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Hope you are all keeping well.

I'm pleased to report that most of you have accessed Mathletics and Reading Eggs at least for a short time during this last week. Hopefully some of your 'paper homework' has been used too.

Please remember it's really important to keep 'ticking over' at the moment.

But above all...Stay safe, don't drive your parents mad and look after yourselves.




SATs – The Government have suspended all testing at this time

It's really difficult to put into words how hard the children have worked to prepare for their SATs tests but they WILL NOT take place in May. However, the hard work will still serve the children well as they move on into their Secondary schools so it hasn't been wasted. It's just disappointing that they won't get the opportunity to prove what they can do. 


At this stage, we do not know what will happen about the Year 6 Residential Trip to Carroty Wood scheduled for June. We will let Year 6 parents know as soon as we know ourselves.



Due to the fact that school will be closed for the foreseeable future, I have ensured that the Mathletics and Reading Eggs websites are fully accessible. In addition to this, here are a couple of other websites that may be of interest to keep those brains 'ticking over'.



A huge, general resource bank covering all subjects and ages. It is usually a subscriber service but has been made free in response to school closures. Use the code ‘UKTWINKLHELPS’ to access the site.


An American Science website but has some amazing video clips and activities to try.


Fancy writing a story, try this website. It has lots of stories that are generally aimed at a younger reading audience, but they might inspire an idea for your own story......





Another busy half term has come and gone...


We've 'climbed' our model mountains; copied each other in Gymnastics; written the tragic tale of curious Alma and reported on love struck Bess and the Highwayman. 



In early January 2020, eight intrepid model-making mountaineer groups set out from base camp at the foot of their mountain projects.


Through a mixture of ingenuity, hard work and compromise, each group made it, by mid-February,  to the summit of their mountain model.


We hope to re-visit them in the summer to complete the electric components that we planned for.

Eight 'model-making mountaineer groups'

Our 'Finished' Model Mountains

Our 'Finished' Model Mountains 1
Our 'Finished' Model Mountains 2
Our 'Finished' Model Mountains 3
Our 'Finished' Model Mountains 4
Our 'Finished' Model Mountains 5
Our 'Finished' Model Mountains 6
Our 'Finished' Model Mountains 7
Our 'Finished' Model Mountains 8


**** A belated HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all ****


After a brilliant first term, we continue 'full steam ahead' into the Spring term. During which we will find out which Secondary Schools, we have been given for next year (*subject to confirmation etc.)


Also, there are plenty of other areas of study coming your way:


Geography - 'High and Dry' - Mountains and Deserts

DT/Art - Create a 3D mountain landscape

Narrative Poetry - The Highwayman

Science - Classification of animals and plants

History - 'One thousand Years of....' Self-directed topic work looking

at a theme through British History from 1066 to the present day

(e.g fashion, medicine, transport etc)



PE is on Thursdays for Year 6, but please ensure that correct PE kit is in school all the time, in case we feel like some extra 'brain-boosting' exercise on a different day.



The Mathletics and Reading Eggs programs are still ongoing and have been

opened up to access any area that needs brushing up, so log in and

practise some Maths and Reading every week.

Please see Mr Fisher if you have problems with logging in.


www.mathletics.co.uk      www.readingeggs.co.uk


                    AUTUMN TERM 2019

Hall Place Trip 5th December 2019


We took part in two activities:

  • Dramas about evacuation, rationing and air raids
  • Codebreaking skills


Evacuation and Air Raid Dramas


Poem inspired by World War 1 art

Still image for this video

Poem inspired by World War 1 art

Still image for this video

Using DIGIMAPS to plot local recycling and energy land use

Experimenting with LIGHT and SHADOWS



The Year 6 team are ready for action.

Mr Fisher, Mrs Skinner, Miss Haran and Mrs Sharrad will lead the children through the excitement and perils of the final chapter of Northwood life.

Some areas of study that are coming your way.


Light and Shadows


Sustainability in the Local Area

The World Wars - a local view


PE is on Thursdays for Year 6, but please ensure that correct PE kit is in school all the time, in case we feel like some extra 'brain-boosting' exercise on a different day.