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Weekly Updates 1- 4

*********************************AUTUMN TERM 1****************************


We have been very busy recapping and developing our learning in lots of areas.


In maths we have been revisiting our knowledge on the four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - as well as place value of number including decimals.

Victoria says " When you multiply a number by 10, 100 and 1000, the number will get 10 times bigger, 100 times bigger or 1000 times bigger".


Segun enjoyed working on Concept Cartoons. He says "You have to work out the answer first before you can decide if the cartoon characters are wrong or right. Miss says you have to think outside the box"


Idman really enjoyed our discussion on Friendships. " I liked when we were all in class and talking about what a real friend is".


"I liked when we learnt about Personification (when you give an object like pencil human qualities)" - Zack.


Year 5 have really enjoyed developing and improving their attacking and defending skills especially when playing Hockey.


This week we have started our topic on the Anglo Saxons.


"I enjoy learning about the past and learning about how the Anglo Saxons lived. Their houses were very different to the ones we live in today. All of them were made out of wood". -Barack.


"I was quite surprised that for entertainment the Anglo Saxons watched people juggle balls or knives". - Heaven


"I enjoyed finding out about Anglo Saxon children. They didn't go to school, they had to learn lots of skills from their Mums and Dads. They boys learnt how to hunt and use weapons.   The girls learnt how to cook, sew and weave".  -Desirae


"I enjoyed finding out what the Anglo Saxons ate. They ate deer, wild boar and lots of vegetables which they grew themselves". - Iremide


"I like being back at school because I'm enjoying improving and developing my SPAG  knowledge". - Leyo


"I have enjoyed listening to the books Miss has read to us especially George's Marvellous Medicine".  -Siji


"I have enjoyed doing PE" - Lily