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Week 3.2

Congratulations to Tiahna and Zayan who won the KS2 Achievement of the Week award in assembly for their excellent work about World War II leaders.



We've also been busy with Fractions, Decimals and Percentages in Maths, writing a story based on 'The Highwayman' poem in English and a timeline of events in World War II.




We spent Thursday on our very cold trip to Hall Place to find out about what happened there during World War II. First, we were told about the American soldiers who stayed at Hall Place during World War II. They did important codebreaking work.

Then we looked around the museum......

We had a go at writing in code and then deciphering each other's work! We also had a go at using a Morse Code signalling machine.



Thoughts about our week:

"Our Hall Place trip gave me a better idea of what World War 2 in Bexley was like and how the soldiers jobs were really important - cracking the German's secret messages."  Richie


"I think the Hall Place trip was really good because I learnt my name in Morse Code:

                .-. / . / ..- / -... / . / -.  "  Reuben


"I'm enjoying learning about World War 2 because it is interesting and improving my Historical knowledge."  Semilore


"This week we went on a trip to Hall Place. I learnt a lot of facts from the kind woman, Annie, who showed us around the different rooms. I recommend this trip to any History lover!"  Elizabeth


"I learnt all about the American soldiers that were stationed at Hall Place - they also had a dog called Bill!"  Katie


" I found out that an American soldier called Joseph Flacks got everyone stationed at Hall Place to sign a dollar bill. When he died years later, his family found it in his wallet and they donated it to the museum at Hall Place."  Tiahna


"I found out about coding using a Tate's disc. I don't know who Tate was but I have his disc! Using the code, my name is VIRXA (code 8) but with code 5, it's RJQFW! I prefer VIRXA better."  Roman