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'LOCKDOWN' WEEK 11 ** HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICAIAH ** (for next weekend)


Hope you are all well. 

So we've reached JUNE. I'm not sure any of us really thought 'Lockdown' would continue this long, but it has and will continue for a while longer yet.

It's really good news that I'll be seeing some of you this week - albeit for a short time but it'll be good to catch up. I wonder how much you've grown, and whether your uniform still fits? By the way, you must promise not to laugh at my hair !!


Now for some work. We would have been looking at the circulatory system in Science this term, so here's a blank diagram of the heart. See if you can research the names of the different parts and add the labels. Don't forget to include the 'flow of blood' arrows.

A little Maths Puzzle to finish with....

It will test your knowledge of area, perimeter and perhaps some algebra!

Give it a go and email us your solution.

Stay safe, don't drive your parents mad, look after yourselves and hopefully we'll see each other soon.