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Year 4

Summer 2

Welcome back to summer 2! Ancient Rome, Weird creatures, bodily functions and more!

Learning about digestion the only way I know how, being really gross!

"I enjoyed science because we got to see the whole process of where all our food goes." Deborah


"I liked doing science is was very fun but also disgusting!" Zachary


"I learnt about the oesophagus and how we digest food." Ayomide


"I loved doing the science experiment because learning about the human digestion system is very important" Abdullah.



Learning how to edit photos with Paint.NET

"Learning Paint.NET was cool, I learnt to make cool pictures." Abdullah


"I liked using paint.NET because we got to explore and find new effects like blurs and things." Ayomide


"I loved paint.NET because using layers taught me lots of things that I can do such as the magic paintbrush and other things." Amelia

"Running in PE was great! Now I can run very fast for a longer time." Abdullah.


"I loved taking these photos of people running, it taught me how to use a camera!" Amelia



Being gods for our English

"It was so much fun pretending to be gods." Ruby.


"It was so cool to do our own poses and be our own gods!" Ollie


"Posing like a god made me feel powerful!" Tola


Running for speed

"I was so happy when I realised I could run faster!" Debs


"It was really fun trying to beat Usain Bolt's record!" Billy, "Although we couldn't quite do it!"


"I've gotten better at running!" Malcolm



Summer 1

Making games in Scratch

"I love doing Scratch, because we're making games, we got to save them this week." Billy.


"I like Scratch, it's really cool that we get to do it in computing. I know some tricks I can do at home." Ruby


"Scratch is amazing, I love making things and playing with the sprites!" Jeremiah

"It's been fun learning netball. I've learnt to chest pass that you cannot move with the ball in netball." Raj


"It was hard to start with, but then I really got into it!" Ollie


"You can only hold the ball for five seconds. It's a team game and it's really fun once you start to work together." Emilia



Talking about discrimination in RSHE

Moving from bridge to bridge in Gymnastics

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Making predications about our new book: Varjak Paw

Reciting our poems about some feisty felines

Starting to include movement in our gymnastics

I can't believe it, but it's already here! Welcome to SUMMER TERM!


Due to the pandemic there's a lot to cram in, including: Ancient Rome, Rainforests, Digestion, Teeth, Team games in PE, a book about a possibly magical cat and much much more!


Looking forward to seeing you all again.


Mr E & Karen

Spring 2

Studying electricity year 4 did an experiment into conductivity

"It was tricky to stay still while hitting all the targets." Jerry


"It was fun!" Sem


"I learnt how to hang on the Monkey-Bars." Gracie-Mae


"I learnt how to stay still on the monkeys! While balancing!" Ryan


"It was exciting to make bridges!" Areece

Year 4 working on the drawing skills and working from REAL LIFE!

"It was quite hard drawing from real life!" Ollie


"It was fun but hard to learn how to sketch as I normally don't do it!" Ruby


"When I was sketching I didn't feel very stressed as you don't have to worry about all the little details like you do when drawing normally." Emilia


"Sketching was easier than drawing." Deborah


"I learnt how artists sketch most of their work before drawing it!" Raj

"It was fun finding new poses and seeing what we could do!" Ruby


"I really enjoyed making bridges, trying new things and working as a team." Abdullah


"It was hard to stay still!" Ollie


"I liked how everyone made their own bridges!" Ayo


"It could be hard to balance and extend your limbs!" Ryan

"It took a long time measuring the playground but it was fun!" Says Ruby

Studying Area and Perimeter year 4 took to the playground to investigate:


"I found it quite hard, but I got there in the end!" Emilia.


"It was fun because we got to measure it with our own feet!" Deborah


"It was fun finding the answer!" Sem

Welcome back for real this time!


With only 3 weeks left in Spring 2, year 4 have jumped straight back into the action. Learning about area and perimeter, prefixes and suffixes with much more to come!


All the kids have come back with great enthusiasm and energy. Long may that last! It's lovely to see you all again. Expect to see some photos of our learning here soon!


Mr E + Karen


Remote Learning

Week 1

Amelia clearly took something from the lesson about NC reports as she's written a report about dolphins. They're pregnant for 16 months! Crazy!

Harry doing great work. Even throwing in some spellings and fairly marking it! Superb!

A load of notes from Emilia. I have to say that I love how many of you are writing your notes down rather than just doing everything on the computer!

Some insight to the maestro at work. Billy sent us a bunch of work, love the tree. See if you can draw a bunch of trees and make them all different.

Well done to Raj who has already been busy with the work we've set! Great to see, also very impressed that you're keeping up your handwriting!

This half term we read the Iron man. In computing we made music using LMMS that reminds us of him. Below is some of the music the children made.






























Resources for home learning.


Due to the current situation we understand that children might not be able to attend school for various reasons. Below is some work for them to do while at home. Everything here we've covered in class and should be able to be completed independently.



Autumn 2!


Apologies for the delay! This half term is going to be a rather musical affair! Reading, writing and making music in all kinds of ways. Moving on from Ancient Greece we're going to be looking into classification and food chains in science. 

Retelling the parables of Jesus. The take down of the samaritan was particularly brutal! I'm sure Jesus would approve if it got his message across!

partying down for Christmas

In lieu of a Christmas play Northwood is preparing a little treat. Here's year 4 getting their part ready.

Keeping fit in PE

After a week of exploring what eats what, we put our knowledge to the test.... Food webs! Understanding that grass doesn't eat squirrels was a surprising challenge. I wonder if anyone could tell me why?

Learning about factor pairs and commutativity in maths. I know it looks like we're just playing a game but honestly! We're learning!

Using standard notation to write our own songs in little rock groups

Making predictions about the new book we're reading 'The Iron Man'

Writing, reading and conducting! Our first music session was a busy one!

As our first half term rumbles to an end. Here is how the poems and paintings of the underworld turned out.

For black history month we looked at the story of Harriet Tubman, a slave who broke free but went back to help others. The kids wrote down some thoughts about different parts of the story. Alex said "Things are better when we work together!" I quite agree.

As requested by the kids, here is the super short version of some Greek myths we've been learning.


Theseus and the minotaur

Theseus finds out he is the son of a king because he finds a royal sword in a field behind his house


He travels to Athens to meet his Father


His Father has remarried a witch who tries to kill Theseus, but his Father saves him


The witch curses them


Athens is sending 14 young men and women every year to Crete to be sacrificed to the Minotaur


Theseus decides to stop this, so he takes the place of one of the men


At Crete Theseus meets Ariadne who helps him by giving the key to the labyrinth and some thread to help him find his way back


Theseus kills the minotaur only to find out it’s Ariadne’s brother!


Orpheus and Eurydice

Orpheus is an amazing musician, even the gods love his music.


He finds a forest nymph called Eurydice and falls in love.


Eurydice gets bitten by a snake and dies.


Orpheus decides to go to the land of the dead to bring her back.


He meets Hades and his wife Persephone


Persephone is so impressed by Orpheus’s music that she convinces her husband to let Eurydice go.


There is a condition, Orpheus cannot look back as he leaves, or Eurydice will return to the land of the dead forever.


Orpheus is convinced that nobody is following him, eventually he turns around.


He sees Eurydice getting drawn back into Hades

Having written some poetry about the Underworld we've now started painting some gloomy pictures to go with it

Reading our poems about the 'Land of the Dead!', everybody put so much effort in we decided to put everyone's picture up! Watch this space for more Spooky work about Ancient Greece.

At the request of the year 4 kids, here is 'Mr McKlicken' a green bug that lives near our door. If you see him please be sure to say hello but please take care and don't step on him. He has a wife and kids!

Trying to put in order important events in Ancient Greece.

writing and reciting a poem about a monster..... A big one!

Playing to win! Year 4 learns about place value by playing a game where they have to make the biggest number possible!

Like the Olympians of Ancient Greece we've started training in athletics! Running, jogging and jumping oh my!

Welcome to year 4!!!


Time to learn about the Ancient Greeks, secure our addition and subtraction skills, discover what eats what and hopefully get a bit taller!


For parents who want to help their children out this year, Times Tables are hugely important.  If you get any time at home to make sure that your child is confident then you will give them an advantage this year!


Myself (Mr Etheridge) and our wonderful TA, Miss Kattenhorn (Karen) bid you welcome and look forward to a great year!



There are many ways that you can help your child at home. Above is a link to what your child will be learning in English this term and how you can help them at home.