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Year 4

Term 4

Wow, over halfway there. This term we're going to be learning cricket and taking part in a tournament. Cracking on with fractions in maths. Reading a book about a living toy, making art in computing and much much more!

Weekly round up,


"I enjoyed music because we got to sing 'lean on me' (our class song) and also hear famous piano pieces." ~ Emilia


"I enjoyed Paint.NET because I made a cool picture and you can do it at home too!" ~ Mystery child


"I liked History because we learnt about the Anglo-Saxons. Did you know that in 526 there was a battle on mount Bandon! How cool! I'm looking forward to our next lesson! ~ Another mystery child..... I probably need to go over the rules of this again....


"I liked PE because we had to throw and move around!" ~ Alfie

Working out the timeline for Anglo-Saxons

In preparation for cricket we've been working on our throwing and catching.

Term 3

Almost half way there already! In this surprisingly short term we're going to be learning about electricity in science, building bridges in PE. Reading a book all about cats that know kung-fu, making music in computing and much much much (time dependant)! 


So welcome back to year 4!

Making Rondo music in Yu Studio


Akram's strong cat gang.mp3


Alisa's cat gang.mp3


Andrew cat gang.mp3

Carrie cat gang.mp3

cavalli's cat gang music.mp3

Chantelles cat gang.mp3

cyprians cat gang !!!!!.mp3


emilia's fantastic piece.mp3

jack cat music!!!.mp3

Hikmat's glorious rondo piece.mp3

Joes cat gang.mp3


maisie m .mp3

my gloirous alfie song.mp3

Nelicias cat club.mp3

osaos .mp3

Sahaj cat gang .mp3


Weekly round up 2/2/24


This week we visited the library, started to research and learn about the rainforest. In Maths we revisited formal division and in English we wrote and performed poems about bad cats!


"I enjoyed going to the library because I got to pick a book from my favorite author, Jim Smith." ~ Hikmat


"This week I enjoyed when we learned about the rainforest. The rainforest has the emergent layer, the canopy layer, the understory layer and the forest floor. The emergent layer gets the most sun, the canopy is where 90% of the animals live, the understory is still and damp and the forest floor has a lot of dead things!" ~ Carolina


"I liked when we did PE the rules were; be a bridge, have different points of contact, be silent, hold your pose and be at different levels. It was very fun! We had to show what we have been doing and people had to watch us!" ~ Chantelle


"In Maths we did division and we did the bus stop method, like... [Akram has written a decent explanation of the sum 9663/3, which is unfortunately difficult to translate into text.]" ~ Akram



Visiting the library

Researching tropical rainforests

Reading our odes about the characters of Varjak Paw

Hard at work in the gym

Weekly round up 26/01/24


This week we focused on building our pressure alarm in DT, carried on with our human bridges in gymnastics, began learning about fractions in maths and continued reading and writing about magical cats in English. We also took the time to do a little more reading for pleasure.


"I enjoyed DT because we were making something interesting. We made a pressure plate alarm and even thought my partner and me couldn't get ours to work properly I loved it!" ~ Hikmat


"This week we learnt about equivalent fractions. For example 3/9 = 6/18 = 9/27." ~ Chantelle


"I liked writing a book review and I got to talk about my favorite characters in my favorite book!" ~ Maisie


"I liked PE because I was very impressed with Cavalli and Layla's gymnastics! I liked mine because me, Maisie and Cyprian made a little staircase for people!" ~ Alfie



Well done to Chantelle, KS2's Writer of the week! Some amazing effort she's put in lately, well deserved.

More bridge building

Weekly round up 19/1/24


This week we finished up studying electricity in science, broke out the tall bars in gymnastics and learnt how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000.


"This week I enjoyed gymnastics, for the first time we used the equipment. I had so much fun. To be good at gymnastics you need to be still, silent and extend your limbs." ~Alisa


"I enjoyed science because we did a hot task for states of matter and I got to list my knowledge!" ~Shazara


"I loved PE when I went on the bars and I was partnered with Osabo, my friends mentioned our pose!" ~Nelicia


"In science we drew a light circle [circuit]!" ~Maureen

Doing an experiment to figure out what conducts electricity.

Making bridges again, but now we're adding different levels into the mix.

Transposing the music we've written into a DAW.

Weekly round up 12/01/24


"I learned that in gymnastics you have to be silent, steady and extend your arms and legs." ~Cyprian


"I really really enjoyed electricity and making switches. I learned how a circuit works and that it looks like this...[Aidan has drawn a lovely picture of a circuit]" ~Aidan


"This week I learned about the distributive method in maths. This means if the question was 36x4 it would be; (30x4)+(6x4)=, 120 + 24 = 144. I really enjoyed this I definitely will be using it in the future." ~Emilia


"I enjoyed the story 'Petar's song' and I learned that things can go wrong very quickly." ~Maisie

Well done to Andrew for winning the KS2 achievement of the week. Andrew's writing keeps going from strength to strength and has really impressed us, even within the first week back!

Making predictions about our new book, Varjak Paw.

Making our own simple circuits in science.

Making our own switches out of cardboard, a paperclip and some pins.

Learning how to walk, lean, crawl and be a bridge like a gymnast.

Term 2

Wow! Term 2 already, feels like only yesterday that we started. This term we're going to be learning all about Roman Britain in History, states of matter in science, dancing like robots in PE, writing and understanding musical notation in music. Becoming Excel wizards in computing and much much more, featuring a charming book about spiders (it is charming honestly!).


So as always, welcome back to year 4, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Mr E, Mrs Vallaj

Weekly round up 15/12/23


"I enjoyed Roman shields because we learnt the Testudo formation, whenever a whistle blew we changed formation." ~ Carrie


"I loved the Christmas dinner because it was roast turkey with orange juice. My favourite! I loved the cake and joke in the cracker!" ~ Alfie


"This week I enjoyed writing about using Roman shields. I wrote about testudo (a formation the Romans used) and also wrote about how they took turns fighting at the front. It was really fun!" ~ Andrew

Congratulations to Chantelle, KS2's writer of the week.

Working with a partner, writing and performing our own music

Our Spelling B

Our lovely Xmas Dinner

Our Christmas Sing-a-long. Apologies for how blurry this is.

Surprisingly busy week learning about factors, preparing for our Christmas sing-a-long, preparing for combat on Monday, that sort of thing!


 "This week I enjoyed painting Roman shields, I enjoyed it because we got to use different colours to paint and I just enjoy Art and DT. I had so much fun! On Monday we will use them to fight as Romans did. Oh and Romans used spears to fight mostly, not swords." ~ Alisa


"I love doing the shields, we get to paint and fight on Monday!" ~ Maureen


"I enjoyed English because I learned how to write fronted adverbials in a sentence. For example: After the dog barked, the owner went silent." ~ Emilia


[Special shout out to all the kids who drew wonderful shield designs on the notes they give in here. Sorry I couldn't show them]

From designs to something you can hold in your hands. Roman shields

Playing a game that helps teach us about factor pairs.

Thanks to Trinity for hosting the Trinitas Academy Trust Games. We all had a great time.

Weekly round up 1/12/23


Back to it! We spent this week making sure we were solid with our inverse sums and looking at concurrent multiplication. We've pressed on with Charlotte's web and are currently looking at subordinate clauses in English. In PE dance has had to go on hold while the hall's been used for other things but we've managed to fill that space by building up our general fitness. In History we spoke about Rome's invasion of Britain and Boudicca's rebellion against them.


....Quite a busy week all in all...

"I enjoyed Topic, because we had to decide to join Boudicca or the Romans after they invaded Britain. The Romans gave us so many great things and Boudicca wanted to destroy Rome, it was a hard choice!" ~ Carolina


"I enjoyed music, getting to play my own piece." ~ Nelicia


"This week I enjoyed excerising in PE. I learnt how to find my pulse (my heartbeat) and also I realised how my heart can change! Did you know, according to the government you need to excercise at least 5 minutes a day to keep fit!?" ~ Andrew


"I enjoyed maths because we learned how to multiply 3 numbers using a little part of BODMAS! For example:



4x4=16" ~Emilia

Starting to make a bit of a habit out of this! Well done to Elliott for winning the 'Achievement of the week!!!!!'

Making graphs out of our science data.

Making our compositions longer and preparing to transpose them onto the computer soon

It's that time of year, time to decorate our hoops.

Most of this week has been taken up with testing but we still found time to act out the foundation of Ancient Rome, add more complex interactions into our robot dancing, learn how to model line graphs in Excel, begin to compose use musical notation and even have our wonderful parents come and join us for a bit of reading (and drawing).


"I enjoyed assessment week because I learnt new things and new ways to work things out." ~ Nelicia


"I learnt in maths how to use the inverse method. It means like, 5+50=55 then do it backwards 55-5=50 to see if it still works." ~ Mystery child


"This week I've enjoyed PE. We dance in character as a robot, Maureen and me made a good team!" ~ Carolina

Congratulations to Tola, Chantelle, Jack and Carolina for being the KS2 writers of the week!

Our notation is coming along.

Illustrating a story as we went along. Thanks to all the parents who showed up for this weeks stay and learn.

Retelling the brutal story of Rome's birth. Romulus and Remus

These robot legs were literally made for dancing!

This week we finished off formal addition and subtraction in maths. Wrote a booklet about spiders in English, became a water molecule on an epic journey in science. Danced like broken robots in PE, made bar charts in computing and started to add pitch to our musical notation in.... well.... music.


"I enjoyed science, we made a story about a water molecule. My molecule was called William and he is an ice cube then he gets melted into water. Then he evaporates into water vapor (gas)" ~ Shazara


"I enjoyed doing an information booklet about spiders. It looked like we were actually writing books for children!" ~ Carolina


"I enjoyed English because I got to write spider facts. Did you know the smallest spider in the world is Patu Marplesi [Genuinely impressed that this was spelled correctly! Mr E]!? What a name!" ~ Alina


"I enjoyed excel because I learned how to draw bar charts. Now I know how to do that in the future!" ~ Emilia

Congratulations to Maisie for her wonderful writing this week!

Finding out facts about spiders!

One person plays a broken robot and breaks unison or canon. Can they keep a rhythm and get them going again!?

Turning our musical notation into real music!

I decided to share this because we don't often. This is simply the year 4 kids having a great chat about this week's RRS.

This week we visited our local library, learnt about the water cycle and what causes states to change. Began learning how to write musical notation. Added complex sums in Excel. Danced like broken robots and plenty more!


"This week I enjoyed learning about the water cycle in science. Did you know only 3% of the Earth's water is safe to drink!" ~ Andrew


"I enjoyed music because I learnt that this ♫ is a quaver." ~ Carrie


"I liked the library it was very fun!" ~ Alfie

Congratulations for Elliot for winning KS2's achievement of the week. Well deserved for his brilliant behavior and determination to improve!

Here we all became molecules and moved from state to state. See if you can guess which is which.

Broken robot dancing!

Catching up with a bit of reading at our local library.

Believe it or not, this is the first step of learning how to read music.

"I Liked we we did PE because we got to do monster dances and robot dances and it was really fun. We had to show people our dances and they said good things about our dance." ~ Chantelle 


"I enjoyed watching Cyprian and Andrew dance. I learned that if you want to dance like a robot you should dance stiffly." ~ Maisie


"I enjoyed science, we were learning about solid, liquid and gas." ~ Hikmat

Congratulations to Osabo! KS2 Scientist of the week!

Robots and monsters! Quite the start to our dancing topic!

Performing a song where one half of the class sings and dances, the other plays the music.

Welcome to year 4!

This year we're going to be learning all about rainforests, Romans, Italy, Europe, notation, cricket, swimming, electricity, sound, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Scratch, excel, gymnastics.... and....and..... so much more! We're really excited to have you here.


If you ever have any questions about our class or homework or anything else really, please feel free to talk to us at the door.



Mr Etheridge-Nunn & Mrs Vallaj

Weekly round up 13/10/23


This week we carried on studying the countries and cities of the Mediterranean. We revisited and polish up our rounding and estimating skills in maths. We did performance poetry in English and exchanged the underground for overground in PE with rope swings. 


"I really enjoyed PE, because I liked the swinging from bench to bench and I helped some other people from my team." ~Aidan


"I liked Topic this week because I got to write a comparison between Spain and Morocco. I got to say where I would rather travel too. I decided Spain." ~Carolina


"I liked Topic this week because I got to compare Morocco and Italy, I love it! Did you know Morocco is actually BIGGER than Italy!? Wow!" ~Alina


"I like revisiting estimating number because I understood it better and got BLUE in my hot task." [Emilia actually included a lovely illustration of estimating on a number line with her comment] ~Emilia

Carry on improvin' in music.

Weekly round up 06/10/23


This week we visited our local library, wriggled through our biggest cave yet, rocked some rounding and practiced our paragraphs. We also improvised the blues in music and researched geography for our computing project.


"I enjoyed RRS and I learnt that article 19 is protection from violence." ~Maisie


"This week I enjoyed caving through a very long tunnel in P.E, even though it made me a bit claustrophobic!" ~Andrew (yes he really did use that word! Mr E)


"I enjoyed going to the library, I took out a Stars Wars book!" ~Carolina.

Congratulations to Andrew for his well earned 'Writer of the week award' which he got for his fantastic work on tourism.

Showing off our bounty of books from the local library!

Improvising the blues

Researching the cities we're planning to visit...... Not in real life of course, some are quite expensive!

Going caving but the caves keep growing!

Weekly round up 29/09/23


This week we looked at different representations of numbers in maths and found estimating on a number line quite tricky. We learnt about plural and possessives in SPAG. Started to work on our project about countries around the Mediterranean Sea, did some more problem solving and teamwork in PE..... And more!


"I enjoyed maths because we learnt how can can show numbers in different ways, like Deynes and Roman numerals." ~ Alina


"I enjoyed learning about shapes in Spanish, now I know a square is 'Cuadrado'" ~ Carrie


"This week I enjoyed topic. In topic we were finding out the capitals and population of places around the Mediterranean. For example, the capital of Albania is Tirana." ~ Alisa


"I enjoyed English because I learned how to use paragraphs so that when I write it's easier to read." ~ Emilia

Spellings for this week can be found on our google classroom. The code to join it is



Who keeps putting this lava floor here!?

Researching countries in Europe.

Weekly 22/09/23


This week we learned about habitats in science, Compared and ordered large numbers in maths. We raced through caves in PE, learnt about prefixes and suffixes in English and started to create our own animations in powerpoint.


"This week I enjoyed spelunking in PE. We had to pull each other through the tunnel! It was very fun and involved a lot of team work." ~ Andrew


"I enjoyed maths because I learned new things and found new symbols ( < > )." ~ Emilia


"I liked Spanish, we learned about shapes and coloured them in." ~ Alfie


"I learned in maths about the hungry crocodile that eats the bigger number, for example 1234 < 4321." ~ Carolina

For the very last time here are the spellings for next week. We now have everyone's details for google classroom so from next week on that's where you'll find them.



Playing a game to improve our speed and confidence when comparing numbers.

Learning a tune that we'll improvise to later

Weekly round up 15/09/23


This week we looked at negative numbers in maths, used our knowledge of adjectives and adverbs to describe a character in English and started sorting animals in science. We also looked at transitions in computing, problem solving in PE, shapes in Spanish and tempo in music. 


Phew, quite a busy week all in all.

Because some of us aren't set up just yet with google classroom I'll put our weekly spellings here for you all. 



"I enjoyed doing English. We were making mean kids who had won a golden ticket using adjectives and adverbs. My kid was a smart bully called "Sara Gluesick" and her parents "Clara Pencil" and "Tom Ruler" ~ Shazara


"I enjoyed maths because I learned how to count down under 0 and even though I didn't understand in the beginning I understood in the end." ~ Emilia


"I enjoyed science because I learned that only mammals have breasts!" ~ Maisie


"I really enjoyed computing because I've learned how to use transitions in powerpoint." ~ Aidan

Congratulations to Cavalli for winning 'Problem solver of the week'

Trying to place a pen as far as we can across a line

Weekly round up 8/9/23


What a busy start to the year. We learnt how to add and take away 1000 from any number. We looking at adjectives and adjectival phrases in English. We learnt all about food chains in science and puzzled our brains with a competition in PE.


"I really liked our PE because we were working together. We were passing a ball over and under each other until the last person who would run to the front. I learnt some good tactics, one of which was to say out loud what action you were doing." ~Osabo


"This week I enjoyed writing about our own chocolate factory. It was lots of fun and I learned a bunch of new words from the thesaurus, I didn't even know what that was!" ~Andrew


"I learned what a producer is. A producer is a plant that collects energy then is eaten by prey, which is then eaten by a predator." ~Cyprian.

Congratulations to our year 4 scientists!

Well done Emilia for winning this weeks 'writer of the week' award.

Year 4 working together to solve a tricky card problem.

Finding out where we are in a food chain.