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Year 6 Leavers

It was an emotional end to the school year saying goodbye to our Year 6's as they leave to move on to their Secondary schools.  We were delighted to welcome Year 6 parents to their final Assembly and watch them receive their awards and look at photos from their time at Northwood.


A huge thank you to Mr Fisher, Mrs Skinner and Mrs Creasey for organising the event, and special thanks to Mr Fisher for writing such a fantastic poem for the class.  A copy for you to enjoy is below:




What a strange year it’s been for us, we were put to the test…

But not the normal SATs-y kind – more a weird, social-distanced quest.

For back in Twenty-Twenty, when the lockdowns first begun,

We never thought they’d still be here in Twenty-Twenty-one.


What a strange year it’s been for us, our lives changed overnight.

Yet, acting for the greater good, we did what was just and right.

It’s been so hard for all you kids; we’re proud of what you’ve shown

When facing up to difficulties, the likes of which we’ve never known.


What a strange year it’s been for us, my lovely, little class!

Some of you have been fun to teach, others at times a bit of a pain in the… you get what I mean.

But, we’re at a time in history that will be in books on shelves:

A tale to tell our grandchildren that’s greater than ourselves.


What a strange year it’s been for us, you had to leave your friends

To keep all your loved ones safe and try and bring this to an end.

They’ll look at you like heroes – the sort we know you are:

You’re warriors; you’re brave, you’re each a dazzling star.


What a strange year it’s been for us, in a COVID 19 haze,

But we still have all the memories of many amazing school days.

Remember learning together and sharing so much fun

Remember trying really hard to get your homework done.

Remember the cheers on Sports Day and playing endless Kingsball

But, most of all, remember how you were valued in this school.


What a strange year it’s been for us, think of each other and smile.

The kids who showed resilience and went that extra mile.

So, though it’s time to say goodbye, just know it’s not the end.

You’ll live on in each of your memories as special Year Six friends.