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SPR 2.6

Friday Round-up Spring Week 2.6 (1st April '22)


We have spent the majority of the week on our British History through the Ages topics. We finished our Scratch project, looked at drawing 2D shapes accurately using a ruler and protractor and said "Game, Set and Match" to our tennis lessons. Oh, we also found out just this morning who OLAF PIRLO was!


More success in Achievement assembly......

Sophie, Aiden, Lily and Nayanthan won the Problem Solvers of the Week Award for their collaborative History work. While Curtis won the KS2 Achievement of the Week for his inventiveness when creating his own little work station in class.

Our thoughts about this week:

"I liked our History Topic because I got to choose my area. I got to know a lot more about Medicine."



"I have really enjoyed our research for our project, I did transport. I couldn't wait to write up my final piece."



"For the last couple of weeks, we have been working on SCRATCH. (all term actually, Kacper!!) We have been trying to make a program so that the user can name a shape, a colour and a size and SCRATCH will draw it for them. I really enjoyed it. " 



"I like our 'Monday Morning Maths', it really refreshes my brain and helps me practice things like my times tables."