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Parents Questionnaires

Thank you to those parents who attended their child's Parent Review Meetings and responded to our Parents Questionnaire given out at the meetings.


Below you will find a summary of the results:

Below are some comments made by parents on the recent questionnaire:


“I am very happy with the progress and environment .  I really like the progress my sons are making their development.  Really proud of the school and its leadership.”

Class R and Year 1


“I am really happy with the improvement my son is making and the input of all staff is great.  My son really loves Northwood and that pleases me greatly.” Class R


“I sincerely appreciate my son’s teachers.  They are good listeners and support to improve my son in areas identified by us parents.” Class R.


“Thank you for helping my child to enjoy reading books and doing her homework.

Year 1


“We thank you for all the great teaching and support through the years.  Thanks ever thanks.” Year 1


“I thank your school for all you have been doing to help my son at school.  Please keep it up.”


“I am happy with the way my daughter is progressing in her learning.” Year 2


“I’m happy about the homework given to support my child.  The quality is very good and it helps her think and reflect.  Very happy with the teaching.” Year 2


“I am very happy with my child’s education.”  Year 2


“Northwood is the best school and all the teachers are good and the headteacher too.” Year 2.


“Any problems I have had at school have always been addressed and dealt with.”

Years 3 & 5


“Lovely school, lovely staff.  Couldn’t ask for anything better.” Year 3


“My daughter has settled in really well and is enjoying her time here.” Year 3


“This is a fantastic school.” Year 4


“Since my children started at Northwood they have been very happy and so have I.” Years 4 & 5


“I appreciate the effort of class teachers of year 5 and what the school is doing in ensuring my son’s progress.  I know together with the school my son will make more progress.” Year 5


“I have to say that my daughter has learned so much and improved since she started at Northwood. She loves coming to school.  I would like to thank all the teachers for making her school life so enjoyable.” Year 5


“I am pleased with my daughter’s progress and the school support for her learning.  My daughter enjoys going to school and that is evidence that the school environment and teaching are appropriate for her development. Good work.” Year 5


“My children have tremendously improved in their attitude and behaviour for learning and I am so thankful to the teachers and school leadership as a whole.”

Class R, Years 1 & 6


“Thank you to everyone at Northwood for putting in place good knowledge to my kids.” Years 1 & 6


“My daughter loves school and I’m very happy about her improvement.  Staff are wonderful.” Year 4