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Remote learning w/c 18th January

This is the remote learning for Year 1 this week. Like in school the work is broken up in groups. Most Year 1 children are expected to start at red, however, if your child needs a little help they should move to white work. Likewise, if your child finds red work easy they should move to blue work.




Blue work: This is challenging work for children who found they could complete the red work easily. 


Red work: This is the starting point for most year 1 children, if you find red work easy then move up to blue work.


White work: This is work for the kids who need a little help with their work. If the red work is a bit too challenging, this is where you go.


Extra support work: This is work for children who would be doing their own separate work in class.

Please see the link below for our Topic work for this week.