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Week 2.5

Friday Round-up Week 2.5 (1st Dec '23)

Our World War One topic has finished and we surprised ourselves with how much we've learnt and embedded. The focus for RHEd was mobile phone safety and how to create memorable but hard to crack passwords.

We have also gone all Christmassy with decorations in class and cracker toys on our hoops in the Hall.

Well done everyone for contributing to the winning of the Green Class of the Week Award.

Thoughts about our week:

"I had a lot of fun making my cracker toy for the class hoop. I made a badge and used lots of different materials. I hope that the rest of my classmates liked the lesson as much as me. I have never worked so hard!"  Elizabeth


"I enjoyed making the sweets that fell out of the cracker for the class hoop. I called it '12 Candy Canes for the 12 days of Christmas'. I was really pleased with the final product; I can't wait to take it home."  Lexi


"I enjoyed making my 3D Christmas tree - I never knew I'd be able to make such a good one! We had so much fun."  Tiahna