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Year 4

In Year 4 we are working towards our Prince William Award this year - find out what we've been up to here:

Spring term (part 2)

The revenge of term 2!

Welcome back from our short break.


hard to top a term filled with kung-fu cats, gymnastics, Excel, converting measurements and more.... But lets try!


This term we have a classic piece of literature to read... No, really REALLY classic! It's The adventures of Odysseus (thankfully not in the original ancient Greek!)


You've probably already guessed but we're also going to be learning about the Ancient Greeks in History. Alongside Rivers and other geographical features. 


In computing we're heading into the fascinating world of image manipulation, using Paint.net (a free photo editing program).


In PE we've done Gym and Dance. The sun is coming out, time to get competitive with netball!


For maths we need to consolidate the things we've already learnt thus far. Some new things are still being worked in. Money and time will be bigger issues this term. So it might be time to get a cheap watch...... >_>


Working on our knowledge of habitats in the Prince William Award.

Working on our knowledge of habitats in the Prince William Award. 1 Here we have lots of trees, each with some animals
Working on our knowledge of habitats in the Prince William Award. 2 Here we have fewer trees and a problem...

The Kids cooperate to draw a baby whale to scale in the playground

Spring Term!

Welcome back!


A new year filled with new subjects!


In PE we move (elegantly) from dance to gymnastics


For Science we are starting to look at the exciting world of electricity


In English we are going to be studying a fantastic book about a magic cat!


Alongside geography, more computing, The Prince William Award and more. So watch this space for more

Using our bodies to build bridges in gymnastics

Tensions rise in our freeze frames from this term's book: Varjak Paw

Things in year 4 are getting electric!

In maths we've gone measure mad!

Back to gymnastics and we've broken out all the apparatus! Real credit to the children here, everyone pushed themselves as far as they could!




As is customary in year 4, we begin by pretending to murder our family. In a play of course, a fictional play. A fictional play about Ancient Rome with lots of educational value.... Honest! ....Maybe I should have started with that...

This year, year 4 will be taking part in the Prince William Award. Doing many diverse activities. While each has a great purpose I think it would be more fun to leave these images here and have the kids attempt to explain what they were doing.

Solving mathematical jigsaw puzzles

Pretending to be molecules taking on different states

Creating and playing a maths game with each other

Welcome to year 4!!!


Time to learn about the Ancient Romans, secure our addition and subtraction skills, discover what eats what and hopefully get a bit taller!


For parents who want to help their children out this year. Time tables are hugely important, if you get any time at home to make sure that your child is confident then you will give them an advantage this year!


Myself (Mr Etheridge) and our wonderful TA Karen bid you welcome and look forward to a great year!



There are many ways that you can help your child at home. Above is a link to what your child will be learning in English this term and how you can help them at home.