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Week 3.5

'Thursday' Round-up Week 3.5 (8th Feb '24)


We've reached the halfway point of the school year - so much already done, but so much still to do !


This week we've had Stay & Learn - thank you to those parents that attended and learnt a bit more about Internet Safety. More shape drawing in Maths and a recap on Safeguarding procedures in school.


But the big highlight of the week had to be our World War 1 & 2 History theme day. A massive thank you and well done to all those who dressed-up or made something linked to the wars. Imagination was on full power and the buzz around the classroom was great.

We had great fun cooking two types of cakes - one with a WW2 recipe and one with a more modern recipe. Thank you to Mrs Martin for her help. We wrote letters as if we were an evacuee fleeing the dangers of the Blitz and painted a picture of where we were sent. You can see below all the amazing things we did.



Thoughts about our week:

"I really enjoyed History Day yesterday. I enjoyed cooking, painting and writing. I also enjoyed dressing up as an evacuee. " Barbara


"I enjoyed cooking yesterday and comparing the two different types of cake (WW2 style and modern). I preferred the modern one because it tasted sweeter. I enjoyed writing the evacuee letter because I could use my imagination and creativity to myself in the shoes of those who actually experienced and had to go through it."  Tiahna


"I enjoyed baking cakes. I think the modern cake was tastier."  Sebastian


"I really enjoyed baking because it went well with our History topic. "  Semilore


"Baking cakes really helped me with my teamwork skills."  Richie


"I enjoyed tasting the cakes - I preferred the modern cake."  Temi


"I didn't enjoy the tasting! The modern cake was too hard and the WW2 one tasted and smelt of vinegar. But overall I had lots of fun making them."  Milan


"Everyone's outfits were amazing and so cool ! I made a poster. The cooking was fun but tricky especially mixing the butter"  Dayana


"I really enjoyed History Day and all the fun activities we did like painting, cooking and writing."  Saffie


"I enjoyed writing the letter as an evacuee. I could picture myself doing it for real and how sad it would be."  Lexi


"I really enjoyed our Stay and Learn because my dad came to learn more about Internet Safety."  Adrian


"When I do my Google Classroom homework, I look forward to receiving feedback. If I made a mistake, Mr Fisher will tell me about it and I can keep it in mind for my next writing homework."  Elizabeth