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Week 6: 8th - 12th February

This week we are learning about time, days of the week and the four seasons.  

Week 5: 1st - 5th February

This week we are learning about directional language. In the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood', Red Riding Hood had to follow directions to get to Grandma's house.  Unfortunately, she didn't stick to the path that her mum had told her to stay on, and this led to her meeting the Big, Bad Wolf!  This topic also links to our 'Computing' curriculum, where we will be learning about an 'algorithm', which means a set of instructions. 



Week : 25th - 29th January

This week we are consolidating our knowledge of 3D shapes, and practising using positional language (prepositions).

Week 3: 18th - 22nd Jan.

Week 2: 11th - 15th Jan. 


Week 1:  4th - 8th Jan.