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'LOCKDOWN' WEEK 14 ** HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to  Oseyiyo and Amidat**


Hope you are all well.

I've been waiting around a lot recently, mainly in queues and you know when you are queueing, it seems like there are hundreds or thousands of people ahead of you. Well, perhaps it's not as many as you think compared to the total population of the UK. Or have you ever thought about how many people there are in the whole world? Well, the Oak Academy have a Geography/Maths lesson on this very subject - Try it out! You might be surprised about the numbers! And hopefully, it'll make the queue seem that little bit shorter! 

Next, I was reminded at the weekend that you should always listen to your elders - especially Dad on Father's Day!! - which reminded me of the Greek myth, Daedalus and Icarus. So here's a comprehension based on that very story. (By the way, it's probably best to listen to Mum too!!)

I've added the answers now !

Lastly this week, on the subject of Icarus, some artwork for you to try. Henri Matisse, a famous French artist, created a collage based on the Icarus myth and there's an Oak Academy lesson to help you to recreate a similar collage. Give it a try and send in your results. 

That's all for this week.

Stay safe, don't drive your parents mad, look after yourselves and hopefully we'll see each other soon.