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SPR 2.1

Friday Round-up Spring Week 2.1 (25th February '22)

Year 6 was a little like the Great British Bake Off this week, with everyone involved in baking cupcakes. Two recipes were used, one based on a modern Mary Berry recipe and a second based on an old World War 2 recipe. The main intention, apart from learning some cooking skills, was to consider how rationing would impact the quality and taste of the cakes. (Lots of photos on the DT page of the gallery below)


We also finished our World War 2 History project by looking at code-breaking and  learning about Anne Frank and her diary. 

During our RHEd work, we had a discussion about current issues that were concerning the children. The main two topics were the impact of the recent storms and the developing crisis in Ukraine.


Our thoughts about this week:

"I enjoyed learning about Anne Frank; her life was really interesting but sad too."



"I loved trying to crack the codes, it was much more difficult than I thought it would be."   



"I really enjoyed decoding today, even though it was extremely difficult. It was interesting learning about different types of codes such as simple Morse code and more tricky Tate Disc coding.  "   




"Baking the 'rationed' cupcakes was a great experience. It was just like it would have tasted during the War. "   



"In my opinion the modern cake tasted better."




"I didn't realise how different the recipes were, the old one used lots of liquids and no eggs or butter!"




"Baking was so much fun, comparing the recipes was interesting."