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Stay and Learn March 2019

On Thursday 28th March we held a very successful Stay and Learn with a focus of 'Wellbeing'.  Parents joined in with activities in their child's class centred around the five themes of wellbeing:


  1. Connect with the people around you. 
  2. Keep learning - try something new.
  3. Be active
  4. Take notice, be curious.
  5. Give - do something nice for a friend, or a stranger


It was fantastic that so many of our parents were able to join us.  After the Stay and Learn session parents moved into the hall for a coffee morning which extended the wellbeing principles even further!  Parents brought food to share and it was a wonderful opportunity to get to know someone new.


Here is some feedback from parents following Stay and Learn:


"The learning environment for the kids is so lovely, the delivery is sound, great work by the friendly teachers"  Year 1 parent


"I am now aware of my child's weak areas and try to help him at home"  Reception Class parent


"It's brilliant that kids are exposed to a different way of learning new skills apart from the usual academics.  It is also good to learn relaxation and being active"  Year 3 parent


"I was really impressed by today's lesson because it will help the children grow into reasonable and responsible adults in society who will connect with others"  Year 4 parent


"Really enjoyed stay and learn - it was lovely getting together in the hall to share food and speaking to people we wouldn't normally see"  Year 3 parent


Below are some photos from the event: