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SPR 1.6

Friday Round-up Spring Week 1.6 (11th February '22)

We've had a busy end to this half term.

Tuesday was Internet Safety Day and we looked closely at the 'terms and conditions' of a variety of websites and apps that we use. It was a bit of a surprise to find what information they collected about us and how they were allowed to use it.

We continues our World War 2 project looking at propaganda posters and photographs of the evacuations of children to the countryside.


Our thoughts about this week:

"It was surprising that WhatsApp can collect so much of my details and pass them on to other people!"



"I always try to read the terms and conditions but there are so many!"



"We watched 'Goodnight Mr Tom' - it made me understand more about how the evacuation affected everyone."                            

Next half term, we will complete our WW2 project with some baking!


Then we move onto History through the ages

- a self-directed study of 1000 years of British History.

We will each select our own 'theme' (perhaps medicine, education, transport, food or leisure time) and research how it has changed since the Normans era 1000 years ago!


We will be looking at averages, data and shapes in Maths, selected Shakespeare plays in English and the circulatory system in Science.


We will also squeeze in some Music, PE, RHEd, RRS and SoS work too!


Sounds jam-packed, so have a restful half term break so that you're ready for action as soon as we return.