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Year 1

Weekly Round up



The last term is here!

Time really does fly when you are having fun :)


Year one has had a full on week of learning we have started a new story book called The disgusting sandwich which the children are loving!


Elijah " we have been using adjectives to describe the disgusting sandwich."

Bailey " the sandwich is rotten and mouldy"

Gracie " I really like this book but not the part where the badger eats the slugs and worms.


For maths this week we have been concentrating on finding halves and quarters.

Adonai" we can write half as a fraction 1/2"

Jore " quarters are split into 4 equal parts".

Janelle " A half is split into 2 parts"


Well Done year 1 for your hard work and determination!

looking closely at leaves

Weekly round up 17/05/2024


This week we have completed our learning of multiplication and have now moved onto division. 

Year 1 worked practically this week to divide by making groups. They each had to find a set amount of counters e.g 20 then divide them into groups of 2s, 5s and 10s.


Maceo -"We circled the counters into groups of 2s."

Adonai- " Division means sharing."


In science this week we focused closely at trees and their leaves. 

Sky " Some trees leaves fall off in winter, it is a deciduous tree."

Laya " We were sketching leaves, we used a magnifying glass to look closely at a leaf."


We have been doing lots more work around our story Prince Cinders

Tori" We used the prefix un to write about Prince Cinders".

Elspeth "Prince Cinders was unhappy because he had stay at home."

Elijah" The brothers were unsure why they had turned into fairies."

Sky " We also learnt about punctuation using ? ! and ."



Excellent learning Year One !





Weekly Round up 10.05.2024


Its been a short but busy week in year one.

We have been doing lots of practical learning in Maths this week. Year one has been exploring different methods to help them multiply. We have looked at repeated addition and making arrays.


Jore-"Arrays work in columns and rows."

Elijah-" we have been learning to multiply" 


We have been exploring the plants and trees around our school.

Louie -" Holly leaves are sharp."

Gracie- " An apple tree grows fruit -apple"

Sky " we get acorns on oak trees."


Year one also had great fun exploring the loose play equipment this week.

Al-Ameen / Ruhi "we made a tall tower."

Adonai " we made a bus with wheels and crates.

Weekly round up 26.04.2024


Year one has a had a great week this week with some excellent independent writing and some super maths work.


Our super writers this week were - Tori, Ahran and Louie.

Louie- "we wrote about St George and the dragon."

Tori " He saved the princess and killed the dragon."


In English we have started another new book! Our new story is Prince Cinders.

We have been listening to the story and seeing if we can compare it to any other fairy tale story that we might know.

Issy- Its like Cinderella because both stories have clothes they need to try on."


In maths we have started our learning about multiplication and division.

Elijah-" we have been looking at equal and unequal groups."

 Year one will be continuing to learn about multiplying and dividing using their 2's 5's and 10's knowledge over the next couple of weeks.


Well done year one!

Winners! Red house won this weeks trophy!

Measuring capacity

Welcome Back Year 1

Term 5 is here already! 


This week year one have been learning about capacity and volume in maths. We have been exploring measuring the capacity of containers.

Ruhi- "We looked at cups that were full, half full and empty."

Elijah-" We tested how much a container could hold."

Janelle-" we was comparing the capacity amounts by using more and less."


For English this week we have completed our own versions of Lila and the secret of Rain!

Sky " We was writing our own stories."

Laya " we made a front cover in the computer suite for our stories."


In Science we have started to look at plants.

Adonai- " we talked about buttercups, daffodils and sunflowers."

Gracie-" we drew different types of flowers in a garden."



Excellent learning year one !



Painting scenes - Lila and the secret of rain

Weekly Round up! 28.03.2024


Our last week of term has been very busy.


We have been finishing off our topic learning of materials and Kenya

We carried out an investigation to test the properties of materials.

Gracie " we tested materials to see if they are waterproof."

Tori-" we learnt about the big five animals that are known to Kenya- Elephants, Buffalo, Leopard, Lion and Rhino.

In maths we have learnt about how and what we use to measure mass/weight.

Louie-" We have used balancing scales to weigh objects.

Year 1 has also started to learn about capacity this week.

Adonai- " we filled our cups with water to show full , half full and empty."


Year one have also done some artwork this week! our story Lila and the secret of rain has come to an end so year 1 painted scenes from the story.

 we looked at the art skill of being able to choose to use thick and thin brushes and hold/handle them appropriately.


Amazing work Year One !






Weekly Round Up


A great week in year 1. We had our half termly visit to library which is always fun being able to pick out new reading for pleasure books.


In Maths we finished of our learning in measuring lengths and heights. 

Gracie- "We have been comparing heights taller and shorter."

Al-Ameen " We have used a ruler to help ups measure objects."

Jore -We have measured in cm."


In geography we are still learning about Kenya and what it would be like to live there.

Sky " We watched a video of a child's day living in Kenya."

William - " We wrote about where we would like to live Kenya/UK and say why we wanted to live there."



Super learning this week year One, well done.




Finding Kenya!

Weekly Round up 01.03.2024

Its been a great week in year 1. We have learnt lots of new things:


Al- Ameen -" We have been counting in 10's this week."

Gracie " We have counted to 100 in 10's and backwards."



Maceo - " We started a new story - Lila and the secret of rain."

Sky - " we thought about who is Lila and what is the secret."



Jore- " we are learning about Kenya."

William -" we used a atlas to find Kenya!"

Sky - "we also asked questions about Kenya!"



Well done to :

Gracie for getting 10/10 on her tricky spellings 

Elijah for completing his 10x tables 

Ralph for his excellent improvment in his writing.

Term 4


Welcome back!

Year one have had a fantastic week. 

For maths this week we have been counting in 5's and have now begun to count objects in groups of 5.

William-"  we've been counting in 5's to 100."

Jore-" when we count in 5's our numbers end in 0 or 5."



In English we have been identifying nouns and adding the suffixes s & es. 

Elijah-" if it ends with ch , sh ,x , z or s you have to add es."

Al - Ameen " nouns are names of things."

Louie " plural means more than 1"


We have had a very fun PE session this week. We have been learning to throw a bean bag underarm. 

Fatimah- "We threw the beanbag underarm and learnt how to catch it with both hands.


Fiction & Non Fiction

Weekly Round up 2.2.24


It's been a great week in year 1! We started the week with a fun trip to library. Year 1 love choosing their own reading for pleasure books. 

Jore -" we can choose which ever book we want to read."

Ralph " I chose my favourite book."


In maths this week we have started our new learning of counting in 2's.

Janelle- "2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20"

Bailey- "We played a game of pumpkin pie counting in 2's up to 30."


For English this week we have been focussing on fiction and non-fiction books. We have explored non-fiction texts because next week the children will be using facts to write a non-fiction report on snails and whales .

Elijah- "non- fiction books have a glossary."

Sky- " we learnt whales breath air".

Adonai - " we used the computers to help find some more facts on snails and whales.


Great learning year 1 

Well Done !

Animal Puppets -DT

Add by counting on-practical

Weekly round up 19.01.24


Its been a super week in year 1. 

We have been carrying on with our story snail and the whale. We wrote about the journey the snail went on and where we would like to go if we was the snail.

William- We wrote as if we was the snail in the story.

Gracie- If I was the snail I would want to go to see the funfair.


In Maths this week we have started learning about addition and subtraction.

Elijah - we have learnt how to add by counting on.

Ahran- we had to count on the number line.


For Science this week we have been exploring the 5 animal groups.

Tori - Mammals have hair or fur.

Elijah - Reptiles have scaly skin and are cold blooded.



Happy new year and welcome back to term 3!

Our first week back and we have got straight back into our maths learning.

We have been finishing of our counting to 50.

Ahran- " We have been putting our numbers into tens and ones."

Janelle-" we have been looking at more and less."


In English we have started a new story called Snail and the whale.

Ralph-" The whale got stuck on land."

Gracie-" The snail left a trail, he had an itchy foot."

Elijah-" We wrote about the places we wanted to visit like the snail."




Beegu postcards

Weekly Round Up 15.12.23

Our last full week before Christmas has been a fun filled one !

Year 1 have had their Christmas dinner and Christmas jumper day.

We also had a CRIBS performance and spelling bee this week. 

Jore " We made Christmas hats to wear for dinner."

Al-Ameen " We had a great day making Christmas cards."


In English we have been looking at postcards and using the personal pronoun I.

Bailey- " We were Beegu and we wrote a postcard to mum and dad and put the address on it." 


For Maths we have been consolidating our learning in numbers to 50.

Gracie" I can write numbers up to 100!."

Weekly Round Up



Year 1 has had a super week!

We have been practising for our Nativity performance , learning lots of lovely songs.

In English this week we have been concentrating on our sentences.

Laya -" We learnt about proper nouns."

Tori- " Proper nouns need a capital letter."

Adonai- " A proper noun is name of a place, days of the week, months of the year and name of a person."


We have now finished our geography topic of Our place on the map!

Al-Ameen- " We talked about London landmarks."

Maceo- " England's capital city is London!"

Elijah- " There's four capital cities in the UK- London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast."


Next week we will be continuing practising for our nativity performance ready for our show on the 19th December 2023!



Weekly Round Up 1.12.23


Its been a busy week in year 1 with lots of different activities!

In English we have been learning about verbs-

Elijah - "Verbs are action words."

Ralph- " We have added -ing to our verbs."

Maceo- " We wrote about Beegu and what he has been doing."

We also created a lost poster!

Sky " A lost poster helps you to find people"


Our Rights Respecting learning was all about Article 18 - parental responsibilities.

Gracie-" we made love cards to our parents and carers."

Tori-" We love our families we want to say thank you for all that they do for us."


Maths this week was all about counting up to 50!

Ruhi- " We have been counting backwards , our numbers get smaller."

Louie-" we played pumpkin pie to help us count backwards from 20."


PE- Gymnastics

Weekly Round Up- 10.11.23


Its been another great week of learning here in year 1

we have finished our learning on addition and subtraction in maths this week and have now begun to look at shapes.

Laya- "minus means taking away."

Fatimah " we have been taking away by crossing out."


PE was super fun this week , all of year 1 had a great time using the apparatus.

Elijah- "We have being learning to keep our bodies narrow."

Ralph "we walked along the benches keeping narrow."



Well done to Ralph, Sky, Elspeth and Stefania for getting a sticker in assembly for their excellent skills in PE this week.

Weekly Round up 3.11.23


Welcome back to Term 2 !

Year one has been very busy this week getting straight back into their learning.

In maths we have been finishing of our learning of adding. 

Maceo - " we have done number bonds to 10.

Gracie " 7+3 = 10 and 2+8=10"


In History we created a timeline for our toys.

Bailey-" we used our ages on our timeline."

Fatimah-" as a baby I played with a rattle."


Next week we will be starting our new story Beegu! We are all very excited to read our new story :)




Well done to :

Gracie- for her excellent timeline work in history.

Bailey,William and Elijah for their great number bonds work

Issy for her excellent recall of her phonics sounds .




Weekly Round up 19.10.23

Its the last week of term!

Year one has been very busy with their maths learning this week. We have been learning to add by counting on and using number lines.

Adonai" we use a number by line by starting on one number then adding by jumping".


In English we have been doing a guided write of our own versions of Stanley's stick story.

Gracie" we wrote our own story using Gracie's stick."


On Thursday was our toy day! We all brought in a toy from home to share and play with.

We also looked and compared different toys old and new. 

Tori " Old toys are made from metal and wood, new toys are made from plastic."


Well Done for your super learning this week year 1!





Weekly Round Up 6.10.23

It has been a great week in year 1. 

On Monday we went on a fantastic trip to Thamesmead library, we all got to choose a book to take back to class with us to read. 

Issy " we got to see so many books that we liked".

Adonai "my favourite part of the library was choosing any book that we liked".


In maths we have been securing our knowledge on greater than less than and equal to.

 Al-Ameen- " we found the greater number and the crocodile always eats the biggest amount."

Tori-" We have been learning 1 more and 1 less."


For History this week we looked at some toys from the past and toys that we play with now.

William " A rocking horse is an old toy."

Gracie " I play with my elephant teddy now "




Maths- Greater than, Less than and Equal to

Weekly Round Up 22.9.23


Week 3 and we have been super busy writing about Stanley's stick we have been focussing on making sure we leave spaces in between our words.

Maths this week has been super hard work we have been counting backwards from 20 and looking at the different representations of numbers.

William-' We can show 5 by having 5 circles.'

Ruhi-' I can show 7 by drawing 7 hearts'

Also this week we went on a senses walk around the school! It was so much fun using our senses to see what we could hear, see, feel and smell. 

Elijah- ' I felt a wet stick'

Laya' I could hear a bird tweeting.'




Assembly achievements this week are:

Gracie- for her super phonics work blending some tricky words.

Laya & Tori for their great PE skills showing of their excellent balancing.

William for his determination in finishing his maths work.

Counting objects up to 20

Weekly Round up 15.09.23

Week 2 of Year 1 and its been a huge success the children have settled in so well to their new routines and new lessons . They have all been super dedicated to their learning!


We have been enjoying our daily phonic sessions with some great resources to help us learn our sounds.

Maceo - " We have been learning the ay sound this week."



Year 1 have also started on our new story Stanley's stick to which they are super excited about and have already been out on the field looking for their own stick to go on adventures with:)

Laya- "Look miss my magic stick is a doll".

Stefania " Mrs Bunn I have found a magic stick too."



Congratulations to Adonai, Laya, Sky, Elijah and William this week for getting an achievement sticker in our assembly for their excellent work in class 






Friday Round Up

So here it is our first weekly round up and what a week we have had already!

The Children have already started their Maths learning in exploring numbers within 20.

We have also started our science topic of- Look at me!

The children have all used their excellent art skills this week to create their self portraits and begin to look at their facial features. 


A great start from all of our year 1's with their learning this week . 

Well Done !


Welcome children and parents to the 2023/2024 Year 1 page.


Happy September! A new academic year has begun, it’s time to see our lovely class of year ones flourish into fantastic learners! Your teachers (Mrs Bunn, Mrs Dowsett and Miss Kattenhorn) are all super excited to welcome you back to school ready for a year of super learning. 


This year is going to be full of fun activities and exciting learning! . Our focus this year will be on reading for pleasure so we will be reading and enjoying lots of different stories such as : Stanley's Stick , Beegu and many more!


Our learning journey will begin with settling in to our new classroom and new routines. In maths we will begin to look at the place value of numbers within 20. We will also be focusing a lot on using our phonic knowledge to help us write simple phrases and sentences.


Please Keep checking back to our class page to see all the exciting learning the Year 1's get up to throughout the coming weeks.


Reading eggs and Mathletics homework will be set weekly every Friday.


If you have any questions the year one team are always here to talk to and answer any questions you may have :)


The Year One team