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Week 2.1

Friday Round-up Week 2.1 (3rd Nov '23)

The new term is up and running - the approach to Christmas begins!


Congratulations to Elizabeth for winning the Richardson Award this week for her resilience and determination last term. Also, well done to the whole class for winning the Green Class of the Week Award again.


On Wednesday, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Erith Fire Station for the Junior Citizen Event.


We have also begun our World War One Topic and looked at Discrimination in RHEd.



Thoughts about our week:

"I enjoyed going to Erith Fire Station because I learnt so many new things like how to do first aid."  Lexi


"We went to Erith Fire Station. I learnt new things like DRABC for First Aid (D-Danger; R-Response; A-Airway; B-Breathing; C-Call."  Barbara 


"I really enjoyed RHEd learning about discrimination. People are sometimes discriminated against because of their race, age, religion, disability, gender or  sexuality."  Saffie


"I really enjoyed learning about WWI. We watched a film called 'War Game' in which young British men went off to war."  Stefan