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'LOCKDOWN' WEEK 17 ** HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Pelumi (for AUGUST !!) **


Hope you are all well.

So we have reached the final week of the school year! What a shame that it has ended so strangely. I really hope to see some of you on Tuesday morning to say goodbye and good luck for next year. 


As I said last week, if you could write/draw some of your memories of Northwood so that I can share them with other members of staff, that would be great.

Perhaps you can remember something funny that happened or a memorable trip, or maybe you can remember a particular lesson or visitor to the School. Whatever it is, whenever it happened, tell us about it. It could be a poem, a story, a picture, a newspaper report or just a few bullet point memories. Please share them with us!


If you fancy a last piece of work or two, here are some comprehensions and a Maths test!

Comprehension (with answers - no cheating !!)

Please enjoy your summer holiday and be confident as you start your new adventure as a Secondary School pupil ! Everyone at Northwood is going to miss you but we will have fond memories, especially every time we sing your Northwood song!


Stay safe, don't drive your parents mad, look after yourselves and good luck at Secondary School.