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Week 2.6

It's been 'back to normal' this week as we have tied up lots of loose ends 

before we hit full 'Christmas mode' next week!!


We've spent time ordering fractions, researching and writing about famous 'electrical' scientists (such as Faraday and Tesla) and finding out about the links between Crayford and World War One.


We have also been practising 'Silent Night' in both English and German

to recreate the famous carol singing by soldiers on the Western Front during the Christmas Truce of 1914.

More success in Achievement assembly, Alesha, Siji and Desirae sharing the Problem Solvers of the Week prize for their fraction work in Maths.

Our thoughts about this week:


"I liked our fractions work because I learnt how to order fractions."



"I enjoyed Maths this week because I didn't know how to order fractions before."



"I enjoyed singing in German and English."



"I really enjoyed my History work because I didn't know much about the War before."



"I really enjoyed our work on Crayford as I learned something new about my local area."



"I really enjoyed our Science lesson on electricity. I was able to experiment with a simple circuit by adding and removing components to affect the brightness of a bulb. It was really fun."