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Sum 2.2

Friday Round-up Summer Week 2.2 (17th June '22)

Sorry this week's round-up is a bit late - I've only just woken up !!

We had a great couple of days at Carroty Wood - all the pictures are available on the Year 6 Google classroom page. However, I've chosen a few to display here to give you a flavour of our trip.

A huge thank you to Mrs Skinner, Karen and Mrs Dowsett for making it all run so seamlessly and making it so much fun for everyone.

Those children who stayed behind also had a great time

helping out in a variety of classes.

Now we have to all get back together to put on our End of Year Production !!


Our thoughts about this week:

Everyone was asked to nominate a fellow 'Carroty Wooder' for some praise:

"Nayanthan for bringing a smile to my face."


"I nominate Siji as he made me laugh and has been a really helpful room mate."                        Segun

"Romani because she is really trying with all the activities and staying strong."


"I nominate Halimat, Oreofe, Bradley , Idman, Victoria, Desirae and Elianna for making sure I was Ok when I was feeling sick."


"Sophie for spending time with teaching/reminding me how to swim!"


"It was really funny when Olti fell into the swamp 3 or 4 times and he then just laughed it off!"


"Nayanthan for being helpful and cheering everyone on during the High Rope session. "


"Elianna for not getting annoyed when people (including me) kept on asking her for the time. Also, everyone for making Carroty Wood such fun and making so many good memories that will never be forgotten."