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RRS Ambassadors / Focus Group Blog

September 2017


"As Ambassadors we are role models for the entire school.  We have an Assembly every Wednesday where we teach everyone about their rights and we hand out golden tickets."

Maddie - Year 6



"As a Rights Respecting School we respect rights and set a good example.  As Ambassadors we respect rights and help each other out.  To me RRS means respecting everyone and treating everyone fairly.  On Wednesdays we have Rights Respecting Assemblies to promote Rights Respecting and the UNCRC."     

Gerald - Year 6



"As an Ambassador we are role models to other children.  We know RRS is about respecting other children.  It's a very important job."     

Wisdom - Year 3



"As Ambassadors we have Assemblies every Wednesday on the Rights of the Child.  RRS means to me that everyone will have a voice to be heard."     

Isra - Year 6



"Being an Ambassador is a very good job because you get to do Assemblies every Wednesday in the hall.  I have been an Ambassador from Year 2 and if you come to Northwood Primary School you will see that we are a Rights Respecting School."     

Connor - Year 6