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'LOCKDOWN' WEEK 12 ** HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to Nigel and Lamu **


Hope you are all well. 

It was great to see some of you last week. Remember - Same time; Same place - this week!! 


So for this week's website offerings....


Firstly, check out a message from the Northwood Staff. Click on the red "ABOUT US" tab on the left of the page, then on the 'Welcome Page'- We're quite talented, don't you think?

Perhaps you could create something similar but photograph yourself with each of the different words?


Now, it has been brought to my attention that you haven't had the answers to the 'Easter'Homework - so here they are!! 

Next, I have come across an 'emoji quiz' linked to books, phrases and nursery rhymes. You have to work out what they are from the emojis. I expect you'll find it much easier than I did!

I've added the link to the answers - they're at the  bottom of the page that you're directed to.

Lastly, a little bit of Maths from the Oak Academy sessions. Look away now if you're easily scared because it's fractions and word problems together !!!!

That's all for this week.


Stay safe, don't drive your parents mad, look after yourselves and hopefully we'll see each other soon.