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SPR 1.3

Well, apart from the mini-disaster with Junior Citizen on Wednesday, it was a good week.

Let's hope next week runs a little more smoothly.


Please access all lessons in the 'Remote Learning' section below. 

Spring 1: Week 3 (18th Jan '21) 

I've changed how it's set up so that you do a few quality lessons each day,

and don't race to finish all the work as soon as you can.


Make sure you send any completed work or photos to the new Year 6 email address


so that I can feedback and put some of it online for everyone to share via the link below.

Try to send work as often as you can. Some children send it daily !

(Please note that some types of file are not compatible or too large for our website,

so some work might not make it onto the class page)