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Year 4

Friday roundup:


"I was really impressed learning how well the Romans fought" ~Archie


"I learned that Roman used Testudo to protect themselves while in battle." ~Richie


"I really enjoyed making our Roman shields and experimenting with them outside!" ~Tiahna


"I learnt how Romans protected themselves using their shields in all directions." ~Amira


"I was surprised when I learnt that Romans mainly used their shields to fight." ~Aaron


"I enjoyed learning all about the Romans this week, including what 1000 is in Roman numerals." ~Sebastian

Here we are battling Boudicca and the Celts

Here they are our fearsome Roman Soldiers, ready to battle the Celts

We painted our Roman shields

Our first bigger game of rounders

Thank you to all our wonderful parents for coming along to hear the story of Harriet Tubman, some really nice thoughts and contributions.

This week year 4 played our first game of rounders

"Yesterday in science we were learning about habitats. we went outside and I found a big spider!" Richie


"This week in computing I learnt how to use layers in Paint.NET" Zayan


"This week I learnt how to round to 10!" Adrian

Looking for creatures in their native habitats.

Bat boys and Bat girls took to the field field to improve their skills.

"We learnt how to use classification trees." Amira


"I learnt negative numbers and I feel like I got better at them!" Archie


"We learnt how to classify animals and what phylum they come from!" Katie


"We learnt about discrimination and how nobody should be discriminated against." Richie.


"In computing we're starting our own project! It's exciting!" Tiahna


Throwing overarm

"I was learning how to throw and catch, it was very fun!" Farede


""I threw the ball so far!" Jayden


"...When I took a step while throwing, the ball went really far." Raheem

Learning about place value with a friendly competition.

In history we untangled some tricky timelines both BCE and CE!

"We are learning about Ancient Rome and I found out that lots of England has Roman names!"




"...I found out that some of the English language comes from Latin!"



Bad weather this week (boo!) so we ended up doing some cardio for PE

Building food webs in science. What eats what and how much!?

Freshening up our throwing and catching skills for rounders

We had a friendly competition to help us remember our times tables.

Making predictions about the book we're reading this half term (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

Fratricide, evil uncles and She-Wolves! The story of Romulus and Remus has it all.

Welcome to year 4!!!


Time to learn about Ancient Rome, secure our addition and subtraction skills, discover what eats what and hopefully get a bit taller!


For parents who want to help their children out this year, Times Tables are hugely important.  If you get any time at home to make sure that your child is confident then you will give them an advantage this year!


Myself (Mr Etheridge) and our wonderful TA, Miss Kattenhorn (Karen) bid you welcome and look forward to a great year!



There are many ways that you can help your child at home. Above is a link to what your child will be learning in English this term and how you can help them at home.