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So school is going to be closed, and we are not going to be together, for at least a couple of weeks.

Make sure you stay safe and look after yourselves and your families.

Please try the Oak Academy lessons in the 'Remote Learning' section below. 

There's plenty of English and Maths work to keep you busy - it's loosely what we would have been covering in class. There's also some Science work this week to keep that going too.

Remember to do a few quality lessons at a time, not race to finish it all as soon as you can.

Make sure you send any completed work or photos to the new Year 6 email address


so that I can feedback and put some of it online for everyone to share via the link below.

I've now received emails (some with photos etc.) from 15 pupils this week.

Zekyiah, Carl, Nathaniel and Faye joined the 'I've sent an email' group yesterday

and Kosi is the latest 'recruit', sending me Maths and Science work this morning.

WELL DONE - feedback will be arriving soon.

Your work will be posted in the link below as soon as I can.

(Please note that some types of file are not compatible or too large for our website,

so some work might not make it onto the website)


Well done to everyone who has completed their Christmas homework, especially those children who re-tried their weaker Mathletics topics.


I'll keep adding little bits of Mathletics and Reading Eggs work for you and, don't forget,

you can also try your 'Duolingo' Spanish work too!!

So far Aleks and Christine have done the most practice with over 1000 pts each,

whilst Amelia and Nifemi are not far behind with scores in the 700s.