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Week 1.7

Friday Round-up Autumn Week 1.7


The first Autumn half-term has finished.

Well done to all of Year 6 for their hard work and dedication during this half term.

It's time to ski/paraglide back down the mountain and come back home from the scorching desert after our 'HIGH and DRY' Geography work.


Next half term, we have World War One to study and plenty of practical work in our Science topic of Electricity. We will continue to explore fractions in Maths and there's lots of art and craft lined up as we move towards ...(ssssshhh! Christmas!). I have to say it quietly because some people get annoyed, if it's mentioned too early!

Some of us will be enjoying a Bikeability course and as always there's lots of writing work linked to our topics.


So have a good rest over half term (do that little bit of homework too!) and get ready for action when we 'go over the top' into the Second half of the Autumn term.

Here's what we thought about this half term:


"My favourite lesson was in the mountain topic because I got know how mountains are formed."



"My favourite lesson was drawing shapes. It was very creative. In science, I liked Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish scientist who did taxonomy. The best bit of English and topic was writing the information text about mountains."



"A book I enjoyed was 'RIP Runner' because it had lots of detail and it kept me interested in what was happening.  I will also remember how to times and divide fractions."



"I really enjoyed the first RHEd lesson we did in year 6 (Teamwork) because, I got to know what people in my group are good at and what they are not so good at. I also liked that we got to share our ideas as a group."