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Week 2.4

Friday Round-up Autumn Week 2.4

Thank you for all the parents/carers who were able to attend Stay and Learn this week. It was lovely to see so many of you - please send any feedback to the year6 email address. I would have enjoyed sharing some photos of our lesson with you - but I forgot to take any !! Oops 😢 Can someone remind me next time please?

As well as our successful Stay and Learn lesson on stereotyping, we were able to continue our Science work making more electrical circuits - in parallel this time. In Maths, more of us can use equivalent fractions confidently to add and subtract fractions (we need to work a bit more on mixed numbers). We had an enjoyable afternoon paired writing with Year 5 - a story called 'The Watchers'. We also wrote about life in a World War One trench and worked hard on our fitness in PE.

All-in-all a really busy week - we need a couple of extra rest days! Speaking of which, don't forget there are two training days next week and the children return to school on Wednesday 1st December.

Not only we were successful in the Achievement assembly this week, Oreofe and Olti sharing the KS2 Writer of the Week prize for their work on life in the WW1 trenches, but some of us also received awards at the afterschool Multi-skills Club.


Our thoughts about this week:

"I enjoyed making a parallel circuit because it is so different to a simple series circuit."



"I liked adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. "



"I enjoyed our PE lesson on fitness- it was great."