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Welcome to Class R! Our Early Years Team has four teachers - Miss Mitchell, Mrs Muso, Mrs Frost and Mrs Vallaj. We hope you will enjoy visiting our class page regularly to find out about all the exciting activities and learning we are doing throughout the year. Please click on the links below to help support your child with their learning at home, and to find out more about the New EYFS Curriculum and Early Learning Goals. 

26.5.22 - Round-Up!

What a lovely week we have had to end Summer 1!  We have been celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee all week and can now remember lots of facts about Queen Elizabeth II.  On Wednesday we had a 'Stay & Learn' session at Northwood where we all took part in different activities linked to the Jubilee. In Class R we created Union Flags using red, white and blue collage materials, wrote captions about the Jubilee, built castles from Duplo Bricks, made crowns carefully using our colouring, sticking and cutting skills, and practised our number bonds using Jubilee themed Maths! We started and finished the session by singing the National Anthem 'God Save the Queen' (video to come soon). Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, and carers for joining us in class.  We hope you enjoy the photos of our activities below:


Next term we will be exploring the topic of 'Minibeasts' and this will include a trip to Lesnes Abbey woods to go on a Minibeast hunt.   We hope you have a great half-term and enjoy the Jubilee celebrations!                    The Early Years Team

20.5.22 - Friday Round-Up!

What a fantastic week we have had in Class R!  We started the week exploring the topic of 'Shopkeepers' and have learnt that before Supermarkets there were individual shops for different types of food such as the Bakers and Butchers shop.  We have enjoyed role-play in our Supermarket and have been looking at money and adding prices by counting on.  We noticed that the Queen's face is on one side of every coin and this led to us starting our discussions and celebrations of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  We learnt that Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for 70 Years, which is a record!  We learnt about the Queen's family and the different palaces/castles she lives in throughout the year.  


On Thursday we all wore red, white and blue to school and took part in our special Platinum Jubilee picnic lunch. In class we took part in other activities to celebrate the Jubilee, including making Union flags, sparkly crowns, writing about the queen and learning to sing the National Anthem.  Next week we will continue our Jubilee celebrations, including a 'Stay and Learn' morning on Wednesday which we hope you will be able to attend.   


Below are some comments by the children about their learning this week:


Michael O -  'I enjoyed playing in the supermarket and using the tills and money'

Matthew - 'The Queen has guards and rides in a carriage'

Amelia - 'The Queen is celebrating her jubilee and people are having feasts!'

Abiola - 'We made flags which were red, white, and blue'


In Achievement Assembly Ryan, Nel, Alan, and Abiola won the 'Writers of the Week' award too - Well done!


Please enjoy the photos of our activities below:

13.5.22 - Friday Round-Up!

This week we have been learning about Vets and Pets.  We have written information texts about how to care for pets, and have enjoyed playing in our 'Vet' role-paly area. In our Relationship Education we discussed pets as being part of our family and found out who has a pet and who would like a pet.  We learnt that pets need the same things to survive as people do, and that you must take care of them properly, including taking them to the Vets for check ups or if they are ill.


In Computing/Music we learnt about the composer 'Mozart' - did you know that he started to compose music at the age of 5! We found out that he also wrote the tune that we now know as 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star'.  We then went into the Computing Suite to use  the '2Simple Music Toolkit' so that we could be composers too! We created and recorded our compositions and listened back to them on the headphones.


We also planted our Runner bean plants this week, so hopefully they will continue to grow successfully, and we will be able to harvest them later on in the Summer.  Below are some quotes from the children about their learning this week:


Nel - 'I loved playing with pets and looking after them!'

Eli - 'I liked being a vet and looking after the animals'

Dani - 'I enjoyed phonics and playing with my friends'

Michael E - 'I enjoyed practising my cursive handwriting and doing phonics'

Phoebe - I loved working out number bonds of 10 and doing my spellings'


Next week we will be discussing the role of shops/shop assistants, and how important they are in the local community. We are also looking forward to finding out about the Queen and her Platinum Jubilee, which we will be celebrating on Thursday 19th May with lots of activities including a special picnic lunch.  The Early Years Team

6.5.22 - Friday Round-Up!

A short but busy week for Class R as we learnt all about the job of the Police Force!  In Literacy we created our own WANTED posters, using descriptive language in our writing, and we continued to enjoy dressing-up and role-play linked to the Emergency Services.   In Maths we have been consolidating our number bonds to 5, and next week will will continue to explore number bonds to 10. 


Our topic next week is 'Vets/Pets', and we look forward to discussing 'pets' and learning and writing about how to take care of them.    The Early Years Team


29.4.22 - Friday Round-Up!

This week Class R have been learning about 'The Emergency Services' with a focus on the Fire Brigade and Fire Safety.  We learnt about the role of a 'Firefighter' and all the different rescues they do - not just putting out fires! We learnt how to prevent fires at home, and what to do if there is a fire, and we created our own Fire Safety posters, to show all our learning.  We also used junk materials to make models of Emergency Vehicles, making sure they looked accurate, such as being painted the correct colour. 

Below are some comments from the children about their learning:


Michael O - 'I liked dressing up as a Policeman'

Samira - 'I learnt about Firefighters'

Great - 'I learnt all my spellings'

Min - 'I enjoyed practising my handwriting'

Amelia-Joy - 'We learnt that you have to call 999 in an emergency!'

Izzy - 'I liked doing my phonics and handwriting'


Next week we will focus on 'The Police Force'.                      The Early Years Team

22.4.21 - Friday Round-Up!

Welcome back to the start of the Summer Term!  This term our topic is 'People Who Help Us', and this week we have been learning all about the 'Dentist' and how to take care of our teeth. We have found out that some foods are bad for our teeth because they contain a lot of sugar, and we must brush our teeth in the morning and afternoon. It is important that our parents take us to the Dentist regularly too, to make sure our teeth are healthy and have no decay!   


Next week we will find out about the 'Emergency Services', with a focus on the 'Fire Brigade' and fire safety.                                        The Early Years Team

1.4.22 - Friday Round-Up!

Wow - we have come to the end of the Spring Term already!  We have had a busy term with lots of great learning.  This week we learnt about Easter - why Christians celebrate Easter and what happened to Jesus in the  'Easter Story'.  We know that even though the story is sad it has a happy ending as Jesus was resurrected (came back to life) and Christians believe he is in heaven with God.  We celebrated Easter by singing songs and making cards and pictures.  We also made chocolate nests at school - they were delicious!


We have taken really good care of our growing bean plants and they have grown really tall. They are  now ready to be taken home - I wonder who will grow the most  runner beans on their plant?


Below are some comments from the children about their learning:


Abiola - ' I learnt about Easter and new life beginning'

Izzy - 'I  practised writing my name and using cursive writing'

Amelia-Joy - ' I learnt about Easter and baby chicks being born - new life is beginning and flowers are growing.  Christians celebrate Easter and they go to church'

Min - 'I enjoyed planting our beans and watching them grow' - they need soil, sun and water'

Dani - ' I liked playing with my new friends and toys and learning my phonics'


Next term we will explore the topic of 'People Who Help Us', beginning with the Dentist.

18.3.22 - Friday Round-Up!

This week we have been finishing our activities around the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.   We have been retelling the story in our own words by writing captions and we are getting very good at using our Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonic knowledge independently!   We also planted our own 'beans' and have learnt how to take care of them so that we can grow our own beanstalks. 


In Maths we have used beans to explore how to share/divide quantities equally, and work out which numbers are odd and which are even - we will continue our work on this next week.  We have been looking at the features of castles, such as 'turrets & towers' and have been using 3D shapes to build our own models of castles.


Below are some comments from the children about their learning:


Abiola - 'I learnt my 3D shapes and enjoyed playing with them with my friends'

Phoebe -  'I enjoyed playing the Bingo game in phonics'

Eli - 'I like doing my spellings and practising my handwriting'

Samira -  'I enjoyed the Bingo game in phonics'

Michael E -  I like playing with my friend Eli with the puppets' 

Matthew - 'I learnt about sharing equally' (division)


Next week we will be celebrating 'Mother's Day' and finding out about the upcoming Christian festival of 'Easter'.    The Early Years Team

11.3.22 - Friday Round-Up!

This week we have been exploring the story of 'Jack & the Beanstalk'.  We have found out about alliteration, and have written our own alliteration in speech bubbles, pretending to be the Giant from the story.  Next week we will practise retelling the story in our own words, and will write captions from the story.  In Maths we have been exploring and using 3D shapes to build castles, and have been learning the names of the shapes and describing their features, using language such as 'edges, vertices and faces'. We will continue our 3D shape work next week to make sure it is embedded.  In PE we worked together to play circle games, and are getting better at working as a team.


Next week we will find out what plants need to be able to grow, and we will plant our own beans - I wonder who can grow the tallest beanstalk?


Here are some comments from the children about their learning this week:


Owen - ' I liked building castles outside with the big bricks'

Harry - 'I enjoyed making my castle from the boxes'

Great - 'I loved getting 5/5 in my spellings!'

Michael O - 'I enjoyed listening to the 'Jack & the Beanstalk story'


We have 'Stay and Learn' next week, and look forward to inviting you in to join in with your child's learning.                                        The Early Years Team

4.3.22 - Friday Round-Up!

This week we have been continuing to explore the story of 'Red Riding Hood' and have written speech bubbles of what the characters say in the story. In Maths we have been practising recognising, ordering and writing numbers to 20, and are getting much better at this!


On Tuesday we celebrated the Christian Festival of  'Shrove Tuesday' (Pancake Day) and learnt why it is celebrated.  We used dough to create pretend pancakes and drew our favourite toppings onto paper pancakes.  At the end of the day we tasted real pancakes with lemon and sugar, and they were delicious!


On Thursday it was World Book Day.  This year the world celebrated 25 Years since the first Book Day and also Harry Potter.  At Northwood the children were asked to create a magical object from a book, and they came up with some fantastic creations! In Class R Amelia-Joy and Owen were chosen as the winners, but every child's creation was brilliant, so thank you to the parents for supporting us in this celebration. 


Below are some photos and quotes from the children about their learning this week:


Nel: 'I enjoyed writing speech bubbles and making masks from Red Riding Hood'

Matthew :' I liked making a crown for World Book Day'

Abiola: 'I liked World Book Day Assembly and doing my spellings'

Great: 'I liked playing with my friends'

Ryan: 'I enjoyed making a magic wand'

Harry: 'I practised my letters and did show & tell'

Alan:' I enjoyed writing captions at Phonics time'

25.2.22 - Friday Round-Up!

Welcome back to the second half of the Spring Term!  This week we have been exploring the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'.  We have used our phonic knowledge to write lists of food items to go into Red Riding Hood's basket to take to Grandma's cottage, and have been painting pictures of a forest environment. 


In class we have been 'Computer Programmers'!  We programmed an electronic toy called a 'Bee-bot' to travel to a given point using an 'algorithm' which means an 'instruction'.  To do this we had to press directional buttons on the Bee-bot in the correct order, counting carefully to make sure the Bee-bot went in the correct direction without any mistakes.  This was tricky at first, but we have now got much better at it!  In the Computing Suite we transferred this skill to program the Bee-bot on a computer screen by clicking on the directional arrows to direct the Bee-bot along a path. We will continue to practise this again next week.


In our RED (Relationship Education) session this week we discussed 'Stranger Danger' (also called 'Clever Never Goes').  We talked about Red Riding Hood and the Wolf and that she should not have told a stranger where she was going.  We learnt that not all strangers are bad and there are 'safe' strangers and 'safe' buildings such as a Police Officer or a Shop Keeper, that we can go to if we need help. 


In P.E. we pretended we were Bee-bots. and gave directions to a partner such as '10 steps forwards'.  We also learnt the words 'Defender' and 'Attacker' and played a version of 'Tag Rugby' to practise these skills. 


Below are some comments the children have made about their learning this week:


Eli - 'I love using the Bee-bot - I can program it'.

Ryan - 'I can write my list using my phonic knowledge without any help!'

Amelia - 'I was a good defender in PE and didn't get caught'.

Matthew - 'I got my Bee-bot to the flowers without making any mistakes'.

Amelie-Joy -' You mustn't go with someone you don't know - they are a stranger and might hurt you!'


We hope you enjoy the photos of our learning below:


11.2.22 - Friday Round-Up!

It's the end of term already - doesn't time fly!  This week we explored how to keep safe when using the internet - talking about all the devices we use at home and the games we play. We discussed how to keep safe on the internet by not talking to anyone you don't know on-line and asking an adult before playing new games or clicking on links on the screen. We learnt that you must never tell anyone your password and that some games we play are not always suitable for children, and you must check with an adult first.  We designed/drew our own tablet/i-pad games and created pretend apps for games we would like to be able to play.  Below is what some of us said during our learning this week:


Amelia-Joy - 'Never play a game without asking your mum and dad first'   

Matthew - 'Don't tell anyone your password'

Michael E - 'I like to go on YouTube'

Amelia - 'You can watch the internet on your television' 

Alan - ' I play games on my Nintendo' 

Eli - 'I share the i-pad with my brother'

Nel - 'I like Barbie games - that is safe for children'

Ryan - 'My sister goes on YouTube' 


Next term we are continuing our topic of 'Traditional Tales' and will begin with 'Little Red Riding Hood', then 'Jack & the Beanstalk'.  We will also be celebrating 'Shrove Tuesday' 'Mother's Day' and 'Easter'.  We hope you have an enjoyable half-term.  The Early years Team

4.2.22 - Friday Round-Up!

This week we have been celebrating 'Chinese New Year'.  We have been learning the story of 'The Great Race', which is where the Chinese Zodiac animals where chosen by the Jade Emperor - this year is the year of the Tiger.  We have been learning to speak some Mandarin/Cantonese phrases, and have been writing the numbers 1 -10 using Chinese symbols. We have enjoyed role-play in our Chinese restaurant and have been attempting to use chopsticks, which we have found quite tricky!  We have also made tigers, lanterns and New Year cards. In PE we worked together to do Chinese dragon/lion dancing, which we really enjoyed! Below are some comments the children made about their learning this week:


Matthew - 'I enjoyed playing in the Chinese Restaurant'

Eli - I really liked the dragon dancing in PE'

Min- 'I have got better at typing on the computer'


Next week our teachers will be assessing our learning in Literacy & Maths, and we will do 'Embedded Learning' tasks to see what we have remembered from all our topics this term.  On Tuesday it is 'Safer Internet Day',  so we will be doing activities to remind us how to stay safe on-line. After half-term we will be continuing with 'Traditional Tales' and will be exploring the story of 'Red Riding Hood'.     Enjoy the half-term break!  The Early Years Team 

28.1.22 - Friday Round-Up!

This week we have been focusing on 'rhyming'.  We learnt that words rhyme when their ends sound is the same e.g. cat/hat, fish/dish, bear/chair.  The words don't need to be spelt the same at the end but they have to sound the same.  We tried really hard to think of and write down our own rhyming strings and are getting good at this.  In Maths we began looking at written subtraction and are now able to write our own subtraction sentences up to 5.  Next week we will continue this with quantities up to 10. Well done to Great for receiving the 'Achievement Cup' in assembly this week, and all children who received a sticker for being in the 'Achievement Book'. 


Next week we will be celebrating Chinese New Year!  We will be learning about 'The Great Race'  story, which the zodiac animals are named after - this year is the year of the 'Tiger'.  We will find out how it is celebrated, and will be learning how to write numbers using Chinese symbols and how to say some Cantonese phrases such as 'Kung Hei Fat Choy'  which means 'Happiness and prosperity!'  We will also learn about China, and compare it to the United Kingdom. We look forward to an enjoyable week!



The Early Years Team


21.1.22 Friday Round-Up!

This week we have been focusing on the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. We have explored the use of speech bubbles in stories and have written our own speech bubble for the Gingerbread Man using our phonic knowledge.   We have been making Gingerbread Men using different materials and have been decorating them using 2D shapes.   In Computing we drew pictures of characters from the story using the 2Publish program, and typed our own captions from the story using the keyboard- we are getting better at recognising capital letters!


In Achievement Assembly Ryan won the 'Writer of the Week' trophy.  Red House won the House Cup, and Class R were chosen to look after the trophy for next week - well done Red House!


Next week in Literacy we will focus on 'rhyming',  and write own own rhyming words. In Maths, we will explore subtraction facts to 5 and counting and ordering numbers beyond 10.  We hope you enjoy the photos of our activities below:

14.1.22 - Friday Round-Up

This week we have been continuing to explore the story of 'Goldilocks & the 3 Bears'. We have written our own story maps to retell the story, and have used our phonic knowledge well to add labels and captions.   We have been using porridge to explore 'capacity' in Maths, and can now use the language of 'capacity' well such as  'full & empty'.  Next week we will begin to learn about 'The Gingerbread Man', and write speech bubbles from the story. 


Also this week we completed our first spelling test and we all did really well, with most of us getting 5/5 !   Thank you for helping your child to learn their spellings at home.  We hope you enjoy the photos of our activities below.  The Early Years Team

5.1.22 - Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone - we hope you had a great Christmas break.  This term our topic is 'Traditional Tales'. We will be encouraging the children to retell the stories in their own words and to begin to understand the patterns that stories have. We will begin by exploring the story of 'Goldilocks & the 3 Bears', and then move onto 'The Gingerbread Man'.   This term the children will also be given spellings to learn each week, linked to the high frequency words they need to know. These will be put onto Google Classroom starting next week, so please help your child to log-on and learn them ready for their test each week.  If you have any problems logging onto Google Classroom, please let us know.      The Early Years Team


17.12.21 - Friday Round-Up!

We have made it to the end of the Autumn Term and are ready for our Christmas break!  The children have worked so hard in school since September and alongside the support of parents/carers at home have made great progress in their learning. Thank you for supporting your child with their learning.


In class this week we have been busy finishing our Christmas activities.  We have been completing our writing about the 'Nativity' story, and have written letters to Santa using our phonic knowledge.  We have been making cards and decorations and have been enjoying role-play in 'Santa's Workshop'.  We enjoyed our Christmas lunch and Christmas party this week too!  Please enjoy the photos of some of our activities below:



We have also learnt lots of Christmas songs and rhymes, but were sad that because of Covid-19, we were unable to perform our 'Nativity' show to the parents. However, to make up for this we have recorded a video of us singing  one of our Nativity songs (please see below).  The song is about the town of 'Bethlehem' where Mary and Joseph have to travel to and where baby Jesus is (eventually) born in a stable.  Unfortunately there were some children absent this week when we recorded the song, but maybe they can sing it to you at home, as we know they have all learnt the words!  We hope you all have a great Christmas and happy new year - see you in 2022!         The Early Years Team

Class R Christmas Song 2021

3.12.21 - Friday Round-Up!

A short week this week, but still very busy in Class R! We have be showing our teachers our knowledge of Phase 2 Phonics to see if we are ready  to move on to Phase 3, which we now are!  We have also been doing 'Embedded Learning' in Maths to see how much we remember from what has been taught to us so far. 


We have gained lots of knowledge about the festival of 'Christmas' and next week we will be retelling and writing about the 'Nativity' story.  We are enjoying singing Christmas songs and this week we finished our Christmas hoop decorations, which are now up in the hall.


In our 'Relationship Education' we discussed the difference between things that we 'need' and things that we 'want', and learnt that things we want and need cost money, so we cannot always have things that we want, like a new toy!  Here are some of the things the children said: 


Amelia-Joy - 'I want a toy cat, but I need water'.

Samira - 'I want a new doll, but I need clothes'.

Owen - ' I want a Spiderman toy, but I need food'.

Michael E - 'I want chocolate, but I need healthy food'.


The Early Years Team

26.11.21 - Friday Round-Up!

This week has been very busy in Class R!  At the beginning of the week we started to learn about the Christian festival of 'Christmas'.  We found out about 'The Nativity' story and learnt that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ - not just about presents from Santa!   We began making Christmas Cards for our family too, and next week we will write a letter to Santa. 


On Tuesday it was 'Stay & Learn', where parents/carers can come into school and take part in our learning.  Our theme across the school for this session was 'Wellbeing' and  in Class R we explored how we have different 'emotions' and it is okay to not feel happy all the time.  We discussed who we could talk to to help us and drew and wrote about our emotions.  Thank you to all the parents who attended this session. 


In computing we are continuing to make great progress with our mouse skills and did very well drawing Christmas pictures using the 2Paint program.  We hope you enjoy the pictures below.   The Early Years Team

19.11.21 - Friday Round-Up!

This week started off with us wearing odd socks to school to raise awareness of 'Anti-bullying'.  We learnt about the difference between 'bullying' and other behaviour, and that bullying is never okay! We have also been learning about 'Road Safety'.  We have talked about all the people that keep us safe on the roads (our 'Road Safety Heroes'), as well as the Emergency Services, who are there if we have a road accident.  We have practised how to cross the road safely with an adult, and the different types of crossing we can use to help us to cross the road, by stopping the traffic safely.  We have finished our writing about Percy the Park Keeper, and are doing very well using our phonic knowledge in our writing with more confidence.  Below are some comments from the children about their learning: 


'You have to hold your mummy or daddy's hand' - Abiola

'Put on your seat belt in the car' - Michael O'Brien

'Look left and right and listen carefully' - Michael E

'When the green man comes on, then you can cross' - Amelia-Joy

'You need to press the button and wait for the green man' - Min


Next week we will continue to practise working out '1 more/less' than a number and we will begin learning about and celebrating the Christian festival of 'Christmas'. We hope you enjoy the photos below.   The Early Years Team

12.11.21 - Friday Round-Up!

This week Class R have been exploring the stories of 'Percy the Park Keeper', by Nick Butterworth. We have focused particularly on the story 'After the Storm', which links in with our Science topic of 'Autumn'.  We have been looking at the signs of Autumn, such as the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees, and have been outside to collect natural materials to observe and use in our artwork. We have also learnt that some woodland animals are 'nocturnal' and others hibernate during the winter. 


Next week we will write captions about our favourite part of the story using our phonic knowledge, and in Maths we will start to explore the concept of 'one more and one less'.  More photos of our activities will be posted soon.     The Early Years Team

5.11.21 -Friday Round-Up!

Welcome to Autumn 2!  This term our theme is 'Light & Dark' & 'Festivals of Light'.  This week we have been learning about and celebrating the British festival of 'Bonfire Night'. We have learnt the story of 'The Gunpowder Plot', and this has helped us to understand why Bonfire Night is celebrated. We have been using our phonic knowledge in Literacy to write about fireworks, and have created splatter painted firework pictures.  We also enjoyed using ribbons to move our bodies like fireworks whilst listening to Handel's 'Royal Fireworks' music.   


In Maths we have been continuing and creating repeating patterns, and have realised that we can make a pattern out of anything, including our own bodies! We will continue to practise this next week.  We also found out about the Hindu Festival of light called 'Diwali', and the story of 'Rama & Sita' - we coloured our own 'Rangoli' patterns to celebrate (Hindus also use rice and coloured power to do this). 


In our  'Relationship Education' session we have thought about all the things we are grateful for:


"I am grateful for having my sister and all these friends around me!" - Samira

"I am grateful for my friends to share toys with me!" - Harry

"I am grateful for being in this school" - Elycia


Next week we will be exploring the stories of 'Percy the Park Keeper' in Literacy and looking closely at the season of 'Autumn'.  In Maths we will be learning about one more/one less.   We hope you enjoy the photographs of our activities below. 

The Early Years Team

15.10.21 - Friday Round-Up!

This week our topic was 'Our Feelings'.  The children spoke about the different feelings we all can have and what might make us feel different emotions. In our Relationship Education (RHED) session, we listened to a traditional Caribbean Tale about how the words we use can be kind but can also be hurtful and that we must think carefully about what we say to others so we don't hurt their feelings.  In our circle time we said kind things to our friends and spoke about how nice it feels to have something nice said to you, for example:


'I like playing with you Michael' -  Matthew

'You are a nice friend Amelia' - Abiola

'Thank you for sharing the toys with me Phoebe' - Amelia-Joy


In Maths we have been working on composition of numbers to 5 using cubes, so we can understand the different number bonds that make up numbers. This is a really important Maths skill that will help us with our calculation work as we move up the school.  We also practised writing our numerals, and are getting very good at it!  This week we also spent some time clearing up our garden area ready to plant some Spring bulbs and vegetables - we found lots of Minibeasts along the way and were very careful not to hurt them. Next week our topic is 'The 5 Senses'.  We hope you enjoy the photographs of our activities below.  The Early Years Team

8.10.21 - Friday Round-Up!

A very busy week in Class R once again.  We have been exploring healthy/non-healthy foods, and can now sort foods and explain why they are healthy or not:


'Chocolate has too much sugar!' - Michael E

'Apples are healthy because they grow on trees' - Amelia

'Too many sweets will give you holes in your teeth!' - Alan


We welcomed parents/carers in for our first 'Stay & Learn' linked to 'Black History Month'.  We learnt that it is wrong to discriminate against people just because they look different from you and we looked closely at the similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends, and celebrated the fact that we are all unique. 


On Friday we took part in 'World Mental Health Day' by wearing yellow and discussing why mental health is important.  


Next week our topic is  'Feelings', and in Maths we will be looking at different ways to compose numbers to 5.   More photos of our activities will be coming soon!


The Early Years Team

1.10.21 - Friday Round-Up!

Another busy week in Class R!  We have been talking about our daily routine and using time language such as 'morning, next, then, lunchtime, evening', and putting our routine into order.  We have been reading and painting CVC words, and are getting better at blending sounds together. We are continuing to develop our mouse skills using the 2Paint program, and some of us can now paint a recognizable picture, showing very good mouse control!  We have been working in different zones in PE and are able to move our bodies in lots of different ways. We have been learning and talking about children's rights, and have now created our Class Charter ready to go upon the wall. Here are some quotes from the children about their week in school:


'I enjoyed painting on the computer!' - Nel

'I really liked playing 'What's the Time Mr. Wolf?' in P.E.' - Amelia

'We are gentle at school' - Matthew

'We are Unique' - Amelia-Joy


Next week we will be exploring how to keep healthy, with a focus on Healthy foods. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos of our activities below.  The Early Years Team

24.9.21 - Friday Round-Up!

This week Class R have been exploring 'Homes' and 2D shapes.   We have talked about different types of homes and decided which type we lived in.  We have used shapes, construction equipment, pencils and paint to make pictures and models of our homes, and really enjoyed pretending to be builders outside, using the large bricks and planks. We have also started our 'Computing' lessons, where we learnt how to use a 'mouse' to click and drag objects on the screen, and tried to draw pictures of our homes using the mouse and 2Paint program - it was quite tricky, but we are slowly improving our mouse skills!  Here are some quotes from the children about their week at school:


'I enjoyed building my house with the bricks' - Matthew

'I liked drawing my house and writing letters' - Nel

'I liked building the big train' - Eli

'I enjoyed playing with my friends and writing numbers and letters' - Abiola


Next week we will look at our daily routines and begin to explore our local environment.    Please enjoy the photographs of our learning below.  The Early Years Team

17.9.21 - Friday Round-up!

We have had a very busy second week at school!  We have started the topic of 'Ourselves' and have been looking closely at our own unique appearance and celebrating our similarities and differences. We have used mirrors to look closely at our facial features, and have drawn and painted self-portraits. We have been practising our counting skills in Maths, and have started learning Phase 2 phonics and how to blend and segment sounds.  We have taken part in PE in the hall for the first time, and are learning to get changed independently!  Next week we will be exploring our homes and our local environment. Please enjoy the photos of our activities below.  Thank you

10/9/21 - Friday Round-Up

The children will be very busy over the next few weeks settling into school and exploring their classroom and it's resources. They will be taking part in lots of child initiated play and learning, which will enable us to find out what they can already do and what their next steps are.  The children will be getting used to working in large and small groups, as well as one-one with an adult, and we look forward to supporting the next steps in their learning. We are exploring the theme of 'Ourselves' and will be talking about our bodies, our families and our homes, and discovering and celebrating how similar but unique we all are! Then we will be finding out how to keep ourselves healthy.  Please enjoy the photographs below of the first week at school, with the  children exploring their new classroom.  Thank you for your support.  The Early Years Team