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Year 6

Hello and a warm, welcome back to a new term at Northwood.


In Year 6, Mr Fisher and Mrs Skinner will lead the children through

the excitement and perils of the final chapter of Northwood life.


Don't forget our new start time of 8.30 am

and our new finish times of 2.45 pm (Mon -Thurs) and 12.00 noon (Fri).


Some areas of study that are coming your way this term:

Light and Shadows


Sustainability in the Local Area

The World Wars - a local view


PE is on Wednesdays for Year 6, but please ensure that correct PE kit is in school all the time, in case we feel like some extra 'brain-boosting' exercise on a different day.


The Mathletics and Reading Eggs programs

are up and running, so log in and

practise some Maths and Reading every week.


Please see Mr Fisher if you have problems with logging in.


www.mathletics.co.uk      www.readingeggs.co.uk