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Year 6

We made it to the end of the Spring Term


It's been a really strange term what with Lockdown, Remote learning and all,

but we made it through. We put our thoughts and feelings onto posters like the ones below. (The rest are in the RRS/SoS/RHEd folder below.)


However, that is behind us now and we can look forward to the Summer Term

and enjoying our last days as pupils at Northwood School.


We've got Science topics including Evolution to look forward to; as well as our History topic on World War 2. Along with plenty of Maths and English work in preparation for transition to Secondary Schools, it's going to be a busy end to the School year.


A Year in Lockdown - thoughts and feelings

More comments from pupils about what we've been up to over the last couple of weeks.


"I have enjoyed researching facts throughout History.

We got to make it into a PowerPoint slideshow."


"I liked researching about Science inventions for my History project; it showed

how smart humans have become over time."




"I liked watching Shakespeare's tragedies and comedies."


"I really enjoyed learning about Shakespeare's plays especially Twelfth Night."




Don't forget your MathleticsReading Eggspress and Duolingo are all still available to use.

(If you've forgotten any login or password details, I can email them to you.)





Make sure you send any completed work or photos to the new Year 6 email address


so that I can feedback and put some of it online for everyone to share via the link below.

Try to send work as often as you can. Some children send it daily !

(Please note that some types of file are not compatible or too large for our website,

so some work might not make it onto the class page)



Thank you for trying to watch this morning, there were technical issues at their end. They have sent an apology letter which I have attached as it explains quite well what happened. Find it below.

I've also added the amended link so that you can watch the presentation tomorrow in your own time. I'm going to add some work too, if you feel inspired !


Our 'snapshot' review of the best bits of the Autumn term starts here.

It seems PE and Science were most popular this term.


Click on the star below to read about our highlights.....

see if you can find your comments.


The Mathletics and Reading Eggs programs

are up and running, so log in and

practise some Maths and Reading every week.


Please see Mr Fisher if you have problems with logging in.


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