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Hello to the children and parents of Class R!  We will be busy over the coming year adding pictures of all the learning and exciting things we have been up to. We hope you enjoy looking at all our activities. Thank you for your support.  Miss Mitchell & Team




Welcome back to the final term in Class R! This term our topic is 'Minibeasts', and will involve lots of exploration of the natural environment in and around our school to discover all the minibeast wildlife that surrounds us.   We will begin by studying caterpillars and butterflies and their amazing life cycles, and will move onto ladybirds, bees, worms, slugs, snails and frogs. Please encourage your child to look out for minibeasts in their own gardens and when out and about, e.g. on their way to school or at the park.  The term will be busy in lots of other ways too including 'Water Aid Day' and 'Sports Day', and will end with the children spending some time in Year 1, in order to meet their new teachers and prepare for the new school year ahead.  Thank you for your continued support. Miss Mitchell, Mrs Frost & Mrs Cox   


It has been a very busy term so far exploring our theme of 'People Who Help Us'. Class R took part in 'Beep Beep' Day and had a great time learning about road safety using the various equipment and activities on offer. Thank you to Sally Barrett from Bexley's Road Safety team for her help and support in organising this and providing lots of the equipment, including bikes and dressing up clothes for the children to use. She also very kindly (and bravely) allowed the children to explore her car to reinforce how to keep safe whilst inside a vehicle. 


Later on in the term we went for our annual visit to Erith Fire Station, linking to our 'People Who Help Us' topic.  The children really enjoyed their visit and got to use the various pieces of firefighting  equipment and learn more about fire safety and the role of a firefighter. Thank you to 'Red Watch' for a great morning.  Please take the time to look at the photos of our activities below.  Thank you


Welcome to Summer Term 1 - we hope you had a good Easter Break!  This term's theme is 'People Who Help Us', and we will be exploring  Shopkeepers, Vets, and the Emergency Services. There  will also be a focus on Road Safety, with a special 'Beep Beep' day on the 30th April, where the children will be practising how to cross the road safely using road safety resources in our outdoor area.  We will also arrange a visit to Erith Fire Station, where the children can learn about fire safety and get to use the fire safety equipment. We look forward to an enjoyable term.           Miss Mitchell & Team


Welcome back to Spring Term 2!  This term we will be continuing with our theme of 'Traditional Tales', and will then move on to celebrate 'Mother's Day' and Easter.  Please take the time to look at the photos below of what we have been learning and exploring so far. Miss Mitchell & Team


Welcome to the Spring Term 2019 and happy new year!  This term our topic is 'Traditional Tales' and we will be exploring and retelling stories such as Goldilocks, The 3 Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood, and The Gingerbread Man.  Retelling stories is an important skill as it introduces children to story language and patterns, and enables them to structure and write their own stories with confidence.  Children need to be able to discuss events in a story and talk about the main characters, plots and settings in order to achieve the Early Leaning Goal for Reading. We hope you will support our activities at home by reading regularly to your child and asking them questions about the stories read to them.  Thank you for your continued support.      Miss Mitchell & Team


Wow, what a busy few weeks we have had!  Not only have we been learning about and celebrating Christmas and performing our Nativity to the school and the parents/carers, we have also had a visit from the Community Dentist who taught us how to look after our teeth and make sure we clean them properly.  We hope you enjoy looking at the photos of these activities below.                      Miss Mitchell and Team


Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn Term.  This term we will be learning about and exploring the topics of  'Bonfire Night', Remembrance Day, Percy the Park Keeper, and Christmas. We will also have our first 'Stay and Learn' session  with parents/carers, which we are looking forward to.  We will be continuing to learn to read through phonics, and working hard to improve our Maths skills, especially our recognition of shapes and patterns. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to an enjoyable and busy term.  Miss Mitchell & Team


The children of Class R will be very busy over the next few weeks settling into school and exploring their classroom and it's resources. They will be taking part in lots of child initiated play and learning, which will enable us to find out what they can already do and what their next steps are.  The children will be getting used to working in large and small groups, as well as one-one with an adult, and we look forward to supporting the next steps in their learning. We are exploring the theme of 'Ourselves' and will be talking about our bodies, our families and our homes, and discovering and celebrating how different and unique we all are! Then we will be exploring how to keep ourselves healthy.  Soon we will be adding photographs of our activities for you to enjoy.  Thank you for your support.  Miss Mitchell & Team