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Year 6

It's here....roll out the red carpet...sound the fanfare......the Year 6 production for you to enjoy.

Let the games begin! 2021 Year 6 final production

Summer Term Week 2:6

We're nearly there - our last full week is over - only 2 days to go.


Sports day was great fun on Wednesday as you can tell from the photos below.


Thank you to all the parents for their support and strict following

of the COVID guidelines.

SPORTS DAY 2021 - Over/Under Race

SPORTS DAY 2021 - Cone on the Head Race

Sports Day 2021 - Sprint Race

Then yesterday was 'TRANSITION DAY' for the rest of the school. So Year 6 got to visit Reception class for a fun time. It was like going back in a time machine.....anyone recognise these 'little cuties'!!

Reception class 2014

There will be more photos like this to follow at the Leavers' Assembly on Tuesday next week.

Don't forget your MathleticsReading Eggspress and Duolingo are all still available to use.

We did watch the Little Fish virtual production of 'Time and Place'.

It made us think about issues that may arise during transition

from Primary to Secondary education and beyond!

We also took part in a Zoom Workshop, where we got to meet and talk to the actors.

Little Fish Zoom Workshop

Comments from pupils about what we've been up to this week.


"I loved talking to the Little Fish Theatre Group."



"I enjoyed the Little Fish Theatre, it is going to help me to talk to people about any problems I might have."




Don't forget your MathleticsReading Eggspress and Duolingo are all still available to use.

(If you've forgotten any login or password details, I can email them to you.)

A Year in Lockdown - thoughts and feelings





Make sure you send any completed work or photos to the new Year 6 email address 

so that I can feedback and put some of it online for everyone to share via the link below.

Try to send work as often as you can. Some children send it daily !

(Please note that some types of file are not compatible or too large for our website,

so some work might not make it onto the class page)



Thank you for trying to watch this morning, there were technical issues at their end. They have sent an apology letter which I have attached as it explains quite well what happened. Find it below.

I've also added the amended link so that you can watch the presentation tomorrow in your own time. I'm going to add some work too, if you feel inspired !


Our 'snapshot' review of the best bits of the Autumn term starts here.

It seems PE and Science were most popular this term.


Click on the star below to read about our highlights.....

see if you can find your comments.


The Mathletics and Reading Eggs programs

are up and running, so log in and

practise some Maths and Reading every week.


Please see Mr Fisher if you have problems with logging in.