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Hope you are all well.

Firstly this week, a massive thank you to Kye and Pelumi (and now Demilade, and Renel too!!) for sending in work. Find it in the links below this section. It's great to know that at least twothree, four of you have checked in with our class page!! So........

T H A N K  Y O U

Come on the rest of you...get involved, email your work to us and I'll add it to the class page.


Now, I gave you 3 embedded learning questions last week, the answers are on the Week 5 page below.

Go and check what you got right....don't forget to come back !!


The teachers have been having a look at a new set of resources called "The Oak National Academy" and I've found a couple of things to keep you going. Let me know what you think- politely!

Having studied the Creation stories for various religions, we were going to look at the scientific viewpoint through the topic of evolution this term.

So, see what you make of their starting lesson on Evolution. The link is below.

(WARNING - the teacher is a bit chatty - but the science is good!!)

Also, a little bit of Maths in the form of our favourite - Fractions !! Again the link is below.

(Perhaps, if you don't think it's your favourite, you could email a Maths topic request and I'll see what I can do!!


Finally, this week's EMBEDDED LEARNING CHECK 

1. What facilities/services are (normally) available in Bexley for recycling?


There are kerbside collections of bins for general waste, plastics/cans, paper, garden and food waste;

There are 2 recycling centres: one in Footscray and one in Crayford;

There is the Belvedere incinerator which converts rubbish into electricity.

2. Name and describe 3 characters from our class reader - Our Castle on the Sea by Lucy Strange


There are lots to choose from here are some:

Petra Zimmerman Smith (Pet) – quite timid and naive at first, but grows braver and stronger through the book; loves drawing

Magda – Pet’s sister - strong willed, wants to do her own thing, takes risks

Father (Pa) – Lighthouse Keeper – serious when working, stubborn and strong but seems helpless when things go wrong

Mother (Mutti) – strict but fun, she tries to see the good in people even when they are nasty to her; good artist

Spooky Joe – a strange old man living away from everyone, quite scary

Mrs Baron – the Headmistress and local do-it-all, she is really bossy and is in charge of everything; tries to be friendly towards Mutti in difficult times

Michael Baron – gets on well with everyone; seems a little too friendly with Mags

Kipper Briggs – a bit of a bully but changes when his father is taken away

3. What is 51114 divided by 14 ? = 3651

One possible method:

Stay safe, don't drive your parents mad and look after yourselves.