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Sum 2.6

We've had a great week. The move from 'next door' has been very successful and we've already managed to squeeze in embedded learning in Art, throwing and catching games in PE, a whole day of Dance, place value work in Maths, four lots of Reading comprehensions and a Writing assessment about a lighthouse keeper.

We also managed to win the Attendance Award and three of us won the KS2 Achievement of the Week award in assembly.

A really fantastic start to being at the top of the school.


Miss Perry came to help us with our dance work; she helped us to explore different types of movements. The inspiration words were all linked to ways water can move in a river - whirl, sink, burst and glide. Here are our final dances in pictures.

Our thoughts about this week:

"Today was my first day in year 6 and, although I was nervous, I felt VERY welcome. I'm excited for next year."      Amelia


"I enjoyed place value in Maths because I learnt about hundreds of thousands." Gracie-Mae


"Year 6 is really nice. I really just can't wait for September." Tola


"I have enjoyed this week because we got to do lots of comprehension work."  Ayo


"In PE, I enjoyed throwing and catching; it was fun. We played a new game where 4 players threw and the rest of the team had to catch."   Areece


"I enjoyed PE because we did throwing and catching and I won the competition."  Leighton


"I am really enjoying Year 6 even though it has only been 2 days so far. I can't wait until the Summer is over and I can be in this class for a year!"   Louisa