounded by water.


Looking ahead to next week...

Next week in Science we will learn what a cranivore, herbivore and omnivore is.

In Maths we will be counting in multiples of 10 forwards, backwards and from any given number.


Keep up the great work Year 2! We are all so impressed with how you have settled into your new classroom and the rules and routines of Year 2. 

Representing numbers

Classifying animals

10.09.2021 Friday Round-Up!


What a fantastic week we've had! Year 2 have settled in well and have had a great first week back at school. Playtime has been fun, seeing some of our friends from other classes again.

We made a good start with our Science topic looking at living things and their habitats; Year 2 now know about different animals groups and how to classify mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians.

In Maths we have been practising counting to and across 100 and writing numbers in numerals and words.

Our Geography topic this half term is 'The Great British Coastline'.



Welcome to Year 2! It's great to have you back!


Your teachers in Year 2 are Mrs Stiles, Mrs Snape and Mrs Creasey.


We will start the term off reading some much loved classics, such as 'Peace at Last', 'Rosie's Walk' and 'Five minutes peace'.

As our writing focus for this half term, we are looking at stories with familiar settings, these will include 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes and 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne - both fantastic texts!


In Maths we will quickly begin looking at adding multiples of tens and being able to partition numbers into tens and ones- recognising the place value of each digit in a 2-digit number. By the end of the first half term we hope to have begun work on Multiplication and Division. Please practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s with your children at home as this will help them to achieve their targets in these areas.


Check back soon to see some photos of what we have been up to in Year 2. 

The Year 2 team!