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Year 1

Friday Round Up 01/07/2022


This week the children have been talking about feelings and different emotions. They have been discussing what makes them happy and why they feel sad.


In maths they were introduced to capacity and volume, they measured capacity and compared capacity. 


They have had daily handwriting sessions and have been practising their phonics. 


In PE they are continuing with bat and ball skills.


Next week the children will be learning about time.


Emma  said  ''  I learnt a big bottle holds more than a cup ''

Godwin said '' I learnt than a castle has more mass than a house ''

Meadow said  '' I know my daddy makes me happy ''

Rosie said  '' My mummy makes me happy ''

Regards Year 1 Team 

Friday Round Up 24/06/2022


This week has been busy again.

On Monday the children had their spelling tests, completed comprehension and  discussed why we need to follow rules. 


On Tuesday it was Sports Day all the children had great fun and competed well we are all very proud of their team spirit.


On Wednesday they recognised coins and notes in maths and had daily phonics.


On Thursday they counted coins and counted in twos and fives.


Friday was PE with the children having a go at playing rounders!


We would like to thank everyone who came to support their children on Sports Day we hope you enjoyed it. 


Daniel Said ''We learnt there is a one pond coin and a two pound coin.'' 


Oliver Said '' We learnt that Polar Bears can bite you ''.


Godwin Said '' We learnt how to count on twos''.



Year One Team 

Friday Round Up 17/06/2022


This week has been a busy and very hot week.


In maths the children have been ordering numbers, finding one more/ one less of a given numbers and reasoning and problem solving. They were all very good at one more/one less.


They have been learning about how to keep safe when using ICT.


In computing they have been on Reading Eggs completing comprehensions.


Every  day they have been practising their handwriting.


They have worked very hard this week and we are very proud of them.




Year 1 Team  

Friday Round Up 10/06/2022


Welcome back to Summer 2, our last term in year 1.


This week the children have been counting and wring numbers to 100, partitioning numbers and comparing numbers. They were all great at comparing numbers.


We have been practicing our handwriting ready for year 2 ensuring all children use the cursive style.


We have been answering questions on a text and learning have to expand our answers.


In PE we have been practising for our sports day , with egg and spoon races and bean bag races.  

Emma said ''I have learnt how to use the greater than sign.''


Albert said "In my comprehension I learnt that shells are washed up by the tide and sea."




Year 1 Team

Summer Term 2


Welcome back to Summer term 2.


This term the children will be practising for their sports day and taking part in rounders in PE.


In maths they will continue with number, money, time and capacity and volume.


They will be practising their cursive handwriting on a daily basis learning about the different types of letters.


In English they will be focusing on comprehension skills and extending their answers. 


Spellings have been sent home for the half term and can be found on the Class Web page. 



Year One Team



Thursday Round Up 26/05/2022



This week the children have been learning about position and direction in maths. They have been learning about turns  and describing if things are above below, to the left or to the right.


In grammar they have been learning about compound words. Two words that make sense on their own that when joined together they make a new work like ''Football and Playground".


A big thank thank to all parents that came to Stay and Learn, I hoped you enjoyed the children's singing and the Jubilee art activities. The children had a wonderful time.


Next term the spellings will be given out on one sheet on paper with all the spellings and the dates of the  tests. This will be included on this web page. I hope you find this helpful.


Our big focus next term is reading , handwriting and comprehension. Have  a wonderful half term and we look forward to seeing everybody back on Tuesday 7th June 2022.


 Rosie said '' I learnt about where the Queen lives '' 


Damilare said We learnt about the differences between girls and boys ''

Regards Year 1 Team 

Friday Round Up 20/05/2022


What a busy week we have had!


This week we have been finding  quarters of shapes and quantities. 


In English we finished our information booklets on Queen Elizabeth the first using headings and subheading. 


In History we learnt about why Queen Victoria Queen, Elizabeth the first and Richard the third were famous monarchs.


On Jubilee day we made crowns , butting and sang songs.


In PE the children explored different ways of stopping the ball with their hands.


Pixie said " I liked it when we were paining the butting ''


TJ said " I enjoyed putting the number seventy on the butting ''


Emma said " I enjoyed singing about the Queen''


Fayee " I learnt about when Elizabeth become Queen  ''


Godwin '' I learnt that Queen Victoria was Queen for 63 years ''


Year 1 Team  

Friday Round up 13/05/2022


This week the children have been learning about how they are unique and that there will never be another them. They draw pictures of themselves and celebrated their differences.


In computing they created word art in a word document changing the size , colour and font. 


In Art they create leaf printing with different leaves and colours. 


In maths they halved shapes, objects amounts and applied these skills to problem solving.


In writing they looked at non-fiction books and how these are different to fiction books.

They discussed the features and made notes on Queen Elizabeth the second in order to make an information leaflet next week.


Austin Junior said '' I learnt that Queen Elizabeth 11 is our Queen''


Fayee said '' I learnt the Queen Elizabeth had 4 children''   


Isinmiayo " I learnt that Alfred the Great  fought the Vikings and won '' 

Year One Team 

Our Winners

Our Winners

Friday Round Up 6/5/22

A short week this week but lots of learning packed in.


In art the children painted their leaves and glued them onto their plates in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.


In Maths they made equal groups and used their reasoning and problem solving skills.


A new topic was started this week in history " Kings and Queens''. The children started with a cold task and then sequenced three major Monarchs.  


In PE they continued their ball skills.


They made pasta friendship bracelets in relation to Article 30  ( Children of Minorities )

Fayee  '' I learnt to catch a ball with my hands by looking at the person throwing it ''


Emma " I learnt how to make equal groups''


Austin Junior '' I learnt our current Queen is Queen Elizabeth the second'' 


Remember spellings are on Mondays.


Have a lovely weekend


Year One Team


Friday Round up 29/04/2022



Another busy week for year 1 with lots of exciting learning.


In art they used a range of materials to create a design linked to Andy Goldsworthy, the artist they are learning about this half term.

In Maths they have been doubling numbers making equal groups and making arrays.


They have continued with their text 'Mr Strong looks for a job' and have retold the story using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and their phonic knowledge.


In science they have been learning about the properties of materials and grouping materials together.


In PE they continued with ball skills learning about why we need to be accurate when sending the ball.


Remember no school on Monday ( Bank Holiday) and no school on Thursday (Polling Day). 


Albie said ''He has been learning to times by two." 


Kelsie said " She has been learning to count in fives."


Emma said '' She had learnt that some things are soft like fabric'.' 


Faye said " She had learnt that some things are hard like stone" 



Year 1 Team 

Our Winner

Friday Round Up 22/4/2022


This week the children have been learning to compose a sentence orally before writing it based on their new text  Mr Strong looks for a job.


In maths they have been learning to count in 10's and make equal groups.


Their new topic in science is Materials they have looked at objects and stated what material they are made from and have identified and named everyday materials. 


In PE they explored different ways of sending a ball to their partner.


Home Learning has been set as always on Reading Eggs and Mathletics for your child.


Isinmiayo said '' I have learnt to count in 10's to 200m " 


Daniel said ''I have learnt how to name materials "


Albert said " In writing we learnt to say the sentence before writing it "


Year One Team 



                                               Welcome Back 

We hope you all had a lovely Easter Break and it is lovely to see everybody back.

There are a few changes to the Summer Term with PE now on Fridays and Spellings on Mondays.


This term we will be learning about materials in science and why materials are use to make objects.


In History we will be learning about Kings and Queens of Britain and making an information booklet linked to English.


PE will be ball skills and hopefully weather permitting will be outside. 


In Art we be be looking at Andy Goldsworthy an artist that is inspired by nature.


In Maths we are starting with multiplication then moving onto fractions and finishing with position and direction.


In English we will be reading The Mr Men Books, looking at poetry and writing information booklets linked to History. 


Please keep checking back to the class page to see all the exciting learning the children are doing. 


Year 1  Team 



Our Stars

Friday 1st April 2022


This week the Children have been completing their learning about Kenya. They compared school life in Kenya to school life in the UK ,they also looked at physical features of Kenya and did some lovely pictures of Lake Victoria. 


In Maths they have been using the scales to look at heavier and lighter and working in pairs to record their answers.


In English they looked at rhyming words and a short poem about daffodils.

They wrote their own rhyming couplets.


In PE they continued with their catching and throwing , this time with a partner.


Finally in RE they looked at celebrations and how and why Christian people celebrate Easter. They made Easter Cards and baskets.


The children have worked very hard this term and we are very proud of them.

May I take this opportunities of wishing everyone a Happy Easter and a restful holiday and we Look forward to seeing everyone back for the Summer term.


Year One Team


Fayee   " I learnt that Kenya is in East Africa".

Emma '' I learnt that the children in Kenya get up very early in the morning to go to school ".

Godwin " I learnt that you write two lines for a couplet ".

TJ " I learnt that some people get their water from wells and hoses".

Isinmiayo ''  I learnt that at Easter Christian people pray to God ''.

Friday Round Up 18/03/2022


This the children have been learning all about Kenya in Geography. They have learnt where Kenya is and what the climate is like. 


In PE the children have been practising their throwing and catching skills with both hands and one hand.


They have continued with a variety of problems and reasoning questions in maths about measuring.  


In writing they independently wrote the story of Handa's Surprise.


On Thursday afternoon they made their fruit kababs using their cutting skills they got to eat them or take them home. 


Han" I learnt Kenya is in Africa"


Godwin " I learnt that Kenya is hot "


Chinyere " I learnt that Kenya has lots of animals in "


TJ " I learnt how to cut with a knife "


Osinachi " I learnt how to cut fruit with a knife "


We won the cup again ! and lots of other awards Well done Year 1

Friday Round Up 11.03.2022


This week has been another busy week . Year 1 have continued with their measuring in maths and solve problems and use reasoning. 


In English they have drawn story maps using time connectives and are beginning to  retell the story of Handa's Surprise.


In PE the they developed their jumping skills with a range of different jumps.


In science the children learnt about the parts of a plant.

This week they have started their new topic in DT  and learnt all about cutting with a knife and food safety. They have  design their own fruit Kababs ready for making next week.


TJ " I learnt how to jump forwards and backwards"


Godwin  "I wrote the beginning of my story "


Chinyere  " I learnt  how to use time connectives "


Samuel  "We learnt about the story of Handa's Surprise "

Friday Round Up                 04/04/2022


This week has been another busy week . Year 1 have continued with their measuring in maths and measured using a metre stick.


In English they have been using adjectives to describe Handa's fruits.


In PE the new topic of  developing running co-ordination and applying these in a range of activities.

In science the children learnt about evergreen and deciduous trees.


On Thursday it was World Book Day all the children in year 1 got to take part. The magical objects were fantastic and each child got to take home some magic beans a gift from Mrs Sharrad. Our winners were Angel and Daniel.


Isinmiayo said '' I learnt that Holly is an evergreen tree. " 


Daniel Said ''I learnt that Yew is an evergreen tree."


Janessa Said ''We have been learning running skills"


We won the cup !

Our Year 1 Winner

World Book Day

Our Winners



Friday Round up 


This week has been a busy week. We have started our new topic in science Plants . The children have learnt about garden and wild plants and the parts of a plant.

In maths the children have been learning about the units of measure and have been measuring in CM.

In English our new book was started Handa's  Surprise. The children described the animals using their phonic knowledge.

The children have been reading every day and have enjoyed the books in class. 

Daniel said '' We measured with a ruler"

Kelsie said " We were counting the number on the ruler"

Emma said "We have been learning about where flowers grow they grow in water, sand and earth"

TJ said " We have been learning about the names of flowers such as a buttercup and  daisy"



Friday Round Up


This week has been another busy week. The children have been counting in 2's and 5's and solving simple problems. In English they have been learning about adding s and es to nouns. In PE they explores animals in their dance. In computing they have been learning how to change the sizing and font in Microsoft Word. 


We have embedded  our science learning about animals and our Geography learning about maps and our area.


Daniel said ''We having been looking at The Snail and The Whale book .


Emma said '' We have learnt that counting in 5's end in 5 and 0.


Godwin Said " We have been learning about repeating pattern in 2's


Friday Round Up


This week year 1 have had a full on week !

We have been finishing of our learning in maths (addition & Subtraction) they have looked at lots of different methods and strategies to solve addition & subtraction number sentences .

Kelsie ' We have used a number line.'

Zinach ' We have used the counting on and back method too.'


In English we have looked at proper nouns this week.

Austine ' proper nouns need a capital.'

Albert ' a name is a proper noun.'


And lastly in DT we have now finished creating our finger puppets! They all look super !

Han ' We did some sewing with a needle and thread.'

Meadow  'I loved making the animal finger puppets -  I made a flamingo.'


Friday Round Up :)


Hello and welcome to our Friday round up of our learning .


This week in Maths year 1 have been subtracting 1 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers.

Damilare " We used tens frames to subtract by crossing 10."


In English we have learnt about the suffix -ed. We have used the suffix in our writing of Snail and the whale.

Godwin " the suffix -ed comes at the end the word."

Isinmiayo " by adding the suffix -ed  it changes the verb into the past."


A big well done to Austine this week for getting an achievement award in assembly this week for his amazing Snail and the whale writing.



Another big well done goes to Lola this week for getting the Achievement of the week award for her super sitting and independence during assembly times .


Our new Topic is Design and Technology . We are going to be making animal finger puppets next week . All of year 1 are super excited !



Friday Round up


This week we have continuing our learning about Animals.

Emma - We looked at the animal body parts this week.

Lewis - This week we have compared animal groups looking at the differences and the similarities.


In Maths this week we have been focusing on addition and number bonds.

Daniel - we have worked our number bonds this week to 10 or 20.

A BIG well done to Daniel this week for getting the achievement of the week cup in assembly for his super maths learning!


In English we have a new story that we have started to read and explore .

Its called Snail and The Whale!

Isinmiayo- Yesterday we drew a story map to show the journey of the snail and the whale. 



Happy New Year and welcome back to Year Ones class page .


We have had a great first week back even though its been a short week , Year 1 have been working super hard in their new Science topic about Animals. 

Year 1 have shown that they can identify and name lots of animals !

They have been learning to sort animals into the 5 animal groups :



A big well done to our "Super Scientists of the week" they were chosen in our achievement assembly to receive the scientist award for their excellent contributions to our class discussions about animals. 



Next week year 1 will begin their learning on addition & Subtraction in maths and we will also be starting our new exciting book of the term :).

Little Donkey Year 1

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Year 1.
We hope you enjoy our Christmas video.

Year 1 enjoyed using their embedded learning knowledge of repeating pattern today to create their Christmas hats 

Year 1 was then able to wear their hats to our yummy Christmas Lunch.

They all looked fabulous!!

Friday Round Up 3.12.21


Welcome to week 5 , this week has been a short week but year 1 have been doing some super learning.

In English year 1 have been writing a diary entry for Beegu.

Well done to Austine,Meadow,Pixie and Albert for getting the writer of the week award in assembly for their fantastic diary entry writing.


In maths we have been exploring numbers and amounts.

We have focused on partitioning numbers into tens and ones which we will continue with next week. 


For Topic this week year 1 have been using maps to find out where Northwood Primary school is.

We also talked about our local area and the places we go to.


Keep up the amazing learning year 1.


Friday Round Up 19.11.2021


In English this week year 1 have been continuing with our story of Beegu. The children have been using their embedded knowledge of adjectives to describe Beegu.

Isinmiayo ' we have also used the 'and' word to make our sentences longer'.


In Science we have been looking at another season - Winter .

Fayee- ' its christmas in winter'

Samir ' its cold in winter'.

Daniel ' we are in Autumn now soon it will be winter'


In Maths we have been looking at numbers again counting forwards and backwards.

we have begun to explore numbers up to 50 !


Super Learning Year 1.



Friday Round Up - 12.11.2021

Autumn 2 Week 2


This week Year 1 have enjoyed starting our new Science Topic looking at the different Seasons of the year. We have concentrated on Autumn this week and we went leaf hunting. We found lots of leaves which we then went onto drawing them . 

Emma ' I liked colouring the leaves in the Autumn colours.'

Albert ' It was fun exploring for leaves that had fallen.'


In English we have been learning about verbs and adding the suffix-ing.

Daniel ' we have used -ing in our writing , we know that suffixes go at the end of words.'

Damilare ' verbs are action words'.


In maths we have finished our learning about shapes this week . We looked at 3d shapes .

Pixie ' 3D shapes are solid'.

Oliver ' 2D shapes are flat ' 


A massive Well Done to year 1 for their amazing learning and contributions this week !


Science- Seasons (Looking at Autumn Leaves)

Friday Round Up 5.11.2021


Welcome back to Autumn term 2.

This week we have got stuck straight back into our super learning. 

In maths we have been learning about 2D shapes.

Samir 'We have to name the shapes'.

We also started our new story for the term which is Beegu and made some super predictions about the story using the title and front cover.

Albert 'This week we have been using question marks, writing in the role of Beegu.'


Our RE topic this week has been exploring the question 'Who is a Christian and what do they believe in?'

Fayee  'We know that Christians go to church on a Sunday to pray.'


A fantastic week year 1. Well Done !




Friday Round Up -15.10.2021


Its's Friday! Another week has passed and we have been non stop learning.

We have enjoyed our SOS session where we looked at the story of Carlie who had to travel to another country to keep safe. 

Austine " I Love hearing about Carlie's story and finding out about refugee's."


Godwin " This week we wrote in our English books the story of Traction man"

Year 1 have used their skills to re-write the story of Traction Man .

Meadow" We had to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces." 

A huge well done to Lewis for his excellent Traction man story writing !!!!

We had some more superstars this week who received achievement of the week reward in our achievement assembly.

A massive congratulations to Emma , Meadow and Tj !!




Friday Round up 8.10.21

Welcome to week 5 !

This week we have continued our History topic in old and new toys and started to look at putting them onto a time line in chronological order from when pur grandparents played with their toys to the toys we play with now.

Samir "old and new toys are cool"


In English we have had fun making our own pet scrubbing brush and then writing instructions on how to look after our pet scrubbing brush.

Emma-"we used bossy words to write our instructions"

Oliver- " it was so much fun making scrubbing brush."


Keep up the super learning year 1 


Representing Numbers

Friday round up 1.10.2021


Another week has been and gone and what a week its been!


Year 1 have started a new History topic looking at old and new toys.

Austine "I liked looking at all the old toys"

Emma "It was fun to see the toys from the past".


In maths this week we were representing numbers in as many ways as we could . We put numbers on a number line and began to look at tens frames.

Meadow "It was good to be able to use different objects to represent a number".

Samir "I love learning about numbers!"


Keep up the super learning Year 1 smiley



Friday round up 24.09.2021

Its been another busy week in year 1 !

We have been doing lots of writing in the role of Traction man thinking about what the characters might thinking or saying and we are now beginning to move onto looking at adjectives to describe Traction man and what he is wearing . 


PE was super fun and tricky this week , the year 1 children have been learning to balance and talk about the importance of balancing and how we can find a focus to help us. 


We have continued to work on reading and writing numbers to 20 in words this week which year 1 are becoming superstars at. 

 Year 1 will then be moving onto the many ways we can represent numbers. 


Well Done Year 1 

Keep up the super learning :)

Friday Round up- 17.09.2021

Well done Year 1 for another fantastic week in school.

We have been super busy this week by starting our writing about our book Traction Man.

Well done to Emma for for her fantastic writing this week  and for getting the writer of the week award in our achievement assembly.


Year 1 had lots of fun this week using their senses to taste, smell, hear, feel and see in our practical activity.


Next week in maths year 1 will begin to read and write numbers to 20 in words , to give the children a head start spellings will be sent home this week to help them to start learning to read and write numbers to 10 in words . Please practice these with your child everyday ready for their test next Thursday.smiley


Year 1 Team 



Science- Using our senses

Friday Round up! (10.09.2021)


Year 1 have had a great first week back to school! All of the teachers are super proud of the way they’ve all settled back into the school routine.


They have all enjoyed being on the big playground playing and making new friends and being able to go into the hall to choose their lunch independently.


This week we’ve had fun in art using the paints to create our self portraits . We have also started our new science topic where we are learning all about ourselves.

In Maths we have been working hard counting forwards and backwards to and from 20 which we will also continue throughout this term .


Well Done Year 1smiley


Welcome children and parents to the 2021/2022 Year 1 page.


Happy September! A new academic year has begun, it’s time to see our lovely class of year ones flourish into fantastic learners! Your teachers (Mrs Bunn, Mrs Tongue, Mrs Dowsett and Mrs Sharrad) are all super excited to welcome you back to school ready for a year of super learning. 


In our class we have lots of fun activities planned over the year and will be reading some amazing books such as Traction Man, Beegu and many more.  In English our first book we will dive into is Traction Man! Can anybody guess already what this story might be about?


In Maths this term we will begin by exploring numbers up to 20 and look at the many ways we can represent numbers.


Please Keep checking back to our class page to see all the exciting learning the Year 1's get up to throughout the coming weeks.


The Year One team