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2.7.21 - Friday Round-Up!

This week we have been exploring snails, slugs & worms.  We have learnt about their body parts, what they eat and where they live, and have drawn and decorated our owns snails and worms with repeating patterns.   We looked closely at some real snails that Miss Mitchell had found in her garden, and learnt that gardeners love worms because they are good for the soil, but they don't love snails and slugs so much because they eat lots of plants! We have also been practising describing and naming 2D shapes, and will look closely at 3D shapes next week.  We are getting much better at recalling number bonds to 5 & 10, which is really important knowledge to have as we move on to Year 1. 

25.6.21 - Friday Round-Up!

We have had an exciting week - our caterpillars have now gone through their metamorphosis and have emerged as butterflies!  We took care of them by given them sugar water and fruit to eat and on Thursday we released them outside.  They were very strong fliers and all flew safely off into the bushes.  We hope you enjoy the photos of this event below.  The Early Years Team

18.6.21 - Friday Round-Up!

The end of another busy week of learning for Class R!  This week we began to look at how to 'double' numbers and what odd/even numbers are.  To help us we have used ladybird spots to show 'doubles', and have explored odd and even numbers through patterns and sharing.  We will continue to work on this, as well as  continuing to learn our number bonds to 10.  It was exciting to see that our caterpillars have now made themselves into chrysalises ready to transform into butterflies in the next few days.  We can't wait to see the magic happen!  This week we also harvested our potatoes and we will be making them into delicious wedges next week - yummy.   Next week we will be exploring ants and spiders.  We hope you enjoy looking at our photos below.   The Early Years Team

11.6.21 - Friday Round-Up!

Welcome back to what will be our last term together in Class R!  It will be a very busy term, and the children will be working hard to achieve their Early Learning Goals.  We began our 'Minibeasts' topic this week focusing on caterpillars and butterflies.  We listened to the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carl and learnt about 'metamorphosis'.   Class R are looking after their own real caterpillars and in a few days time, after they have eaten enough food, they will be ready make their cocoons/chrysalises - we are very excited to see them change into butterflies in a few weeks time!  We noticed that butterflies have symmetrical patterns on their wings, and have been busy creating our own symmetrical patterns this week using different resources.  We hope you enjoy looking at our photos below.      The Early Years Team

Friday Round-Up! 28.5.21

Well here we are at the end of term already!  Thank you for your support this term, especially with reading and spellings - the children have made great progress.   Next term our topic will be 'Minibeasts', and hopefully we will be able to get outside in the sunshine more to study all the insects in their natural habitats!

This's week's spelling superstars were:  Austine, Daniel, Dami, Isinmiayo, Iyanu, Lewis, Albert, Albie, Zinach, Meadow, Tj and Samuel.  Well done to all of you for learning your spellings. smiley         There will be no spellings for the first week back. 


We have been taking care of the beans that we planted, making sure they have enough water and sunlight, and they are growing really well. They are now ready to be taken home - I wonder whose bean will grow the tallest? The children could take photos of their bean as it grows taller, and measure it.  We look forward to seeing the results.


We hope you have an enjoyable and sunny half-term.

The Early Years Team

21.5.21 - Friday Round-Up!

What a busy week we have had in Class R!  We have been retelling the story of  'Jack & the Beanstalk' in lots of different ways, including creating our own class 'sound story' (see photos below) and writing about it using our phonic knowledge and cursive handwriting!  We have planted our own beans and are learning how to take care of them so that they will thrive.   We have been working hard in Maths on 'subtraction' and are getting better at recalling subtraction facts to 5, and writing subtraction sentences. Next week our teachers will be carrying out end of term summative assessments to see if we are on track to meet our Early Learning Goals by July!      The Early Years Team 

7.5.21 - Friday Round-up

Well that was a short week! Class R explored the story of 'The Little Red Hen' and wrote speech bubbles from the story (which they are getting very good at!).  We began to explore subtraction facts to 5 and how to write subtraction sentences, and will continue this next week.  Our traditional story next week will be 'Jack & the Beanstalk' - we will be planting our own beans and exploring alliteration. Don't forget to help your child learn their spellings for their test on Thursday.  Thank you for your support. The Early Years Team




30.4.21 - Friday Round-Up

This week we have been retelling the story of 'Red Riding Hood'.  We have been looking at the speech in the story and have written our own speech bubbles. In Maths we have been practising counting to 20 and writing numerals beyond 10.  Next week is a short week at school due to the bank holiday and local elections.    We will continue our work on speech bubbles using the story of 'The Little Red Hen', and will begin to learn subtraction facts to 5.     On Thursday we will use 'Google Classroom' for remote learning, so please log on from 8.30 on that day to access the learning activities.  The Early Years Team.

23.4.21 - Friday Round-Up

What a great first week back!  We have been busy retelling the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' and focusing on rhyming words.  We can now recognise words that rhyme, and have written our own 'rhyming strings'. In Maths we have been focusing on securing our number bonds to 5 and are getting good at showing this using different objects. In our spelling test this week Damilare got all his correct - well done smiley  Next week we will look at the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'.     The  Early Years Team


Welcome back to the Summer Term!  This term we will be really focusing on making good progress in our Phonics, Reading & Writing in order for the children to achieve their 'Literacy' Early Learning Goals by July!  The children are working really hard everyday and have begun their weekly spelling tests and daily cursive handwriting practise.  Please continue to use Reading Eggs regularly and listen to your child read their books everyday to help with their progress in this area of learning.  We will continue our topic of 'Traditional Stories' so that the children can practise retelling them  in the correct order and learning the language patterns of stories.   Thank you for your continued support.                The Early Years Team

26.3.21 - Friday Round-Up

Great to be back again!  This week we have settled straight back into our learning, with lots of phonics and writing activities. We have been ordering objects by size in Maths, and have begun to learning about the 'Easter' story.   We completed our first Spelling test too - well done to Kelsie for getting all her spellings correct! smiley

12.3.21 - Friday Round-up

What a fantastic first week back after lockdown!  The children were so pleased to see their friends again and settled straight back to their learning.  We did lots of reading and phonics work this week, and created cards for Mother's Day (see below).  Next week we will concentrate on writing activities and will start to practice our cursive writing every day.  Don't forget that all spellings and learning resources will now be put onto 'Google Classroom' - our first spelling tests will be this Friday, so don't forget to do lots of practise.  Thanks for your support.                     The Early Years Team.


Hello Children Parents/Carers, it's great to have you back in school again!  For the rest of this term we will be continuing our topic of 'Traditional Tales' and celebrating the Christian festival of 'Easter'.   We will be using 'Google Classroom' to set weekly spellings for the children to learn and practise at home, and adding useful resources to help your child with their learning.  As usual, the children will be given new reading books each week to share at home with you, linked to the phonic phase they are on.  Due to the disruption in learning from school closures over the last year, learning to read is more important than ever for our young children, and sharing a story with an adult also helps them  to develop their vocabulary, knowledge  of the world and their imaginations.  We look forward to an uninterrupted rest of the term! Thank you for your continued support.   Miss Mitchell, Mrs Bunn, Mrs Frost & Mrs Sharrad


Hello Children & Parents of Class R! 

We are really missing you and hope that you are keeping well.  Remote Learning has now  moved to 'Google Classroom', where each week we will be adding Literacy/Topic, Phonics, and Maths work.  Thank you for your support during this time.  The Early Years Team

You can still contact us with any questions/comments using the e-mail below. Thank you.


Happy new year to the parents & children of  Class R! Unfortunately, due to the current situation,  we will not be seeing each other for a little while sad. So that the children don't miss out on their learning, please use the 'Remote Learning' icon above to access various learning resources and also lessons from the 'National Oak Academy'.They are based on topics that we would have been covering this term. 

Spring 1 2021

Our Topic for Spring 1 is 'Traditional Tales'.  Please use the link below to see an outline of our activities/Learning Intentions for each week.  The Early Years Team


Welcome to Class R! Our Early Years Team has four teachers - Miss Mitchell, Mrs Bunn, Mrs Frost and Mrs Sharrad. We hope you will enjoy visiting our class page regularly to find out about all the exciting activities and learning we are doing throughout the year. Please click on the links below to help support your child with their learning at home, and to find out more about the New EYFS Curriculum and Early Learning Goals 2020. 

16.12.20 - End of Term Round-Up

We've come to the end of our first full term!  Well done to all the children for making  great progress in their learning since September, and to the support given to them by parents/carers. During December we have been celebrating Christmas in lots of ways - learning about, retelling and writing about the 'Nativity' story, singing Christmas songs and rhymes, making cards and decorations, and enjoying our Christmas lunch and party together.  Below you will find some photos of all our activities.   However you may be celebrating in this very different 2020 year, we would like to wish you all a  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!               The Early Years Team 

Autumn 2 in Class R

This term our topics are 'Light & Dark' and 'Winter Festivals'.  Please use the link below to see a basic outline of our intended learning for each week:


We are coming to the end of our first full term in Class R and what fantastic progress the children have made in their learning!  Thank you to all the parents and carers for their support, especially with reading a home.  To finish off the term we will be learning about and celebrating 'Christmas'. We will be writing letters to Santa, creating Christmas cards, and learning about and retelling ' The Nativity' story.  Unfortunately, due to Covid, we will not be able to invite parents in to watch our usual Christmas Nativity this year, but Northwood will be making a special video involving the whole school which will be posted on our website very soon!                       The Early Years Team


What a busy term of learning we have had so far!  Over the last few weeks we have been enjoying listening to and retelling 'Percy the Park Keeper' stories, and have used our phonic knowledge to label the characters. We have learnt about nocturnal animals, and those animals that hibernate during the Winter.  We have looked closely at the changes to the natural world that Autumn and Winter bring, and have enjoyed collecting and using natural materials to create temporary collages/sculptures in the style of the British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist artist 'Andy Goldsworthy'(see examples of his and our great artwork below).  In Maths we have been counting and ordering numbers, and working out one more/less than a number to 10.  We hope you enjoy the photos of our activities below.                                                                                                                    The EYFS Team 


This week we have been exploring the British festival of 'Bonfire Night'. We have learnt why 'Bonfire Night' is celebrated by listening to and retelling the story of the  'Gunpowder Plot', and we have created  our own fireworks using various media and equipment. We enjoyed using ribbons in PE to move our bodies like fireworks to a piece of classical music called 'Music For the Royal Fireworks' written by a composer called George Frideric Handel' in 1749, who wrote it for King George II.   We have also learnt how to create and describe repeating patterns.  We hope you enjoy looking at the photos of our activities below.                                             The Early Years Team


Wow - we have come to the end of the children's first term in Class R! We finished off the topic of 'Ourselves' by looking closely at our daily routines and using the language of time such as, then, next, morning, night-time,  and being able to put our daily routine in the correct order. The children have made great progress in their learning, particularly in Maths and Literacy. Above you will find links to websites and documents to help support your child's learning at home, and we have added details of our Teaching Plan for next term.  Enjoy the half-term break!              The Early Years Team


The last few weeks have been very busy! We have now finished our on-entry baseline assessments of the children and have been exploring the topic of 'Ourselves'. We have looked at our unique bodies and facial features, making drawings and paintings of ourselves. We have talked about where we live and made pictures and models of our homes using 2D and 3D shapes. We have been learning about how to keep our bodies healthy, and looking closely at food that is healthy and unhealthy for us.   We have also started our daily Phonics sessions, beginning our journey to becoming readers! We hope you enjoy looking at the photos of our activities below.         The Early Years Team 


The children  will be very busy over the next few weeks settling into school and exploring their classroom and it's resources. They will be taking part in lots of child initiated play and learning, which will enable us to find out what they can already do and what their next steps are.  The children will be getting used to working in large and small groups, as well as one-one with an adult, and we look forward to supporting the next steps in their learning. We are exploring the theme of 'Ourselves' and will be talking about our bodies, our families and our homes, and discovering and celebrating how different and unique we all are! Then we will be exploring how to keep ourselves healthy.  Soon we will be adding photographs of our activities for you to enjoy.  Thank you for your support.  The Early Years Team