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Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG)

** Please note, you do not need to print any activities added here. You can adapt the activity to suit you. E.g. Record your sentences on the computer, in a book or on any piece of scrap paper.


Each week a new video/PP presentation link will be added to accompany a new Grammar task. Please watch the video and then complete the activity below. 

3. Adding the suffix -ing Wk bg: 18/05/2020

Adding the suffix -ing to a verb to make a new word.

Miss Samantha explains the rules for adding the suffix -ing to verbs

Picture 1
2. Full stops, question marks and capital letters Wk bg: 11/05/2020

When to Use a Question or Exclamation mark - Please note Year 1 a 'period' is the American English name given to a full stop.

Where do question and exclamation marks go? At the end of the sentence! Use ! to show more excitement and ? to ask a question. Help with grammar and punctuat...

Full stops, question marks and capital letters.

Full stops, question marks and capital letters. 1
1. Adding the suffix -ed  Wk bg: 04/05/2020

Nessy Reading Strategy | Adding '-ed' | Past Tense Verbs | Learn to Read

The past tense refers to things that have already happened. When talking about the past, regular verbs have 'ed' on the end of them. Learn why 'ed' sends ver...

Adding the suffix -ed

Adding the suffix -ed 1