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SPR 1.2

What a brilliant start to our remote learning last week! 15 different pupils contacted me by email.

They sent in work and asked questions; all exhibiting the true spirit of 'The Northwood Way'.

Will we match or surpass that this week, I wonder?

Looks like we'll be a little down on last week,

 12 pupils have been in touch so far this week. (1:00pm Thurs)

But I've also picked up work at school from Amelia, Lily and Carl.



Thank you for trying to watch this morning, there were technical issues at their end. They have sent an apology letter which I have attached as it explains quite well what happened. Find it below.

I've also added the amended link so that you can watch the presentation tomorrow in your own time. I'm going to add some work too, if you feel inspired !


Again, please access all other lessons in the 'Remote Learning' section below. 

Spring 1: Week 2 (11th Jan) if you're up-to-date.

Remember to do a few quality lessons at a time, not race to finish it all as soon as you can.

Follow the instructions given carefully and ask if you're not sure.


Make sure you send any completed work or photos to the new Year 6 email address


so that I can feedback and put some of it online for everyone to share via the link below.

(Please note that some types of file are not compatible or too large for our website,

so some work might not make it onto the class page)