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Year 4

We are adding resources for the whole school all the time, so please check the above link regularly.

If you've done any work in year 4 that you'd like to share with us, please e-mail it to admin@northwood.bexley.sch.uk 


Anything, from art, poems, stories, investigations to computer work! All of the year 4 team would love to see it and (with permission) share it with the rest of the class here!


Think of it as the wall we have in class where we showcase work you do at home!

Happy 'last' week of Year 4!


So here it is, technically the last week of term and what an odd term it has been! When you all return to school in September you'll be year 5 (bigger, with beards and pirate eye patches) and in a separate 'bubble' to us in year 4. So we'll only really catch glimpses at each other from a responsible distance.


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed teaching you all this year, it was really fun getting to know all of you and I'm so sorry we didn't get to see the whole year out together. 


This was a bright class to teach, don't waste that over the summer holidays, you'll be back in school before you know it. Keep your brain fit just like your body!


See you in September, probably awkwardly waving enthusiastically from a distance!


Mr E

This week's picture challenge: Back to a popular theme. What is this and why it is like that? This is an unedited photo, these are the same colours you'd see in real life.

Victoria's take on last week's building picture. I like the idea that it's an art gallery because it's pretty!

Oreofe has been baking some tasty looking cupcakes. I particularly like the inclusion of "sieving time" within the pictures!

Oreofe also included a powerpoint about how to stay fit during lock down. Something I know I need at least! So thanks for that!

A self-portrait from Sophie. I think I remember how she looks now! No beard yet then? Maybe it'll come later! Lovely colouring in Sophie, I like how you follow the hair with your pen strokes.

Leyo's written us some space facts (you know how much I love those!) and a story to go along with this week's picture. 1 versus 100! Wow, I hope that knight got a good night's sleep ;). Lovely to see your work Leyo!

Sophie's been busy. Writing a game review, her story for this week's picture and a study on Birds! Very nice!

Sophie also included a photo of a family trip to Devil's Dyke which, weirdly, I used to go to all the time as a kid! Really cool to see some of our class there!

Barack's written a poem in a time honoured British tradition. Complaining about the weather!

Victoria's lovely story of how she came to be in this weeks picture. Victoria your writing is so neat I wish you'd remember to write in cursive to make it even better!

Sophie (who could forget that face) showing off how big her sunflowers have grown! They're a whole Sophie tall!

Some cool and slightly gross facts about digestion from Sophie, along with a colourful picture of the leaning tower of Piza. I like how bright you've made the tower it looks like all the lights are on!

Barack has an imaginative take on this weeks picture challenge.

A nice mix from Sophie. Her description of this weeks picture, updates on her plants and a lovely drawing of Tower Bridge. Good stuff!

Joshua has made an educated guess at the image. For those interested it's a single image that's been processed through Google's "deep dream" algorithm. Imagine if you actually saw this though! How would you describe it?

Joshua also wrote about what he's been up to during the lockdown. Apologies if it's a bit weird looking, I had to do some computer magic to make it more readable. Keep up those push ups!

Joshua's been hard at work which is great to see!

Freddy's very rational take on this weeks image. I like how you've used the word 'illusion' to explain why this image can be confusing!

A busy week for Freddy. Lots of maths (which we love to see). Alongside speed testing I see some word problems which is great! Word problems are often where kids who are great at maths falter!

Barack has a very imaginative perspective on this week's image. I love the idea that it's mostly reflections.

Jessica's thoughts on our mystery picture for the week. I love the word 'colossal' and you've used it well here.

Some facts about plants and reaction art from Sophie. I really like the colours of the weird pink beach!

Sophie's guess for the picture of the week.

Sophie has written us a story about two girls who take a bit of a detour on their way to school! This is some really imaginative longer form writing Sophie! Excited to see how you develop this as you move up through the school.

Victoria's guess for our picture challenge. I will reveal the answer next Monday, were you close I wonder?

A lovely study of Monet and murder mystery by Sophie. As always a great range of work here, although I think the Colonel deserved a longer sentence regardless of rank!

Freddy getting some home tutoring from his sister. Very professional, white board and everything!

Victoria and Sophie have sent in their reactions to the weekly image. Some great words and imaginative thoughts here! We love to see it!

Sophie sent a cipher, send us solved solutions! 5-&/ -*/# 348%-/ Also included is a picture of a seaside pupper!

Sophie's been investigating teeth. Shark's teeth do actually have individual names but they're mostly names like, "OW!" and "GET IT OFF ME!"

Bridging the gap nicely between her gardening and art research, Sophie brings us information about Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser (who even puts my name to shame!).

A lovely take on Van Gogh's art style by Sophie. Kudos for mentioning the school of art (post impressionism)!

Another good guess for the photo. I love how Victoria explains all the reasons why she feels this way. Her logic has led her close to the answer but not quite got it. As with the answers given so far, they are much too small for this picture, this picture is of something big, REALLY BIG!

In our class we've always believed it's important to watch the news and discuss current events together. These certainly are important times and will be relevant for the rest of our lives. So, I'm always thrilled to receive input from our students about current affairs especially when it's likely to effect their community and their lives. Thanks Sophie.

Sophie's in the right ballpark but not quite there! Thanks so much for the submission, you clearly put some thought and reasoning into it.

Sophie's keeping her plants sorted in the garden.

A well-written lockdown poem from Barack. All things change, we will get back to normal.... Whatever that means.

Victoria has written a lovely poem about a beautiful beach!

Joshua has written some great facts about the human body, although I'm going to keep telling MY wisdom teeth that they have a purpose so they don't get upset! Also keeping the ball skills up in the park. Good work Josh!

Barack continues our great Bexley bake off with these traditional Nigerian meatpies. Very professional! I'd hazard a guess and say these could feed.... 5 hungry miners!

A recipe for scones (is it 'sk-ons' or 's-cones'?) and what I believe is the diary of some Victorian children(?). Always a pleasure to see some imaginative writing!

¡Algunas palabras más en español de Sophie! ¡Es genial verla seguir así! Also an update on the plants and some baking instructions

I spy some fancy imperative verbs!

A poem from Sophie based on the image of the week! Thanks for taking part Sophie! Also some information on teeth! Which is handy as we were going to cover that this year!

Sophie's been getting her fingers green in the garden. Given the great weather it's nice to see the formerly great outdoors being used! Along with the growing experiment it'll be interesting to see these bloom.

Freddy has written a lovely report about his pet tortoise, Shelly. Glad to see she's looking well and keeping race fit!

Oreofe and Segun keeping fit and writing messages of support for the NHS. Glad to see you're keeping active!

Desirae getting in on the baking action! Here's a question for all our little bakers, where might maths help you with baking?

A lovely and varied set of activities from Ethan. Really happy to see the reading aloud, it's such an important skill!

A lovely report from Romani about Dungeness. Always thrilled to see some writing, beautifully presented too! Remember even when confined we can take 'digital trips' using google earth. It's free and you can go anywhere!

Romani getting in on the baking action with these tasty looking cupcakes! Looks like you took a lot of care with these, good stuff!

With a superbly dapper hat, Iremide shows off his baking with some banana bread. This all looks really professional Iremide! Keep it up!

An update from Sophie about her plants, along with some non-fiction about their life-cycles and a bonus timeline of the blitz! Glad to see the plant observations continuing!

Josh sent us pictures of him doing work on his computer. Good to see that fine mind is being kept busy! (I could only use this photo as all the others had answers for set work on them)

Before we broke up we talked bout things you could do at home and one of them was 'making your own board game'! So I'm thrilled to see Sophie has made her own version of Cluedo! I really like how detailed all the cards are!

Freddy has sent us a lovely picture of the Union Jack along with a short piece of writing explaining why it looks this way and why we don't have a cool dragon on it.

A nicely diverse collection of writing from Sophie. A poem, short story, Spanish phrases and non-fiction. All presented beautifully.

Some more home baking. Nithilan and Nayanthan taking their breakfast to the next level with homemade waffles and smoothies. Looks delicious!

A poem from Barack. I always love to see poems from kids, it's a really important style of writing that often gets neglected. Keep it up champ!

Victoria getting in on some tablet action! Glad to see some of the online resources being used.

Iremide showing us what wonderfully diverse things he's been up to. Looks like you're managing to keep a rich curriculum going despite the crisis!

Freddy showing some of the maths he's been doing over the crisis. Big shout out to all the parents who mark their kids work by the way!

Victoria has been getting in the baking game herself with her traditional Nigerian puff-puff! Looks great!

Victoria has sent us in some of the work she's been doing at home. I love this embedding of things we've learnt (Rainforest, Shang Dynasty) by researching further facts. Keep this up!

Sophie's written a letter to the rest of the class. We miss you too kiddo!

A lovely diagram of our guts from Sophie. Along with some spooky skeletons and their crazy Latin names!

Ellie-Jo has been supporting the NHS with a bit of colourful 'rainbowing'

Some more DT, this time from Siji. Baking a cake from scratch, good job Sij!

Oreofe and Segun have been making pizza. Yum! Looks great kids. I like how you've included photos of the process.

I wonder if they do takeaways

Sophie has started adding computer skills into her work which I'm very happy to see, along with a handy recipe to try out. If you're feeling brave in the computer world, have a little play with Scratch!

Kier's been keeping himself busy with some maths problems. A great reminder to everyone that now would be a great time to really learn those tables!

Iremide, one of our 'School of Sanctuary' Ambassadors has really taken his job to heart and written this message to everybody. A heartening read Iremide, we're all touched that you did this.

Wow! Freddy got himself a home science kit! Lets just hope that the name of the kit doesn't prove prophetic! Let us know if you discover anything!

Oreofe has written us a fantastic report about Ancient Greece! Some really great writing here. She notes that in Ancient Greece women weren't treated very well. Which is sadly true. However, Ancient Greece was actually lots of little city states with very different rules and constantly at war with each other. Some of them treated women better than others..... Which ones though?

We were going to learn about the great (and gross) world of digestion this year. Segun has gone ahead and found out some great information for it. I love all the technical vocabulary and lovely (ewww!) diagram!

Glad to see people taking advantage of the virtual museum tours. I would've really liked to take year 4 to the British Museum, Sophie's managed to take herself there and been inspired to make her own Roman arsenal! I wonder if she knows the Latin names for these weapons?....

Sophie has sent us a really nice mixture of some of the things she's been up to. As the head of art I'm heartened by all the drawing and creativity on display here. We always say in class 'if you wanna get good at drawing, keep drawing!' Great to see it in action!

Some lovely drawings.
Origami animals, I love the parrot!
A Varjak Paw comic! Awesome!
And a story! Keep this up, looks great!

Sophie's also been growing plants and keeping a diary to record their progress. I'll be really curious to see how those sunflowers go! Keep us updated, we all need a little sunshine.

Some History, from Sophie. Glad to see that we've keep on finding out facts about Ancient Rome.

Caligula also made a horse the governor of Rome!

Year 4, lockdown edition! 20th April.


Hello year 4. It's been a while. Hopefully you've checked out the resources we've been piling up and not eating too much chocolate over Easter.


I was thinking about the things we managed to cover so far this year and came across something fun that might inspire a bit of historical research.




This is a series of short animations about Ancient Rome, which we covered in our very first term together. This covers the second Punic war and hopefully should refresh some noggins about it. Parents might want to watch this with you however as, well, you know the Ancient Romans.....


If it does inspire finding out more....




Why not take a virtual tour of the British museum or other museum that cover the Romans. Look at the actual weapons they use (Our shields were still pretty good tbh).


I hope you all are well.


Mr E

Spring 2

Halfway through the year (yikes)! This term will get all the kids buzzing (hopefully not literally) as we study electricity, Geographic features of the UK, Netball and an arty way to use computers. 

Making predictions and asking questions about our new and rather odd book

Getting into character for a piece of writing as a lazy god

Starting to learn about arguing our position on a subject (sorry parents)

World hat and book day!

Let there be......... Very small lights! Learning about circuits

Getting very animated about netball

Testing material around the classroom for conductivity

Having learnt how to look dramatic while holding the netball, now it's finally time to learn how score!

Using our knowledge of circuits to make pressure sensitive alarms

Our class ideas for staying busy and engaged during these strange times

It's been a joy teaching you all, stay safe, stay happy. Help others when you can.

Spring term


Magical cats, mysterious ancient Chinese bones and a surprising amount of music! That's what the start of our Spring term looks like!

Year 4 getting our groove on in dance this term

In music we've been starting to write music and clap out simple beats

Moving on to more complex beats in standard musical notation

Then we took the music we wrote and turned them into tunes in computing

Making predictions about Varjak paw. Why on earth are his eyes glowing orange?!

Autumn 2


This term we're going to be learning about states of matter in science. Exploring the rainforest in geography. Computing calculations with Excel in er..... computing... Singing our hearts out for Christmas (something to look forward to!). Printing and painting in art. Bending our bodies in gymnastics and hopefully getting a little bit taller!


The book we'll be looking at for this half term is "The Savage" by David Almond. A fantastic and sometimes quite dark look at how we explore our feelings when we get upset.  

Asking questions about the cover to 'The Savage' that may help us predict what it's about

Some dramatic bridge building in gymnastics

In grammar and many other lessons we've been using quick fire 'answer and hold up' questions to really embed our knowledge. So if this is the answer, what was the question?

Sorting out dates in history. That BCE (BC) to CE (AD) change can be really tricky. Thankfully we've covered negative numbers in maths this term!

Some action from our rounders practice. While none were confident enough to start calling themselves 'batman' we did manage to knock some tennis balls about!

Designing, making and using Roman Shields

Surely nobody could get us here!

Writing and performing poetry as a group

Making the barn from Charlotte's web

Learning about food chains. I was thrilled to be a shark, almost as thrilled as one of my children was to find out he ate me!

Some friendly fraternal violence with Romulus and Remus in Roman history

Starting off the year by getting grip... By throwing and catching... Building up to a jolly good game of rounders

Welcome to year 4!!!


Time to learn about the Ancient Romans, secure our addition and subtraction skills, discover what eats what and hopefully get a bit taller!


For parents who want to help their children out this year, Times Tables are hugely important.  If you get any time at home to make sure that your child is confident then you will give them an advantage this year!


Myself (Mr Etheridge) and our wonderful TAs, Miss Kattenhorn and Miss Lines, bid you welcome and look forward to a great year!



There are many ways that you can help your child at home. Above is a link to what your child will be learning in English this term and how you can help them at home.