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Year 4

Friday round up 26/05/22

Thanks to all our wonderful parents who came along to our stay and learn

Painting in the style of Erin Hansen

Final cricket!

Roleplaying as both Anglo-Saxons and Viking the class tries to figure out how to get along together. Without resorting to axes, swords or epic poetry.

Friday round up 20/5/22

"I loved art on jubilee day because we painted the British flag. The colours I used were red white and blue." ~Reuben


"I enjoyed bowling in cricket, I never used to think cricket could be fun but now I do." ~Keifekanna


"We got to paint the British flag. The red + was England, the bits were Scotland and the red X was WALES!" ~Seb (Formerly of Wales)


"I enjoyed doing scratch as I learned how to make my own maths game. Cricket was also very fun because I was partnered with Mr E. I thought I was pretty good at bowling too!" ~Tiahna


"I enjoyed cricket and I learnt the difference between overarm throwing and overarm bowling. Overarm throwing is when you bend your arm to release the ball and overarm bowling is when you keep your arm straight to release the ball." ~Katie


"I enjoy learning about the Vikings because I got to research their life and how they write, and more! I'm looking forward to finding out more about them!" ~Dayana



More cricket! Learning to bowl

Celebrating 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II

Friday round up 13/5/22

"I enjoyed playing the glockenspiels because last week we did hot cross buns' and yesterday we played 'Mary had a little lamb!" ~Amira


"What I really enjoy is PE! I love doing cricket because it made me love PE more and makes me feel like I should do more cricket! I'm hoping we learn more because it very fun!" ~Dayana


"I enjoy PE because we did cricket and I got 25 for my team." ~Frankie


"What I loved doing this week was looking at special gems in the morning. I never salt that salt grows in the shape of a cube. I found an opal too!" ~Lexi


"I really enjoyed computing because I learnt what an algorithm is. It's a series of questions and which ever answer you chose would lead you on a different path." ~Katie

Learning how to rack up those points in cricket

Programing variables into our maths game

Learning about Vikings through time lines and looking at artefacts

Friday round up 6/5/22, for an admittedly short week.

"I really enjoyed cricket/PE because I learnt how (and what) to do, to do a straight drive!" ~Katie


"This week I enjoyed learning about Scratch because we started to make our own game!" ~Lexi

Learning how to bat in cricket

Friday round up 29/4/22

“I really enjoyed computing. In computing we did Scratch, I learnt how to make the characters move and talk to each other. I went home and made one to show my brother.” ~Poppy


"I really loved art because I learned how to draw with midtones, shadows and highlights." ~Katie


"I loved learning about length in maths. I learnt how to convert from mm to cm!" ~Amira


"This week we learnt how to convert lengths of measurements. The smallest we learnt was millimeters, then centimeters, then meters and the largest is kilometers. We learnt how to complete questions like: How many kilometers are in 5500m? (It's 5.5km by the way). I knew almost nothing about this until we learnt it this week." ~Elizabeth

Congratulations for Sean, winning achievement of the week! Keep up the great determination with your work!

Using tones to make our still life look more 3d.

HOWZAT! Learning about cricket in PE.

Friday round up, 22/04/22

"This week I enjoyed writing poems about Easter and how they're important. I learned about exciting new days that are important to Christians, I'll definitely remember some forgettable days." ~Tiahna


"I really enjoyed maths because, before I didn't really understand prime numbers but now I understand. A prime number is a number that can only be divided by itself and 1." ~Katie


"I liked learning about Factor-pairs because it helps me with my times tables." ~Willow-Rose


"I enjoyed embedded learning because Wednesday was the first day back from our holiday break and If we do embedded learning it refreshes our brains!" ~Dayana


"I enjoyed RE, we learnt about Maundy Thursday, Lent, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Easter is much longer than I thought!" ~Lexi

Congratulations to Elizabeth, Tiahna and Richie for being this week's 'writers of the week'!

Reading out our poems about the importance that Easter has to Christians

Making predictions about our new book

Starting off back at school by marking some of our old work and seeing how we could improve.

Hello Summer Term!

With a cripes, crikey and lord-almighty! It's already Summer term!


This term we'll be going sailing with Vikings, learning about guts and icky stuff like that, reading a sad but great story about a China rabbit, looking for long shadows while playing cricket, programming our very own computer game in scratch and plenty more!!!


Welcome back,

Mr E and Karen.

Goodbye Spring 2!

I can't believe it's gone so fast! Have a great Easter break everyone!

Weekly roundup 01/04/22

"I enjoyed computing because we learnt how to animate words! I also learnt how to make my own paths for the words to follow!" ~ Katie


"I really enjoyed Netball as we learnt to play really well as a team." ~Richie


"I liked doing Gymnastics in spring. I learnt how to balance like a bridge and even posed on a ladder!" ~Willow-Rose


"My favourite thing this week was finishing Charlotte's Web!" ~Various children



Weekly round up 25th March

"I really liked computing because I learnt so many things about Nice, in France." ~Adrian


"I loved the language Swedish. I got mixed up with the German language but I was alright in the end. I hope next time we can do Malayalam!" ~Zayan


"I liked adding and taking away 1000 from different numbers. It felt like it was a challenge as I was trying to do it very fast and as many as I can." ~Willow-Rose


"In computing I am enjoying the place I'm researching (Bilbao, Spain) because it's interesting to see other cities that you've never heard of!" ~Keifekanna


"I enjoyed our discussion about tourists and whether they are good or bad." ~Sebastian


"I really enjoyed all the embedded learning as Rosenshine says, 'know more, remember more to be able to do more.'" ~Tiahna



Embedding some maths that we'd struggled with before.

Carrying on with our research and presentations about European cities.

Starting to play our first actual games of netball.

Weekly round up 18th March

Finally outside! Finally shooting some hoops and honestly, doing surprisingly well at it!

"I really enjoyed PE. We did netball and I got to score my first hoop! Here are a few of the ways you can score better. Keep your eyes on the hoop, bend your elbows." ~Poppy


"I loved PE because we learnt how to throw balls into hoops properly, use 'BEEF'! BEEF stands for 'Bend, Elbows, Eyes, Follow through." ~ Katie


"I enjoyed learning about Powerpoint in computing. I found out lots of facts about the city I was learning about, Sofia." ~ Richie


"I liked looking at armour and learning Italian this week. It's fun to do embedded learning, to memorise our facts better." ~ Roma 


"I love computing because we are learning about different countries. My country was Jersey and it's amazing!" ~ Farede

Weekly round up, 11th March

"I really enjoyed writing about spiders because I learnt facts that I never knew before and I love to learn new things.


I also loved using the glockenspiels, I learnt how to hold the hammers and find b flat and other flat notes." ~Katie


"I learnt about cool places like Milan, that there are volcanoes in Italy and some of them are active!" ~Aaron


"I enjoyed studying Italy and finding the seas, rivers, famous places and mountains. I managed to do 21, even though I found it tricky at first!" ~Lexi


"What I enjoyed about this week's learning was learning about spiders and researching facts about them. My favourite fact is that male spiders can hypnotise female spiders! Makes me wonder who on earth taught the spiders how to do that!" ~William


"I liked geography as we learnt about the 44 countries in Europe. We also learnt about Italy where I was able to find the River Po, Milan, The Alps and Sicily!" ~Levi


"I really loved learning about money in maths because it helped me a lot with adding and subtracting, so now I won't struggle in the future with money!" ~Dayana




Learning about all the countries in Europe

Starting to play minor games in Netball to get better at finding spaces

Well done to William for winning writer of the week! Fantastic work!

Weekly round up, 4th March

"This week I enjoyed doing RHED because we were talking about peer pressure, it made me realise not to do things I don't want to just because others tell me.


I also enjoyed doing maths because learning decimals also helps me to do jobs like counting money." ~Tiahna


"I enjoyed doing fractions to decimals, like 1/2 = 0.5. I went home and practised them. Now I know a lot more about it. It was fun!" ~Poppy


"I really enjoyed doing poems because at first I never liked poems but now I love them, I feel more confident with them now!" ~Dayana


"I enjoyed maths when we were rounding decimals because you have to round down down if the your number is 1-4 round up if it's 5-9. The reasoning was really hard, but I managed it in the end!" ~Amira


"On worldbook day we read our own books and spoke about them! When I got home I read my own book because it inspired me." ~Willow-Rose

Fantastic props for world book day! Really amazed at all the talent shown off! Also some photos of us reading on the day itself!

Finding spaces to pass in netball

Weekly round up 25th February.

"I loved going on Powerpoint. I found loads of new things in it, I even tried it at home!" ~Zayan


"I really enjoyed doing DT because we got to make cool pressure plates so the naughty pig won't get out of his sty!

"I also enjoyed learning about decimal as now I feel more comfortable doing things like Fractions."


"I never thought I would learn how to convert fractions to decimals but this week I managed it!" ~Keifekanna


"I loved DT because I learnt even when we made mistakes." ~Stefan


"I enjoyed doing fraction to decimals like ½ = 0.5, I went home and practised them. Now I know a lot more about it. It was fun!" ~Poppy


New topic of netball for pe

Goodbye Spring 1!

Well it's been fun, lots to do and see! 


I asked the class if there was anything they'd like to mention and received SO MANY responses I'm afraid I won't be able to include all of them here, otherwise I'll still be sat here typing come Spring 2! Instead, here's a random selection.


Mr E

(apologies for adding this over the weekend. Basically, I pressed 'cancel' instead of 'save' so I've had to add them again, thanks to the people for letting me know! ~Mr E)


"I loved reading Varjak Paw, while it had some scary moments it taught me to trust in myself. I can't wait to find out what we'll read next!


In science we learnt about circuits and built some of our own using real electricity! I learnt some new words like battery/cell, crocodile  clips and series circuit.


In PE we learnt how to be good gymnasts by being silent, staying still, using different points of contact with our partners and being at different levels.


In computing we learnt excel which adults use to do work. I know that'll help me in the future!" ~Elizabeth


"I liked PE, it was really fun and taught me how to balance. I've been practising with friends!" ~Dalila


"I liked learning about Excel because I learnt how to make barcharts and linecharts. I also learnt how to do a sum in it. I can write it in Excel and get the answer!" ~Dayana


"I loved reading Varjak Paw, it was great to do our own writing about it! I also really loved making circuits in science, finding out what electricity can pass through." ~Saffie


"Every week we do a different language in the morning, along with an interesting picture. I like it because I learn about the world around me." ~Willow-Rose


"I liked Varjak Paw, it taught me the 7 skills in the way of Jalal! Learning about electricity in science made me really think about electricity everywhere." ~Roman


"I liked doing mental maths. Mr E taught me loads of great tricks and now I have silver in my times tables! Doing jobs in class has been great, I never did one before but now I can be of use!" ~Aaron


"I really loved electricity because we learnt how to make different circuits and we even learnt how to make a working light switch!" ~Katie


"I liked Varjak Paw as I learnt new words like, "cobblestone." ~Adrian


"I really liked Excel because we got to do charts!" ~Frankie


"I loved using the equipment in PE as it allowed me to face my fear of heights!" ~Zayan


"I liked how Varjak Paw had happy and sad moments, it made it realistic. So year 4 has been a bit of a challenge but I'm happy as we get to do new, exciting things!" ~Tiahna

Welcome to Spring 1

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! Welcome back, this half term we're talking about magical cats, stretching ourselves out in gymnastics, making computers do data analysis for us, making things using electricity, learning about the Anglo-Saxons and I'm sure much more (phew)!

End of week round up 4/8/22

Well done to Raheem for getting this week's achievement of the week!!!

Learning about the Anglo-Saxons in history

"I enjoyed learning about Anglo-Saxon gods, we found out that Woden was the king of their gods which I found interesting!" Katie


"I loved PE, we did so well we even impressed Miss Hewitt!" Lexi


"I'm happy that we learnt about time this week, I found it hard before and now I understand it a bit better!" Dayana


"In geography we learnt that a desert is just a place with no water, it can even be really cold!" Richie.


"I'm proud of the poems we wrote about Varjack Paw being attacked by pigeons" Lexi

End of week round up 28/1/22

Congratulations to three of our girls for winning the writer(s) of the week award, keep it up!

Getting better at making good use of the equipment in PE

"I really enjoy gym, we have extra parts of our success criteria every week!" Lexi


"I Love doing gym and going on the equipment." Seb


"I like holding my poses in gym, it helps me practice my balance." Keifekanna


"I like learning all the tricks to be a great gymnast!" Dayana

Finding out the hidden Anglo-Saxon roots of our towns and cities

"I love learning about the Anglo-Saxon tribes and fractions this week." Amira


"In history I enjoyed finding Anglo-Saxon and Celtic names and it was interesting." Richie.

End of week round up

Reading out our poems about monsters

Testing just about everything to see if it'll allow electricity to pass through

"I enjoyed finding out what objects are conductors and insulators. I figured out that it's mostly metal items that are conductors." Lexi.


"It was very interesting to find out that a lock is a conductor!" Keifekanna


"Electricity was so much fun to play with." Archie (I feel I should mention that we did this responsibly and with due consideration to safety. Rather than just... "playing" per se ~Mr E)


"I loved learning about electricity!" Farede


"What I enjoyed was finding that most conductors are metal!" Richie


"I loved learning how to build circuits!" Willow-Rose





Building our bridges higher in gym

"I enjoyed making bridges this week, I loved using the equipment and using different styles. To be a good gymnast we had to be still and silent." Lexi


"I loved making different poses on the equipment, but it was a challenge to hold them still!" Jayden


"I liked working in partners in PE we all worked really well together." Tiahna



End of week round up

"I really enjoyed counting in hundredths in maths, it made me feel much more confident in decimals and fractions." Tiahna.


"I really enjoyed maths, I went home and showed Mum how to do it!" Poppy.

Building bridges in gymnastics.

"I enjoyed building bridges with Tiahna, we made a good team!" Lexi.


"I had fun making bridges but it was also quite hard." Willow-Rose


"I can't wait to use the equipment!" Keifekanna

Shocking images of our kids learning about electricity!

"I really enjoyed science, we learnt how to make a working light switch." Katie.


"...If I moved the paperclip left, the light went on, if I moved it to the right it switched off!" Raheem


"I really enjoyed this, I've never played with electricity in my whole life!" Sebastian.


I really enjoyed science because we made both working lights AND light switches!" Amira

Sorting out the Anglo-Saxons..... In time I mean....

"I enjoyed sorting out the Anglo-Saxon timeline, there were lots of important dates." Lexi

End of week round up

Making predictions about Varjak Paw

"In maths this week we closed a lot of gaps which made me very happy. In English, Varjak Paw is really cool!" Amira


"In class we were reading Varjak Paw and it was so interesting!" Richie =


"This week in maths we were doing embedded learning and it really helped me to remember!" Tiahna 


"Usually I don't like reading but Varjak Paw is really interesting!" Keifekanna


"I really recommend that people read Varjak Paw!" Farede


"I enjoyed talking about article 15 in our rights respecting this week!" Lexi


Well, doesn't time fly!? This term we'll be looking at the wonderful rainforest, the fascinating states of matter, the bendy flexibility of cats in our dance lessons, lots of music in computing and outside as well! Phew! Going to be a packed half term!


Mr E + Karen

Northpole Rock and roll

Friday roundup 10/12/21

Congratulations to Dalila for winning the ks2 award for all her hard work this week! Keep it up!!!

""I enjoyed learning about division, but I did find it hard!" ~Jayden


"I don't really like division, but I enjoyed the lesson we did on it." ~Keifekanna


"I liked division, I really struggled at the start but after another lesson with Mr E I felt like I even wanted to do it at home!" ~Sebastian

Our dancing cats have really come a long way. Here the kids are dancing in unison with their own character cats.

"In PE I really enjoy dancing like a cat and moving to the beat." ~Richie


"I loved dancing like a rude cat, it gave me a chance to be a bit rude at school!" ~Farede



Friday roundup 26th November

"I really enjoyed music, we learned about quavers! (Not the crisps!)" ~Katie


"I really enjoyed learning music, I've even made some at home!" ~Poppy


"In music we made a song using standard notation!" ~Adrian

"I learned how if we fail to do something we shouldn't just get really upset about it." ~Richie


"I learned that my dad is better than me at the squares game!" ~Farode


"I learned in stay and learn, even if you don't win you can just keep going!" ~Willow-Rose

"I loved dancing like a cat, I learned how to use my whole body." ~Jayden


"I really liked pretend to be different kinds of cats" ~Dayana


"I really enjoyed using the equipment this week!" ~Tiahna 

Friday 19th Roundup

"The four keywords we learnt in science this week were 'run off', 'Precipitation', 'evaporation' and 'condensation' ~ Levi


"I enjoyed learning about the water cycle, now I know how rain is formed!" ~Farede


"I loved learning how to dance the water cycle!" ~Lexi

Learning about factor pairs and commutivity in maths.

"In maths, while we were learning about factor pairs we played a game and I really enjoyed it." ~Amira

Dancing in union for PE (It's different from canon)

"In PE we were dancing in union as different cats! I liked being the aggressive one!"




Friday round up 12/11/21

Researching facts about layers of the rainforest

"I enjoyed looking up facts about every layer in the rainforest." Willow-Rose


"I never knew there were layers n the rainforest! Now I know all about the emergant, canopy, understory and forest floor!" Lexi

Making music in computing with LMMS

Being molecules and changing our state

"I really enjoyed being molecules as I learnt how objects get their state!" Katie


"I liked acting as a solid, liquid and gas!" Archie


"Acting this out really helped me understand." Richie

More cat dancing, this time in canon

"I enjoyed dancing because I learnt some good cat moves!" Semilore


"I loved dancing in cannon as we followed each others movements!" Jayden

Friday roundup

This week we danced like cats! Here seen lounging around in the morning sun.

"I really enjoyed when some of us in the class watched and judged others perform!" William


"I loved walking like a cat!" -Amira


"I really enjoyed PE, we learnt how to move smoothly like a cat!" -Katie


Congratulations to Lexie for winning this week's "Scientist of the week!" Whooooo!

Friday roundup:


"I was really impressed learning how well the Romans fought" ~Archie


"I learned that Roman used Testudo to protect themselves while in battle." ~Richie


"I really enjoyed making our Roman shields and experimenting with them outside!" ~Tiahna


"I learnt how Romans protected themselves using their shields in all directions." ~Amira


"I was surprised when I learnt that Romans mainly used their shields to fight." ~Aaron


"I enjoyed learning all about the Romans this week, including what 1000 is in Roman numerals." ~Sebastian

Here we are battling Boudicca and the Celts

Here they are our fearsome Roman Soldiers, ready to battle the Celts

We painted our Roman shields

Our first bigger game of rounders

Thank you to all our wonderful parents for coming along to hear the story of Harriet Tubman, some really nice thoughts and contributions.

This week year 4 played our first game of rounders

"Yesterday in science we were learning about habitats. we went outside and I found a big spider!" Richie


"This week in computing I learnt how to use layers in Paint.NET" Zayan


"This week I learnt how to round to 10!" Adrian

Looking for creatures in their native habitats.

Bat boys and Bat girls took to the field field to improve their skills.

"We learnt how to use classification trees." Amira


"I learnt negative numbers and I feel like I got better at them!" Archie


"We learnt how to classify animals and what phylum they come from!" Katie


"We learnt about discrimination and how nobody should be discriminated against." Richie.


"In computing we're starting our own project! It's exciting!" Tiahna


Throwing overarm

"I was learning how to throw and catch, it was very fun!" Farede


""I threw the ball so far!" Jayden


"...When I took a step while throwing, the ball went really far." Raheem

Learning about place value with a friendly competition.

In history we untangled some tricky timelines both BCE and CE!

"We are learning about Ancient Rome and I found out that lots of England has Roman names!"




"...I found out that some of the English language comes from Latin!"



Bad weather this week (boo!) so we ended up doing some cardio for PE

Building food webs in science. What eats what and how much!?

Freshening up our throwing and catching skills for rounders

We had a friendly competition to help us remember our times tables.

Making predictions about the book we're reading this half term (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

Fratricide, evil uncles and She-Wolves! The story of Romulus and Remus has it all.

Welcome to year 4!!!


Time to learn about Ancient Rome, secure our addition and subtraction skills, discover what eats what and hopefully get a bit taller!


For parents who want to help their children out this year, Times Tables are hugely important.  If you get any time at home to make sure that your child is confident then you will give them an advantage this year!


Myself (Mr Etheridge) and our wonderful TA, Miss Kattenhorn (Karen) bid you welcome and look forward to a great year!



There are many ways that you can help your child at home. Above is a link to what your child will be learning in English this term and how you can help them at home.