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Spring 1 Topics & Learning Intentions

Week 1  Topic: Goldilocks & The 3 Bears

              Literacy: Writing Story Maps

              Maths: Ordering objects by size


Week 2  Topic:  Goldilocks & The 3 Bears (cont..)

               Literacy:   Writing captions

               Maths:  Capacity/Weight


Week 3  The Gingerbread Man

               Literacy:  Speech Bubbles

               Maths:  2D/3D Shapes


Week 4:  The Gingerbread Man (cont...)

                Literacy:  Rhyming Words/Couplets  

                Maths:  Composing Shapes


Week 5:  Little Red Riding Hood

               Literacy:  WANTED Posters/ Descriptive Words

               Maths:  Directional Language 

               Computing: Using Beebots


Week 6:  Little Red Riding Hood (cont...)

               Understanding the World:  Drawing & understand a map

               Computing:  Using Beebots (cont...)