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Week 3.1

Friday Round-up Week 3.1 (12th Jan '24)

The New Year has started well with plenty of World War 2 work already done in preparation for our trip to Hall Place next week.

We've also been busy with percentages in Maths, looking at dangers and risks in RHEd and 'The Highwayman' poem in English.


Thoughts about our week:

"I enjoyed learning about percentages this week. I thought it would be hard but it was quite easy because I know my times tables!"  Raheem


"I liked our percentages lesson because I found efficient ways to get the percentage of a number."  Aaron


"I liked this first week back because we started looking at World War 2 in History. We gave it the title - We'll meet again. I have been waiting for this topic since November !"  Roman


"I've learnt about the main Allied countries (Great Britain, USA, France and Russia) and the main Axis countries (Germany, Italy and Japan) who fought in World War 2."  Katie


"I have learnt that lots of people died in World War Two - about 15 million were soldiers, but around 40 million were civilians!"  Archie


"I enjoyed reading the Highwayman. I now know that a highwayman is a robber who would wait for people to come along the road and then he would steal from them."  Willow-Rose


"I really enjoyed our PE session because we had to be competitive to knock the other team out and my team won."  Zayan


"I'm so proud of myself for getting a pen licence."  Richie