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Welcome to Class R! Our Early Years Team has four teachers - Miss Mitchell, Mrs Muso, Mrs Frost and Mrs Vallaj. We hope you will enjoy visiting our class page regularly to find out about all the exciting activities and learning we are doing throughout the year. Please click on the links below to help support your child with their learning at home, and to find out more about the New EYFS Curriculum and Early Learning Goals. 

15.10.21 - Friday Round-Up!

This week our topic was 'Our Feelings'.  The children spoke about the different feelings we all can have and what might make us feel different emotions. In our Relationship Education (RHED) session, we listened to a traditional Caribbean Tale about how the words we use can be kind but can also be hurtful and that we must think carefully about what we say to others so we don't hurt their feelings.  In our circle time we said kind things to our friends and spoke about how nice it feels to have something nice said to you, for example:


'I like playing with you Michael' -  Matthew

'You are a nice friend Amelia' - Abiola

'Thank you for sharing the toys with me Phoebe' - Amelia-Joy


In Maths we have been working on composition of numbers to 5 using cubes, so we can understand the different number bonds that make up numbers. This is a really important Maths skill that will help us with our calculation work as we move up the school.  We also practised writing our numerals, and are getting very good at it!  This week we also spent some time clearing up our garden area ready to plant some Spring bulbs and vegetables - we found lots of Minibeasts along the way and were very careful not to hurt them. Next week our topic is 'The 5 Senses'.  We hope you enjoy the photographs of our activities below.  The Early Years Team

8.10.21 - Friday Round-Up!

A very busy week in Class R once again.  We have been exploring healthy/non-healthy foods, and can now sort foods and explain why they are healthy or not:


'Chocolate has too much sugar!' - Michael E

'Apples are healthy because they grow on trees' - Amelia

'Too many sweets will give you holes in your teeth!' - Alan


We welcomed parents/carers in for our first 'Stay & Learn' linked to 'Black History Month'.  We learnt that it is wrong to discriminate against people just because they look different from you and we looked closely at the similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends, and celebrated the fact that we are all unique. 


On Friday we took part in 'World Mental Health Day' by wearing yellow and discussing why mental health is important.  


Next week our topic is  'Feelings', and in Maths we will be looking at different ways to compose numbers to 5.   More photos of our activities will be coming soon!


The Early Years Team

1.10.21 - Friday Round-Up!

Another busy week in Class R!  We have been talking about our daily routine and using time language such as 'morning, next, then, lunchtime, evening', and putting our routine into order.  We have been reading and painting CVC words, and are getting better at blending sounds together. We are continuing to develop our mouse skills using the 2Paint program, and some of us can now paint a recognizable picture, showing very good mouse control!  We have been working in different zones in PE and are able to move our bodies in lots of different ways. We have been learning and talking about children's rights, and have now created our Class Charter ready to go upon the wall. Here are some quotes from the children about their week in school:


'I enjoyed painting on the computer!' - Nel

'I really liked playing 'What's the Time Mr. Wolf?' in P.E.' - Amelia

'We are gentle at school' - Matthew

'We are Unique' - Amelia-Joy


Next week we will be exploring how to keep healthy, with a focus on Healthy foods. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos of our activities below.  The Early Years Team

24.9.21 - Friday Round-Up!

This week Class R have been exploring 'Homes' and 2D shapes.   We have talked about different types of homes and decided which type we lived in.  We have used shapes, construction equipment, pencils and paint to make pictures and models of our homes, and really enjoyed pretending to be builders outside, using the large bricks and planks. We have also started our 'Computing' lessons, where we learnt how to use a 'mouse' to click and drag objects on the screen, and tried to draw pictures of our homes using the mouse and 2Paint program - it was quite tricky, but we are slowly improving our mouse skills!  Here are some quotes from the children about their week at school:


'I enjoyed building my house with the bricks' - Matthew

'I liked drawing my house and writing letters' - Nel

'I liked building the big train' - Eli

'I enjoyed playing with my friends and writing numbers and letters' - Abiola


Next week we will look at our daily routines and begin to explore our local environment.    Please enjoy the photographs of our learning below.  The Early Years Team

17.9.21 - Friday Round-up!

We have had a very busy second week at school!  We have started the topic of 'Ourselves' and have been looking closely at our own unique appearance and celebrating our similarities and differences. We have used mirrors to look closely at our facial features, and have drawn and painted self-portraits. We have been practising our counting skills in Maths, and have started learning Phase 2 phonics and how to blend and segment sounds.  We have taken part in PE in the hall for the first time, and are learning to get changed independently!  Next week we will be exploring our homes and our local environment. Please enjoy the photos of our activities below.  Thank you

10/9/21 - Friday Round-Up

The children will be very busy over the next few weeks settling into school and exploring their classroom and it's resources. They will be taking part in lots of child initiated play and learning, which will enable us to find out what they can already do and what their next steps are.  The children will be getting used to working in large and small groups, as well as one-one with an adult, and we look forward to supporting the next steps in their learning. We are exploring the theme of 'Ourselves' and will be talking about our bodies, our families and our homes, and discovering and celebrating how similar but unique we all are! Then we will be finding out how to keep ourselves healthy.  Please enjoy the photographs below of the first week at school, with the  children exploring their new classroom.  Thank you for your support.  The Early Years Team