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Week 1.5

Friday Round-up Week 1.5 (6th Oct '23)

Congratulations to Semilore and Richie for winning the KS2 Achievement of the Week award this week for their enthusiasm in Spanish.

We've had a less stressful week, but still a busy one. In Maths, we looked at long multiplication and, in English, we studied verb tenses. Under the sea vocabulary in Spanish, a tune called 'Portsmouth' in Music and a 'rock, paper, scissors' team game in PE. In RE, we discussed what different religions believe in relation to Life after Death,  which led us to our first Art project of the year - painting a representation of what we think happens after death. We also squeezed in a trip out to Thamesmead Library.


Thoughts about our week:

"I've really enjoyed Maths, it really helped me with my times tables."  Barbara


"I have enjoyed learning about religions other than mine."  Semilore


"I found it fun learning about the different verb tenses. Now I just have to use them in my own writing!" William


"I really enjoyed doing Art - I believe that we get reincarnated after we die."  Willow-Rose


"I really enjoyed learning about life after death - we looked at the beliefs of lots of different religions."  Stefan